Small business plan


How to raise a small business plan in the U.S., U.K, etc..

Small business plan cannot be underestimated if you want to succeed as a small business in the U.S, U.K, or any country with a promising and viable business opportunity, hear this; don’t embark on the least of your business ideas… Continue Reading…

Boss Revolution money transfer

Money transfer

Boss Revolution money transfer – How to send money from the U.S. to Nigeria

Boss revolution money transfer is a platform that allows its clients to send and receive money from the United States to any destination where the Boss revolution service is enabled, as well as Nigeria. As a cross bother money solution,… Continue Reading…

Polaris bank salary structure


Polaris bank salary structure: How much staff are being paid

Polaris bank salary structure – Are you looking to take up a career in banking, probably conducting research on Nigerian banks, and how much their staff earns? If this falls within your area of interest, the guide you are about… Continue Reading…

Money transfer app Paysend

Money transfer

Money transfer app Paysend – How to send money from the USA, Dubai to Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

Money transfer app Paysend is known as the next generation money transfer, even though it has been rendering cross bother money transfer services. With Paysend, you can send money to over 150 countries across the globe.    Paysend is authorized… Continue Reading…

Bank account opening Dubai


Bank account opening Dubai – How to open a bank account in UAE

Bank account opening Dubai – If you are looking to open a bank account with a bank designated in Dubai, or you are probably looking to own an account with any of the residence banks while you are in another… Continue Reading…

Merrick credit card


What you should know about Merrick credit card options

Merrick credit card – If you are looking to build or rebuild your credit, Merrick bank has credit card options designed to help you achieve just that. However, the Merrick credit card comes with fees and terms that may not… Continue Reading…

Is sendwave legit

Money transfer

Is Sendwave legit to send and receive cross-border transfers?

Is Sendwave legit – Sendwave is a money transfer platform that allows its users to send money across to family and friends, as well as to pay freelancers for services rendered, etc. Sendwave can meet and solve the barrier of… Continue Reading…

How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN


How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN in few steps

How to check Zenith bank BVN on MTN is a recurrent question that has continued to stare bank customers right in the eye every now, after and then. By virtue of banking as a Nigerian, one should have at least… Continue Reading…

Bosak microfinance bank


How to apply for Bosak Microfinance bank loan, rate, repayment, etc.

Bosak Microfinance bank looks to maximize shareholders’ value through provision of exceptional customer service to its client who are mainly into brick-and-mortar businesses. The bank ensures to achieve its aim with cutting edge technology as well as its highly motivated… Continue Reading…

HSBC bank online


What you should know about HSBC bank online

HSBC bank online – Traditional banking provides an avenue to consummate one’s financial transactions like; personal banking, business banking, mortgage, loans, investment, etc., given this, it can be said arguably that banks are enablers of the financial wellbeing of any… Continue Reading…

How to activate chime card


How to apply for Chime card in few steps

Apply for Chime card – Choosing a card for your transaction is one of the numerous challenges that has continued to hamper access to financial services. First, you will need to source a card that meets your lifestyle and financial… Continue Reading…

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