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My advice for young school leavers in Nigeria

My advice for young school leavers in Nigeria. So you have graduated from the university, a very big congratulations to you for attaining this feet in life after all that’s the dream of every parent for their children and wards, looking forward to see them have a better future through a conventional 8 to 5 and the rat race.

I will be featuring some points that will really upset you on this post, yes. I’m not here to tell you the usual sweet coated lies you love to here. Like go to school, make good grades, get a good job and live a life of your dream, no, it’s actually far from that.

Who told you the money is in the certificate? Come over it and face the reality that abounds. If certificate is a criteria to acquiring wealth and riches then the Professors of this world would had been richer than riches.

Sorry to say that Professors are amongst the most broke Nigerians that ever lived and I’ve got no apologies for that, I have not said you shouldn’t go to school to acquire knowledge, but then do not see it as an avenue to living and accomplishing the dreams and fantasies of your life.

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The bitter truth you must live with is that there’s no job anywhere in this country, the recently released statistics by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in January 2018 revealed that about 7.5 million Nigerians were doing nothing between January 2016 and December 30, 2017.

It further reveals that out of total active labor force of 85.08 million people in Nigeria, about 16 million people were unemployed in the third quarter of 2017.


To further stress it, in 2016 it announced that the Nigerian economy was a galloping inflation when it confirmed that the economic recession was a full year recession and the worst in the country’s history since 1987, yet nothing gets better.

Youth unemployment rate in Nigeria increased to 33.10 percent in the third quarter of 2017 from 29.50 percent in the second quarter of 2017. Youth unemployment rate in Nigeria averaged 21.73 percent from 2014 till 2017, reaching all time high of 33.10 percent in the third quarter of 2017.

A very big congratulations again on your graduation. The above was actually targeted for your consumption, go through it carefully and interpret same to your subconscious on why your perceived certificate is not a determining factor.



You are done with pen and paper in the classroom, it’s now time to face the reality of life. By some estimates, about 1.8 million Nigerians enter the Nigerian job market yearly. That’s to say fresh graduates both home and abroad. You can then estimate your chances of getting a good job despite the fact that none exists.


The importance of skills acquisition cannot be overemphasized, it’s time to drop the pen and get to learn what will bring food to your table for the rest of your life. There are different skills you can learn and start making money almost within the shortest period of time than you can ever imagine.

Schools are even beginning to include skills acquisition in their curriculum to help students take control of their lives after school than unleash them into the streets of Nigeria without any hope in view on how to help themselves. As much as they try, they can never be good enough to offer what will helpyoung school leavers in Nigeria.



MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA:Tailoring- Is a very good and lucrative business that will see you through your life pursuit. Sewing clothes had simply gone beyond what it used to be. The best fashion designers in town started by sewing clothes, before you can say jack their combination of packaging and expertise shoot them up the ladder.

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This will entail you meet people who really matter, you make your way to offices and as well meet influential politicians in your area to keep the business growing. Business men and women will as well converge at your office just to get a first class service.

A single up and down can go for as much as N5K, depending in your area. You can charge N10k with adequate packaging and executive services. There is no limit to how much you can make, a friend once sowed his clothes for N20K, but your services must worth the bills.

Young school leavers in Nigeria must embrace this to further liberate themselves from self- pity.

To learn this trade, kindly go to Aba in Abia State, link up with a tailor who will offer to assist in taking you through this business. The best place clothes are being sowed in this country is typically Aba.

You will hardly believe some clothes were being sowed in that very commercial town, 98 percent of your shirts, trousers and suites were actually made in Aba forget the labels that suggest otherwise and foreign, but the expertise will prevent you from acknowledging same. Aba is really that good.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA:Shoe making You shouldn’t be left out of this, shoe making can make you an instant millionaire. Get out of your shell and learn this skills, only if you know how much the so called makers are reaping from providing these services. You can as well learn this skills in Aba for a period little while, then migrate back to your base and the start the business aggressively. You can get loans from different sources to acquire machines that will really make your work look foreign and enticing for patronage.

It’s really a great way to start a fulfilling and promising life than work round the streets of Nigeria in search of jobs that never exist, or pick one that will never pay your bills let alone settling down as a man.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA:Soap making Kindly do yourself a great favor and learn soap making as a fresh graduate you will never regret it, this business will never go extinct so long domestic care is involved.

