Zenith Bank cardless withdrawal


Zenith bank cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw money from ATM without your card

Zenith bank cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw money from ATM without your card

Zenith bank cardless withdrawal – As one of the leading industry giants in the Nigerian banking sector, Zenith bank has moved an inch further to improve customer experience in the most seamless way.

The article you are about read simply provides a guide into how a Zenith bank customer can start effecting cash withdrawal at the most possible means without really walking about with ATM card.

The rising crime rate in Nigeria undoubtedly necessitates a paradigm shift in this direction.

It has always been staying ahead of fraudsters to provide maximum protection to customer’s funds.

For example:

I embarked on a brief journey in a public transport where incidentally we ran into mobile robbers who dealt severely with every passenger onboard.

Items carted away include but not limited to mobile phones, purses, wallets, wrist watches, necklaces and every valuable personal effect you can think of.

As if that was not enough, the robbers “Waw” everyone by pulling out a POS machine having collected all the ATM cards from every passenger who travels with one or two.

They slot the cards in the machine one after the other commanding each owner to disclose their passwords through which they wiped various accounts of any prevailing balance.

As luck may have it, I escaped the onslaught since I didn’t move around with any of my cards as at the time of this mishap.

Bottom line is, these guys have really upgraded in their expertise that cashless economy no longer pose threat to their survival, or determine how they run their malicious business.

On a flip side, the need to effect withdrawal on a Zenith bank ATM without a card may result to the fact that you left home without your card, suddenly you have a need to pick cash, Zenith bank says, that too is not an excuse not to access cash, simply use the card less withdrawal method.

Now with the Zenith bank cardless withdrawal innovation, people can travel light without any financial instrument on them, since they can easily access funds at the strap of a boot string.

How does that feels, awesome right?

How to use Zenith bank cardless withdrawal

Now this is the business proper, however, before you could proceed to that, you will need to first of all enroll on Zenith bank USSD code since you will need it after-all to consummate your cardless withdrawal.

How to register for your Zenith bank USSD

This is strictly for customers who have not used the USSD for the first time, now follow the below steps;

  • From your registered phone line, dial *966*00#
  • In the next slide, you will be required to enter the last 4-digit of your ATM (PAN)
  • Haven displayed your account name, create a 4-digit Pin as prompted.

With this Pin, you will always be required to authorize and complete your transaction via the Pin at any given time.

  • In the next slide, confirm the Pin
  • You should get a success message notification onboarding you on the USSD channel, you’re done registering on this platform.

The next thing you will need to do is to generate the necessary code and effect your Zenith bank cardless withdrawal.

How to effect the cardless withdrawal finally

  • From your registered line above, dial *966*60#
  • In the next slide, select option “5” for “Next”
  • Select option “7”
  • In the next slide, input “Transaction amount”
  • Now you will have to set your cash out Pin by inputting your 4-digit code
  • Sequel to this, enter your 4-digit Pin to complete this request
  • By this implication, you will receive your withdrawal code via SMS.

With this code you can then proceed to Zenith bank ATM terminal for withdrawal properly.

  • Visit/locate any Zenith bank ATM terminal
  • Tap the enter button
  • Check and select card less withdrawal button with an option to use pay code
  • Input the withdrawal code generated earlier 14-digit which could also be a pay code number as it applies to your case
  • Input your OTP for verification
  • Select the withdrawal amount
  • Tap the “Enter” button to continue
  • Your cash will be dispensed within seconds.

Zenith bank mobile banking

This refers to available channels where you can consummate transactions online either through the Zenith Mobile or Internet banking.

Read also: How to register/use the Zenith bank mobile app

Zenith bank online statement of account

To access this service, first and foremost, you will need to get onboard the Zenith bank mobile app.

The app is available on Play Store and iOS operating systems.

  • Download and install the app
  • Sign up, having onboard successfully with your account details
  • Locate the transaction history page
  • Select email statement then consider the date range of the account statement you wish to access
  • Enter your email address and hit send statement
  • A pdf will arrive your email box, upon which you can download your email statement.

How to activate Zenith bank ATM card

Simply download the zenith mobile app on your phone or launch the app if already in use

  • From the menu select card
  • Select activate card
  • Input your Pin and token to authenticate your card
  • Your card is activated at once


Zenith bank customer care

You may reach out to Zenith bank customer center in the following arrangements,

Phone: 234-1-2787000

Email: zenithdirect@zenithbank.com

You may also visit the nearest Zenith bank branch to your destination, they will attend to you.

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