What you should know about Polaris Vulte digital bank

Vulte digital bank– In line with its commitment to deepen financial inclusion as well make for seamless banking while improving customer experience, Polaris bank has introduced it latest innovation in the banking space called “Vulte.”

About Vulte digital bank

According Polaris bank, “Vulte” is more than a full digital bank that provides easy, fast and reliable solutions to your banking needs.

It’s a lifestyle of convenience and freedom that allows you control where, when and how you bank”

It makes bold to say that with vulte, you can accomplish almost all transaction types from the comfort of your domain at any given time.

Transactions you can accomplish with Polaris vulte digital bank

  • Fund transfer
  • Bill payment, airtime and data
  • You can access loan
  • Request ATM card and take delivery
  • Account statement
  • Branch, ATM and Agent (Surepadi) locator

Suffix it to say that with this latest innovation, customers can now transfer money for settlement of goods, services and to love ones at any point in time without stress whatsoever.

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You can pay your electricity bill, buy airtime, data, cable TV.

For the record, the following bet companies are available on vulte,

  • 1960Bet
  • 1XBET
  • 360 BET
  • AccessBET
  • BestBet 360
  • Bet9ja
  • Betfada
  • Betking
  • Betland
  • Betwazobia
  • Big Games
  • Billionaire Bet Limited
  • Derby Lotto int Ltd
  • Doxxbet Sport Betting
  • Ebonybet
  • Enugu State Gaming Commission
  • FortuneBet
  • Give and take lottery
  • Globabet
  • Go Gam Pro
  • Nairabet and lot more.

It sounds bold to say, bet account crediting has been made relatively easier, there’s hardly no company that’s not listed, so long Nigerians playing such game.

A customer can actually accomplish a whole lot of transactions on the platform.

How to sign up on vulte digital bank

Becoming a user does not come with herculean task, follow the steps below

  • Kindly follow this Link to download vulte for free
  • Lunch and follow the steps provided to complete your registration.

It’s just that easy.

If I stay outside Nigeria, can I enroll?

For the record, it’s a full digital bank that can be accessed from any part of the world

Simply download the app here and continue without visiting any branch

What if I don’t get my OTP during registration?

Kindly tap the resend “OTP” button.

Kindly note that OTP is sent to your registered phone number and email address with Polaris bank.

If after tapping the resend OTP as seen and you still didn’t get one,

Follow the below steps;

  • Check your spam/junk folder
  • Confirm network availability on your device, you may restart your device
  • Ensure you have enough space in your SMS inbox to receive more, if not free up spaces
  • You may contact your mobile line provider to disable your line from “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  • Pa adventure you have ported your line, kindly send a mail to [email protected] , stating your account number, mobile number, old telco and new telco for proper adjustment.

How much is my daily transaction limit?

This depends on your account type, however may change from time to time as deem fit by CBN.

Tier 1 account:

  • Daily transaction limit is N30,000
  • Maximum single deposit of N50k
  • Maximum cumulative account balance of N300k

Tier 2 account:

  • Daily transaction limit is N100,000
  • Maximum single deposit limit of N100k
  • Maximum cumulative account balance of N500k

Tier 3 account:

  • Daily transaction limit of N500k, you may increase it to N5 million naira, you will be required to execute one time indemnity on vulte and enter your PIN and token when your daily transaction cumulative is above N500k
  • Unlimited maximum single deposit limit
  • Unlimited maximum cumulative account balance

How can I increase my transaction limit?

To do this,

  • Tap upgrade account beside your profile picture as seen on the app
  • Tap to select your desired limit
  • Upload your proof of address, other ID and signature.

NB: It takes 24 hours to get this upgrade activated.

How to login using Fingerprint

  • Tap the menu bar at the top left corner of the home page
  • Tap settings
  • Upload your proof of address, other IDs and signature as required
  • Select biometric setup and follow the prompts to set up your biometric login

Can the app be used on two different phones at the same time?

The answer is NO. You cannot use vulte on two different devices at the same time, but you may switch devices any time you login on a new device.

This is however a measure put in place to protect you and limit access to your funds to a single device at a time.

How can I use the app on another phone?

You will receive a prompt to change device on the new phone having verified your face successfully.

The app completes your registration by taking a shot of your face which is stored on the data base during your initial registration.

Upon a successful facial verification on the new device, you will be enabled to use vulte on the new device.

NB; This deactivates access on the old device immediately.

How do I recover my password if it’s eventually forgotten?

Simply click on the “Forgot Password” on the login page and follow the prompts to reset your password.

What if I forget or want to change my PIN?

To reset PIN,

  • Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner of the Home page
  • Tap settings
  • Select reset transaction PIN and follow the prompts to reset your PIN

To change your PIN;

  • Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner of the Home page
  • Tap settings
  • Select Change Transaction PIN and follow the prompts to complete change PIN.


What if my phone/SIM gets lost, stolen or damaged?

Vulte is being protected by your password and PIN which are confidentially known to you alone and must not be disclosed to anyone.

Always report lost, stolen phone/SIM immediately to our YES Center on: 0700 7652747, 08069880000 and 01-4482100 or send an email to: [email protected]

You may also choose to block your account by dialing *833*13*registered line# from any mobile line.

NB: You must have registered on the USSD before you can access this option.

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