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World Remit Transfer: How to send and receive transfers in Nigeria 2021

World Remit Transfer: How to send and receive transfers in Nigeria 2021

World Remit Transfer – The growing need for money transfer cannot be underscored, so long Nigerians and other nationals stay in distant countries, there will always be a need to send money home to loved ones.

Today I am going show you step by step how you too can start sending and receiving money via the World Remit transfer platform.

Why should you consider the World Remit platform in the first place?

  • Your transfers are secured anytime
  • You can send and receive money via your app,
  • It’s a multi-currency wallet platform, which means you can receive cash in preferred currency
  • The transfer is very cheap and cost nothing to carry out most transactions on the platform.
  • The transfer is very swift, fast and reliable.

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Now, I guess you are not too informed about World Remit itself, let me take the stress off you by running a thing or two you should know about World Remit transfer.

About World Remit

World Remit was born out of necessity when a student (Ismail) had a need to send money home to his family in East Africa.

He encountered obstacles which made the process too boring and worrisome, mainly huge fees charged, delay and all that.

In 2010 Ismail decides to improve the experience by finding a solution to the home remittance puzzle. With the help of co-founder Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe, Ismail founded World Remit.

Notwithstanding, his first stint with the transfer process was in 1980 as a London University student.

He made a major breakthrough to solving the puzzle in 2010 with his friends, this not only redefine the money transfer process, but moved it from offline to online platform.

Today, virtually anyone who cares for a seamless and cheap money transfer turns to World Remit, to say the platform is gradually becoming a household name is an understatement.

Send money through world remit

You can send money on the platform in a number of ways,

  • At the agent location
  • Via the mobile app

How to Send world Remit at the agent location

If you wish to send transfers from an agent location, you will have to locate an existing agent in your location, on arrival you are required to provide basic requirements.


  • Your valid government approved ID card
  • The receiver’s details which include (Full name, country, phone number)
  • The money/amount you wish to send

On provision of the above details and certified ok, the agent will move one step further to provide a World Remit transfer form.

You are expected to complete the form with required details, pay attention to details and provide the information as required.

On completing the form, the agent receives and treats your transfer with the above details.

Thereafter you are required to collect the transaction details usually:

  • The a 8-digit transaction reference number
  • Other details are contained in a slip which shows the receiver name, amount and currency sent, country and the sender details, which is the sender name and sent country.

You are expected to forward this detail to the receiver in his/her home country, who in turn visits an agent location for cash pickup.

How to receive World Remit transfer in Nigeria

Note, World Remit can only be received in any commercial bank offering money transfer service in Nigeria.

On receipt of the transfer details from the sender abroad, kindly locate any bank that renders the service, usually Polaris bank Limited with a number of others.

Walk straight to the money transfer desk and request to pick your transfer.

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Do not forget to visit the bank with a valid ID card alongside the World Remit Transfer details sent from abroad.

The teller will offer you a World Remit form, complete the form accordingly and return as given.

Upon confirmation of the details provided, the teller takes a step further to process the transfer and remit your payment immediately.

What next? Start spending your money.

With that out of the way now, you can as well send and receive a World Remit via wallet.

Let me quickly run you through the process.

How to receive money in a World Remit wallet

  • First and foremost, you will need to head over here to download your world remit app
  • Follow a few simple steps as seen on the app to sign up
  • Having completed the process you can now access money in your wallet.

When money is being sent to your wallet, you will receive an SMS notification about the inflow.

How to send World Remit from your wallet

1. On the sender’s app, select receiver’s country: Once you log in to your app, locate the receiver’s country and select accordingly, which suggests the country money should be routed to.

2. Then select the World Remit wallet option: This is an option that allows you to use the World Remit wallet

3. Select the currency account type: Here is the currency you want the money received, USD, EURO, Pounds etc

4. Enter the amount you want to send: For a given transfer, you already should have in mind an amount of money you wish to send.

5. In the next slide, complete your recipient’s details as seen

6. Pay for your transfer

The moment you complete the process, you will receive a confirmation email for a successful transfer.


World Remit transfer to Nigeria

You can send a maximum of N1,000,000 (One million naira) to Nigeria per transfer.

Sending to other countries however attracts different thresholds.

Are concerns you’d like sorted out? Let’s get talking at the comment section below.

2 comments on “World Remit Transfer: How to send and receive transfers in Nigeria 2021

Raphael Orji

Why can’t I use a Nigerian number to sign up

Raphael Orji

Hi Zainab,

You can only receive in Nigeria.
However, if you wish to sign up, kindly ensure to have a good network as well ass the correct Nigerian contact prefix set.



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