What you should know about Accion Microfinance Bank financing

What you should know about Accion Microfinance Bank financing

Accion Microfinance Bank is one of the leading credit institutions in Nigeria that has played its part in deepening financial inclusion by supporting Nigerians at every facet of enterprise.

About Accion Microfinance bank

Was established in 2006, however commenced operations in May 2007 having licensed by the apex bank (CBN) to operate within the microfinance capacity in the country.

For the record, Accion has a management team that comprises seasoned and highly notable professionals across backgrounds, thus is regarded as one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria.

It has a mission to empower economically micro-entrepreneurs and low income earners by making available financial services in a level and equal opportunity for all.

While it has a vision to be a market leader in providing microfinance and related financial services at even a global class standard.

How to get loan from Accion microfinance bank

Accion MFB has various types of loans designed to meet customer’s needs and requirements according income type and class which include;

Brighta Loan

This is a loan tailored for entrepreneurs in health care, fashion and personal care sectors.

These class of borrowers will have access to between N50,000 to N150,000 to pay back within a period of 1-3 months at averagely 85 interest rate monthly to grow their businesses.


  • Your loan account with Accion MFB must be recorded at zero as at the time of loan application.
  • Your BVN must be made available

Key Features/benefits

  • Loan amount up to N150,000
  • Interest rate at ridiculously 8% monthly compare to industry rate
  • It comes with a flexible repayment plan
  • No hidden charges applicable
  • There’s no collateral or guarantor required for this loan, not even documentation.
  • Loan procedures are very seamless and stress free

How to apply, click here to download the Accion MFB mobile app, sign up afterwards and apply for your loan.

My own loan

If you’ve been thinking of how to scale up your business, My own loan is a perfect loan opportunity to help you do that.

Key features/benefits

  • It doesn’t waste time
  • Easy loan procedure
  • It comes with competitive interest rate
  • With this package, you can easily grow your business with Accion microfinance bank


  • A prove of business ownership and experience
  • You will have to open an account
  • Viable business
  • Guarantor is required apply here.

My own Plus loan

If you are on existing loan, eventually needs funds to run the day to operations of your business, my own plus is tailored to meet this need.

Key features/benefits

  • As a performing and non-defaulting client, there’s a reduction in interest rate on this package
  • You can access even a higher loan amount
  • Loan processing is swift, quick and timely


  • Prove of business ownership and experience in running the business
  • You will need to open an account
  • The business should be a viable one capable of returning the loan amount from assessment
  • Guarantor is needed.

PayGo Loan

If you sell or deal on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), but need a quick funding to execute for turn-over, this loan is for you.

Key features/benefits

  • Easy and fast loan procedure
  • You can control the interest rate
  • There’s a room to grow your business relationship with Accion MFB
  • Interest only applicable to loan limit or approved amount


  • Prove of business ownership/experience
  • You will have to open account with complete documentation in place
  • The business should be viable
  • MSM entrepreneurs with at least 12 months experience

People living with disability loan

By any means you’re living with disability or knows anyone who is disable, but economically active, Accion MFB designed this package to serve your/their purpose which ever applies.

Key features/benefits

  • Swift and quick turn-around time
  • Easy loan application and access
  • Interest rate is ridiculously low
  • Flexible tenure and repayment plan


  • Proforma invoice of asset of choice
  • You will have to open an account
  • Prove of business ownership
  • Guarantor is required
  • The business must be viable and you should be able to prove that.

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My agent loan

Now this loan is meant for existing customers, by any means you wish to enroll into the Accion agency banking, this is a great opportunity for you to carry out transaction on behalf of the bank and make some money for yourself, also avails you the opportunity to source loan and support your business.

Key features/benefits

  • Loan access is very easy
  • The loan are usually short term
  • The loan are affordable and convenient
  • Low interest rate
  • It works on a reduced interest rate after the first cycle
  • You have the opportunity to determine your interest rate
  • You can compliment your earning by partnering with Accion.


  • Should be an existing customer
  • Your rating and score must stand at AA or A in previous loan repayment
  • The business should be viable
  • You need a guarantor, apply here.

Aside the loan products, Accion microfinance bank has a number of channels that can help clients carry out transactions seamlessly without stress, these include;

Accion Microfinance mobile banking

Accion MFB mobile banking allows anyone to access account information from a mobile device.

