WU Global Pay: How to pay your tuition & fees to an abroad University in your local currency

WU Global Pay – As an international student abroad you will quiet agree that completing payments such as tuition and other fees to the school authority has often been a major challenge and in most cases results to a set-back for students.

Whether you’re paying to a Canadian school, New Zealand, U.K, Japan, etc the situation has always been the same.

For example, other payment methods apply for students who are paying from Canada while the WU Global Pay is adopted for payments coming from outside Canadian provinces.

About WU Global Pay for students

The WU Global pay is a product of Western Union dedicating to assisting international students to complete their major payments like tuition, housing, and enrolment fees to their institutions in residence countries.

To make this payment easy enough, Western union ensures that such students, parents or guardians can complete payments in their local currencies thereafter the payment is being remitted to the school appropriately.

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Benefits of using the WU Global Pay service

The service comes with a pocket of advantages that made it a go to for international students given the cost, stress and logistics involved in the international transfers from most countries globally.

You stand to benefit in the following areas,

  • There’s a flexibility of payment in currency of choice, a perceived dynamism in payment options
  • There’s no fees charged by the receiving bank, by implication any one can pay for from anywhere just like you can do it yourself too from any location
  • There’s no delay in fund arrival, your fund arrives timely to your school and in full settlement as initiated
  • There’s this window where the exchange rate is held for 72 hours
  • You can as well track the status of your payment online.

How it works

Step one: On arrival on the GlobalPay for students portal, you’re required to select the institution you wish to complete a payment to

Sep two: In the next page you will be required to select the country from which you’re sending your payment alongside the particular fee(s) you wish to pay

Step three: In the next slide you will see your payment type and the amount due

Step four: At this stage you are required to provide your, student ID, name, address and certain information about who is making the payment

Step five: You will be redirected to a page where you’re required to complete your payment in line with the provider you selected.

Payment options to complete your transaction

You are expected to complete your payment through a service provider, WU Global pay offers a number of secure payment options both online and offline, depending on where you are completing your payment from, you can make your payment through;

  • UnionPay and AliPay in China
  • ICICI in India
  • Sofort and iDEAL in Europe and
  • Hana Bank in Korea

You also have the option to complete payments directly from your local bank account, while a major credit card could also help with remittance in a participating country.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What kind of payment can I effect with this service?

Ans. The service is used by students who wish to pay education-related fees as approved by the beneficiary institution.

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Q2. If I pay in my local currency will the University receive the payment in USD?

Ans. The receiving institution has an existing agreement with Western union business solutions which authorizes them to accept payments made in your local currency and remit same to the university in preferred USD.

Q3. How do I know the amount due in my local currency

Ans. Log in to the portal, select your currency from the dropdown menu, the system will display amount due in your local currency

Q4. What if my local currency is not listed?

Ans. If your currency is not listed, you may pay using an alternative currency. However, the applicable exchange rate is competitive and the payment will still post to your student account swiftly.

You should endeavor to include your payment reference number since it’ll help easily identify and post your payment into your student account. The payment reference number is located at the payment instruction form that is created when you accept your payment quote.

Q5. How can I reach out to western union in event I forgot to include my payment reference?

Ans. Contact Western union via

Kindly keep the below details ready

  • Your name
  • Student ID
  • Payment reference number
  • Date of transaction
  • Currency paid
  • Proof of payment from your bank if you already initiated a wire transfer

Exchange rate communication

After obtaining the exchange rate quote, you should wait 72 hours before you can re-quote.


International fund transfers targeting students tuition and related fees gets easy with the use of WU Global Pay, having received your payments it takes 2-5 working days for the money to be remitted to the University appropriately.

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