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Z-Money – How to become a zenith bank POS agent

Z-Money – How to become a zenith bank POS agent

Zenith bank POS agent  – Recent stat shows that banks are beginning to take their services closer to their customers even in localities.

In view of this, Zenith Bank is not left out of this pie either, as one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria, taking banking to the grassroots and deepening financial inclusion is on top of its priority.

Thus introducing the Z-Money, agent banking otherwise known as the Zenith bank POS agent, a financial inclusion service adopted by the bank to extend retail reach across all segments of its customers and the market at large.

By this arrangement, the agent is expected to render financial services just like the traditional financial institutions do to their customers.

Services you are required to render as a mobile money agent

  • Account opening
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Funds transfers
  • Bills payment
  • Airtime purchase

What you stand to benefit from becoming a Zenith bank POS agent

Becoming a Z-Money agent does not come without benefits, you stand to have the following benefits:

#1. Cash management – As an agent/merchant who has operational store/business, moving cash could be a daunting task, however being an agent makes this task easier since you will have to credit your account with value having debited a customer you paid cash.

#2. Increase in sales – As an existing business, you’d sure have extra traffic or more customers visiting your business for patronage, this invariably increases sales.

#3. Increase in income – You are bound to receive commission for each transaction consummated, the bank pays certain percentage, you likewise charge the customers certain fee as agreed.

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This put together with your existing store will sure make a pool of income you’d be happy with.

#4. Cross selling becomes easier – There’s apparently nothing wrong with introducing other lines of your business to customers who patronize you.

As a Zenith bank POS agent, you could easily get your customers buy into other line of products in your store, so long it meets and serves their demand.

Requirements for becoming a Zenith bank POS agent

Just like any other business, there are bound to be rules of engagement, Z-Money is not an exception.

To play in this business, you should meet the below criteria;

  • You should have/be running an existing business possibly with a business name
  • Your business should have existed in a physical store for at least about 12 months
  • The outlet should have a reasonable human traffic, preferably school, market, filling station, shopping mall etc.
  • You should have a dedicated desk manned for agent banking services.
  • You must have operated a Zenith bank account for at least 6 months

Documentation requirements

As an agent, you could either register with a corporate or savings account.

For corporate accounts;

  • A proof of address which preferably is a utility bill
  • Valid ID card, verifiable one at that
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)

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For individual accounts;

  • A proof of address, utility bill as well
  • Valid ID card
  • 2 passport photographs
  • No sign up fee is required
  • You then download agent banking app on an android device.

On completion of the process, you will be issued a POS free of charge, with which the transactions are to be consummated, while you download the agent app.

Additionally, you may need a working capital of N50,000 to get started, this is to enable you attend to customers who may want to effect withdrawals or credit accounts from your POS terminal.

To get started in earnest, kindly visit the nearest Zenith bank  branch to your location, get your documentation, register and kick off at once.

Frequently Asked Questions on Zenith Bank POS Agent

Q1. How can I become a Zenith bank agent

You can become an gent by simply following the steps outlined above, both for the requirement and documentation.

Likewise pay attention to the account type, you will get the ground running the moment you fulfill the requirements outlined.

Q2. Zenith agent app

This refers to the app the bank gives to certified agents to enable them perform sundry tasks of  agency banking in their localities

You can only require this app having received the POS machine, you go ahead to download same on an android device, install and get it running at once.

Q3. Z-Money agent

This can likewise be referred to the Zenith bank agent who renders agency banking services to users in localities, particularly under the auspices of the Zenith bank plc.

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Q4. How can I get POS in Zenith bank

To get the Zenith bank POS, it then stands that you’re ready to go into agency banking.

Having meet the requirements outlined, a POS is issued to you without being paid for, which thereafter you go ahead to the download the app on an android device, install same and commence rendering agency services.


I’m delighted to have introduce you to the Zenith bank POS agent, which can add to your income line being an existing business. It does no harm, rather improves brand perception while you keep earning commissions for services rendered on behalf of the bank, which also provides an avenue for cross selling your products.

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