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World Remit Tracking: How to track your transfers in minutes

World Remit Tracking: How to track your transfers in minutes

World Remit Tracking – If you’ve been a regular with money transfer platform, you’d sure appreciate the convenience and rest of mind tracking your transfers provide.

When you track a transfer, you’ll readily have an on the spot idea of the transaction status and destination at a time.

Pa adventure a loved one/friend sent you world Remit transfer from abroad and you’re yet to claim it, probably wants to know the transaction destination or status, you can do that using the World remit tracking app.

What is World Remit Tracking?

This is the practice that involves using a World Remit enabled platform/device to ascertain where exactly a world remit transfer is, additionally shows you the transaction status, as to whether it has been paid out or still available for pick-up.

Aside the need to access ones funds, the porosity of internet based transactions has placed everyone on their toes, transactions could easily be hijacked en route to proposed destination.

Now we assumed you already have a transfer in progress, otherwise you’ve got no business with tracking.

In case you aren’t too familiar with the World Remit money transfer process, I’ve written a step by step guide that’ll walk you through the process of transfers which include,

  • How to send World Remit from and agent location
  • How to send world Remit from a wallet
  • How to receive world Remit in a wallet
  • How to fund your World Remit account etc

You can go ahead and read about everything HERE.

Kindly familiarize yourself with certain World Remit transaction terms

1 World Remit transaction number: A transaction number here refers to the reference number/ID being sent to you via phone number or email by World Remit.

Note: Having sent the transfer, by default, World Remit dispatches a reference ID through SMS and email to both the sender and the receiver.

This is an indication that a transfer is ready to be accessed at the receiver’s location, it’s with the transaction number that the money can be accessed alongside other details.

2. Example of World Remit tracking number: The tracking number consists of 8-digit number which could assume any number in no particular order of arrangement.

Example: 79024565

3. Track World Remit transaction status: Transaction status here means the condition of the transfer in question as to whether it has been paid out or still available for pick-up, additionally the destination of the transaction in principle.

How to track World Remit cash pick-up

For the record, you may track your transfer in different ways.

On the World Remit website

  • Launch the website
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Locate “Transfer in progress,” if you’ve previously sent money at the top of the page
  • Select a transaction from the list of transactions to view its status.

On the World Remit App

  • Download the app here
  • Sign up and log in
  • “Select transaction in progress,” at the top of activity page
  • Then select your preferred transaction and view the status.

How to track transfer with World Remit Tracking app

  • Download the app here for android
  • Launch the app
  • Click on “Find a new transfer.”
  • Input your transfer ID/reference number
  • In the next column input your email or phone number linked to the transfer, see sample below.


Are there questions you wish to seek clarity on World Remit Tracking? Let’s get taking below.

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