How to launch a profitable blog that makes at least $1k in 90 days

Blogging is serious business and if you think bloggers are not making money you may have to think again. Something big is coming if you want to partake follow this lin, join and learn how you can start making at… Continue Reading…


SEO vs Facebook Ads, which is ideal for your business?

SEO – Have you been struggling with quality traffic on your blog/business website, you hardly close sales despite top-notch content marketing strategy, you don’t even attract leads not talk of conversion? Does this sounds like you? If yes, then read… Continue Reading…

Fidelity 401k


Fidelity 401k, how it works, and what you should know

Fidelity 401k – The instance of retirement calls for deep thought and how an employee tends to survive at retirement, a time you are no longer considered active to work and fend for yourself. Given this retirement, several companies deal… Continue Reading…


401k plan what you should know and how it works

401k plan – There’s this need to safeguard one’s future financially to live a stress free-life having retired from active employment, there’s a life after work, and the earlier you put this in perspective the better for you afterward. Here’s… Continue Reading…


How to effect your GTBank ATM withdrawal with just fingerprint

GTBank ATM withdrawal can be effected without your ATM card, just your fingerprint at this time. This arguably eliminates the danger and cons of losing your ATM card to theft at whatever guise. This is simply biometric banking, we may… Continue Reading…

Nigeria youth investment fund


What you should know and how to get the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund [NYIF]

Nigeria Youth Investment Fund – The youth undoubtedly forms the greater part of any workforce in the world, however, the continuous decline in the ability of the Nigerian youths to be gainfully employed has been a cause for great concern.… Continue Reading…


How to get a loan against pension fund in Nigeria

Loan against pension fund – If you have been a civil/public servant with government or public establishment you should be conversant with the fact that there’s a Retirement Savings Account (RSA) running for you with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).… Continue Reading…



List of UBA SME loans, benefits, features, and requirements

UBA SME loans were created to assist various businesses with a possible financing option that will aid the smooth operations of day-to-day activities. You cannot underscore the fact that financing is a vital and basic necessity for every business, UBA… Continue Reading…

Link NIN


What you should know about the National E ID Card

What you should know about the National E ID Card e Id Card – The National Identity Management Commission has a number of backup plans beyond just issuing the NIN as an identity feature to legal Nigerian residents. Sequel to… Continue Reading…

National identification number


National Identification Number: How to enroll for a national ID card

National Identification Number: How to enroll for a national ID card National identification number – If you are a Nigerian without a national ID card yet, this is not in your best interest. The idea behind the Nigeria’s national ID… Continue Reading…

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