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Zelle money transfer limits – How to send and receive money in the US

Zelle money transfer limits – If you are looking to send money to friends and family in the US even if they operate with a different bank other than yours, you can achieve that with Zelle, it’s safe, fast, and easy to use.

It’s in a lot of banking apps, may be the one you operate with, if this is the case you can get started at once, however, if your bank app or credit union doesn’t offer Zelle yet – you may have to download and use the Zelle app until they do.

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a seamless way to send and receive money between almost any U.S bank accounts in minutes, regardless whether the beneficiary’s bank or credit union is offering the service yet. They’ll be notified on how to cash out, however, if their bank offers zelle service the money will be routed straight to their bank accounts usually in minutes.

Zelle is compatible with all major banks, and has the service integrated into their mobile banking app.

As well as you have Visa or MasterCard debit card you can download zelle and use the application.

How zelle money transfer works

Step one: Kindly find zelle in the mobile banking app of your partner – bank or credit union. If zelle is already on your bank app you will not have to download further.

In any case, your bank or credit union doesn’t offer zelle yet, you will need to download the app to get started, it’s available on Apple and Google store for IOS and Android operating systems.

Step two: Time to pay your beneficiary, having enrolled with zelle you will need just and email address or a U.S mobile phone number of a beneficiary to send money to anyone right from your banking app.

Step three: Enter the amount you want to send in the available column – note, if your beneficiary has zelle already and is enrolled, the money will go straight to his/her bank account in minutes.

Peradventure they are not enrolled on zell already, they will be notified through email or text letting them know you’ve sent them money and would be guided in few steps on how to receive the money.

What is Zelle money transfer limits

The Zelle money transfer limits is usually determined by a partner bank or credit union in most cases. If your bank or credit union is not a partner yet, your weekly send limit is $500.

Given this, you cannot request to increase or decrease your send limit under any guise yet.

If your bank offers zelle you may be able to transfer larger amounts, however, kindly contact your financial institution to confirm their spending limits.

Below are some major banks that offer zelle and their daily and monthly limits.

BankDaily limitMonthly limit
Bank of America$2,500$20,000
Chase personal checking$2,000$16,000
Ally bank$5,000$10,000
Chase business checking or chase private client$5,000$40,000
Citibank account, Basic account and Access account$2,000$10,000
Citibank Citi Priority, Citigold and Citi private bank$5,000$15,000
Citizens bank$1,000$,5000
PNC bank$1,000$5,000
U.S. Bank$2,500$10,000
Wells Fargo$2,500$20,000

Zelle money transfer fees

Interestingly, Zelle doesn’t charge a fee to send or receive money. It’s ideal to confirm with your bank or credit union on the possibility of incurring any fee on sending or receiving transfers.

How to cancel a zelle transfer

A striking question at this point is – “Can I cancel a payment if I so wished?”

The answer is “Yes and No”

You can cancel a zelle transfer only if the beneficiary has not enrolled with zelle yet. However, if such beneficiary has enrolled with Zelle such transfer cannot be cancelled since the money goes straight into the beneficiary’s bank account in minutes.

In a situation where the beneficiary has not enrolled with zelle, kindly follow the below steps to cancel the transfer;

  • Go to your activity page on the zelle app
  • Choose/select the payment you want to cancel
  • Select “Cancel this payment” and your transfer will be cancelled immediately.

Zelle transfer limits Bank of America: $2,500 daily limit and $20,000 monthly limit for users who have enrolled on zelle.

Can I send $5,000 through zelle: Sure you can if and only your bank is a zelle partner as well you have enrolled on zelle platform.

Zelle transfer limit wells Fargo: $2,500 daily limits and $20,000 monthly limit users enrolled on zelle platform.

Zelle customer service

If you need immediate assistance/support, call zelle on 1-844-428-8542


Zelle money transfer limits is usually in two dimension; there’s a limit for users whose banks or credit unions are not zelle partners or haven’t enrolled yet. Such users can only transfer $500 weekly.

In the other hand, users whose banks or credit unions are zelle partners can send much larger amounts to a maximum of $40,000 monthly. However, participating banks have various limits according to their risk appetites, kindly check the above table to see what your bank’s limit.

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