Why you should hire a business lawyer

Business lawyer – To set out for a small business you should never underscore the importance of legal requirements since they form the bulk of business process.

When you violate a law ignorantly, it does not prevent charges that follow thereafter as consequence of your own actions or inaction carrying out your daily business activities.

That said, the importance of a business lawyer cannot be underscored for effective legal awareness and implication where necessary.

In this guide, you will learn why it’s necessary to have a business lawyer in place, responsibilities, necessary skills and duration to becoming a business lawyer, etc.

Who is a business lawyer?

A Business Lawyer is found to be an attorney whose core duty is to provide legal advice to business owners be it small or large on vital issues that directly or indirectly affect the business.

What a business lawyer could advice on

Example of issues a business lawyer could advice on include but not limited to,

  • Business transactions
  • Tax computation
  • Intellectual property
  • Insurance which may include public liability and employee based policies
  • Patents, contracts, labor agreement, and
  • Regulatory measures

Basic responsibilities of a business lawyer and why you should hire one

1. Legal issues: It’s the responsibility of the lawyer to advice owners of businesses when it comes to pressing legal issues and responsibility.

First, the business should be able to avoid or steer clear from any eventuality that may lead to legal tussle by express assessment and due communication by the lawyer who should know better the tenets of the law to prevent avoidable legal battle.

2. Policies and objectives: Policies are vital components of a business which must be put in place to ensure employees comply to structural and regulatory philosophy meant to guide and shape the attitude of every employee while at work.

However, some company policies are expected to guide employees and the high management staff beyond the work environment.

Policy infractions are usually met with stiff sanctions for the employees, it’s the duty of a company lawyer to draft policies that guide and shape the behavioral pattern of all employee concerned.

3. Interpretation of laws: There’s always a room for vagueness in understanding the aims and rational behind certain laws, these laws may not be clearly understood by the business operators.

The business lawyer assists in advising the business on establishing structures, policies, objectives and procedures for business operations particularly when it involves legal requirements.

4. Legal paperwork: The lawyer drafts, completes and fills legal paperwork related to business operations.

5. Reporting legal issues: In event where the lawyer identifies a legal issue which may cost the business in the future, lodges in a formal report on any potential or existing legal issues to the bodies concerned with such situation.

Other responsibilities include

  • Negotiating contracts, making settlements in the place of the business involved
  • The lawyers ensures that all business processes, strategies, and actions go in line according to the provision of local, state, federal, and international laws.
  • Writing contracts
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Compliance and risk management, etc.

How to become a business lawyer?

Becoming a lawyer requires a level of degree measured in Juris Doctor in the law field, thereafter take a bar exam to acquire your license, this may take some time since it requires a level of study. You will need to measure in the below skills,

Corporate lawyer skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Negotiation ability
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Analytic ability and
  • Detailed research.

To become a lawyer finally you will need to

  • Have completed a degree in undergraduate program
  • You should have taken the LSAT exam
  • You must have graduated from the law school
  • Finally passed the Bar examination and be called to Bar

How long does it take to become a lawyer?

It will take 7 to 9 years to become a corporate lawyer, 4-year undergraduate studies, 3-year law school, and 2-year master’s degree should you go global

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