All you need to do is learn the act of soap making, make sure it lasts a little in water then use mild perfume that will make it acceptable for users, gentle on fabrics.

Your packaging is very key, design and make an appealing package that will ultimately be irresistible to the eyes that must buy them.

Locate the nearest market create awareness buy giving out sample for free, they’ll test it and will definitely come back with their money to buy some more and gradually you will penetrate and infiltrate the market for good. It’s a good one for young school leaves and you must take advantage of it.

Just get ready to work, because you’ll get demands that you may not be able meet all, at this point try and employ one or two workers for large output. Money will locate you without much stress provided your product serves needs.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA:Start investing in Equity: If you must live a dream life the investment in equity is the way to go. Equity simply refers to shares in whole it could be treasury bills, Federal Government Bonds, etc. you can important details at

I will advise you to focus on short term securities, it’s called stock trading. You do not need to bury your money for long, just watch stocks with good values over the week invest and opt out with your gain. Stop lose and take profit. To know more about this keep a date with this blog as I will be publishing weekly promising stocks and those you should stay away from.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA:Learn blogging– This is one of the most sure lucrative ways to make money and be self -reliant in Nigeria. Blogging actually entails publishing information online just like I’m doing here. You must focus on what you have passion for and cannot run out of ideas creating contents for your readers.

Make sure your niche has readership, your ability to publish and update your blog constantly with unique contents will guarantee your success. There are different ways you can make monetize or make money as a blogger

. Google AdSense: This entails adding AdSense code to your to display Google adverts just like we are doing on this blog, once a reader gets fascinated and clicks the ads, you make some dollars into your account.

To make significant profit with AdSense, you need to have huge and vast readership, who will mostly come as a result of traffic from Google. I will delve deep into this subsequently.

. Affiliate marketing: This is simply selling other people’s product on your blog for a commission. Example of affiliates in Nigeria are, https://www.jumia.com etc. when you sign up with them, you’ll be assigned a affiliate link to place on your blog.

Should a reader click such link and buy anything they sell, you will earn a commission straight into your account. As easy and simple as that.

. Information marketing: You may create information products and sell on your blog. Find people’s problem, provide solution to it and they will be willing to pay you for such. Example of such kind of products is e-book popularly known as electronic books because you will receive in soft or digital copy once you purchase them.

The beauty of e-book is that you may not necessarily create it yourself, you could buy a wide sought e-book with reselling right and resale same for a profit. Your ability to create a compelling newsletter will guarantee your success.

. Offer services: You can make money from your blog offering services. Take for instance you’re a good web designer, you will sale your services on this platform to your numerous clients across the world and they’ll patronize you provided you deliver their work timely and adhered to terms of service.

. Sale ad space: You can actually make money on your blog selling ad space to advertisers, business owners will contact you to advertise their products on your blog in exchange for money. To achieve this your blog must have thousands of readers daily. You should as well have a kit on your blog where advertisers can locate your offerings, rates and traffic stats.

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. Sponsored posts: This is a practice where a company pay you to write a review about their products so your readers can access it, they are actually marketing their products through your blog and you will get paid for it handsomely. These are some of the ways young school leavers in Nigeria can start making money as bloggers in Nigeria.


MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG SCHOOL LEAVERS IN NIGERIA: Freelancing- You can make money online as a freelancer or content creator, so many websites are in need of writers for their businesses. Time do not permit they create all contents themselves, what they do is go online in search of writers. You can sell your work to them for returns. To get paid as an online writer kindly join or check any of the following sites:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Microworkers
  3. QuickTate
  4. Fiverr
  5. Clickworker
  6. People-per-hour
  7. TaskRabbit
  8. Amazon
  9. Upwork etc  You can learn everything you need to be a successful freelancer ranging from getting your clients to pricing at

You may check out any of the aforementioned sites, register and start writing for them if you’re very good in writing, there’s hope for young school leavers in Nigeria other than walking aimlessly around the streets of major towns in search of jobs that never do exist.


All you read here will never change anything about your hopeless job situation if you do not take a positive step around these recommendations. I will be publishing helpful contents on how to be self- reliant by simply leveraging the wealth that abounds online especially in blogging. I will teach you the ABC of blogging, all you need to know subsequently. Just keep a date with us and liberate yourself from mental slavery of 8 to 5. Once again, accept my heartfelt congratulations on your graduation as young school leavers in Nigeria and welcome to the real world.

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