How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account

Standard Chartered Bank – What if you get to know how to make N30,000 by becoming a Standard Chartered Bank account owner, then make N1,500 continuously by referring family and friends to open same account? That’s not even all, the… Continue Reading…


How to launch a profitable blog that makes at least $1k in 90 days

Blogging is serious business and if you think bloggers are not making money you may have to think again. Something big is coming if you want to partake follow this lin, join and learn how you can start making at… Continue Reading…

What is SBA


What is SBA, how does it help small businesses in the United States?

What is SBA – If you are looking to build, grow and sustain a small business in the united States, I do not see why you should not pay keen interest to this guide, you will learn heartwarming facts that’ll… Continue Reading…


What is Primary market in Nigeria?

What is primary market – The concept of market involves a setting where people buy and sell/trade commodity of choice, however, in this concept market is viewed as the arrangement in the financial and investment market. What is Primary market?… Continue Reading…

What is financial market


What is financial market in Nigeria?

What is financial market – The investment market undoubtedly drives the economy, it provides a platform for both financial suppliers and users. However, financial market is the biggest platform in the investment sphere. The concept what is financial market? Financial… Continue Reading…

ATL money transfer


How to send and receive ATL money transfers in simple steps

ATL money transfer is one of the most convenient options to send and receive money in African countries. With the emergence of ATL money transfer the problem of sending and receiving remittances in Africa is now a thing of the… Continue Reading…

POS debit


POS debit- My bank account was debited but the agent couldn’t pay me, see how to get your money

POS debit – Accessing financial services via merchants and agents spots is undoubtedly a time saver. Transaction processing are usually swift and timely that you can’t afford to queue up in the bank. Personally, I’d better pay up the charges… Continue Reading…

Becoming an Uber driver


Becoming an Uber driver in Nigeria, requirements and process

Becoming an Uber driver – Urban transportation has undoubtedly emerged, indisputably necessitated by rural to urban migration, however, has been a key pointer over time for greener pastures. While the rural few seek to access quality life by means of… Continue Reading…

Chipper money transfer


How to send and receive Chipper money transfer in Nigeria & Africa

Chipper money transfer – Money transfer has come a long way given migrants who left their home countries in search of greener pastures in Europe, America, Asia, etc. Sending money back home has been a task just like making money… Continue Reading…

routing number


How to find bank of America routing number

Routing number are unique set of numbers that allow banks and other financial institutions to locate and identify themselves. It’s a 9-digit numbers that sometimes are referred to as ABA routing number, RTNs or routing transit numbers. Whichever name you… Continue Reading…

How to buy electricity unit online


How to buy electricity unit online and load prepaid meter in simple steps

How to buy electricity unit online – The advent of prepaid meter adds a bit of technicality to accessing power supply in recent times. However, the process of accessing supply does not involve a herculean task either. It has been… Continue Reading…


How to reactivate Zenith bank account via USSD code

How to reactivate Zenith bank account – As a Zenith bank customer your account probably may have gone dormant for inactivity over some time now, such account as you are aware cannot be used to effect transactions, however, to reinstate… Continue Reading…

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