Services you can access on the Accion Mobile;

  • Check account balance
  • View account activity
  • Money transfer
  • Airtime top-up/vending
  • Manage and make payments/ online bill payments inclusive

How to get Accion Microfiance bank app/activated

The Accion Mobile banking app is available on Google Play Store, with versions for both android and iOS operating systems.

Now visit the Google Play Store from your mobile device

  • In the search bar, type Accion Mobile banking
  • Download the app, install it afterwards.
  • Allow request to access your device location
  • Then launch the app,
  • Log in using the agent ID and password received upon registration.

FAQ on Accion Mobile banking

1. What should I do if I already have an account with Accion bank?

Ans. It’s needless opening another account, click on register to register your device and account on the mobile app.

During registration a Text message with a unique OTP will be sent to verify your phone number, to complete the registration, enter the OTP you were sent, this successfully registers your device on Accion bank system.

2. How can I receive a new OTP code?

Ans. Once you confirm your NUBAN number, your OTP will be sent automatically to your phone number lined to your account.

3. Which of the accounts can be accessed via the mobile banking?

Ans. You can access checking, savings or loan accounts associated with the phone number made available during registration.

4. What should I do if my mobile device is stolen or lost?

Ans. Kindly download the mobile app on your device, you will be prompted to link the current device at login to the app, click yes and an OTP will be sent to your phone, with this you can link the device.

Accion microfinance bank USSD code

With the Accion USSD, you can carry out a number of transactions with ease using a non-internet enabled device even.

The Accion USSD is represented by 572 which you will have to add * and # to complete any transaction.

Below are some transactions you may consummate using the Accion USSD.

How to open Accion bank account via USSD

  • Dial *572# from your mobile device as a new user
  • Press option “1” for account opening
  • In the next column, input your 11-digit BVN
  • Follow the prompt, you should be able to receive account opening status on a successful note.

You can as well open the account without a BVN, in this case you will have to choose option “2’ having dialed the USSD as shown above.

In the next column, you will have to type in your details accordingly, after which your registration should be successful and account number sent to you as SMS.

To accomplish other tasks with the USSD you will first and fore most register officially on the platform by creating a transaction PIN.

How to complete Accion MFB USSD registration/create transaction Pin

  • From your registered phone line, dial *572#
  • Select option “2” to register
  • Input you 10-digit NUBAN number
  • In the next slide, you will have to create a 4-digit PIN with required for transaction authorization each time you wish to use the USSD service, e.g 2345 in the column provided, retype in the second column to confirm the Pin.
  • Answer your security question preferably and note the answer.
  • Click on register to complete the process.

Note: Your Pin must not be disclosed to a third party under any guise, be guided right.

How to check Accion bank account balance via USSD

  • From your registered phone line dial *572#
  • Select option “5” to check your balance
  • Follow up with your 4-digit Pin to complete the process and receive your account balance immediately as SMS.

How to buy airtime with Accion MFB USSD

From your registered phone line dial;

  • *572#
  • Select option “3” for airtime and data
  • Select option “1” for airtime self
  • Enter airtime amount
  • Enter your 4-digit Pin to confirm your purchase

While buying airtime for others, select option “2”

  • Enter amount
  • Enter your 4-digit Pin to complete the process

While buying data, select option “3” to buy data for self

  • Select preferred plan and
  • Enter your 4-digit Pin to confirm your purchase

While buying data for others, select option “4”

  • Enter recipient’s phone  number and plan
  • Enter you Pin and complete the transaction

How to transfer money with Accion bank USSD

It’s either you are sending to an Accion account or other accounts.

To transfer to Accion account:

  • Dial *572#
  • Select option “4” for fund transfer
  • Select “1” for Accion
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Enter beneficiary account number
  • Enter your 4-digit Pin to confirm the transaction

To transfer to other bank accounts

  • Dial *572#
  • Select option “4” for transfers to other banks, then select “2” for other banks again
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Enter beneficiary account number, select the correct bank option
  • Enter your Pin and confirm the transfer

How to reset Pin via the Accion bank USSD

  • Dial *572#
  • Select “8” for self service
  • Select option “3” to reset PIN
  • Answer security question
  • Enter your new Pin
  • Confirm your new Pin, that’s

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How to change Pin via the Accion Microfinance bank USSD

  • Dial *572#
  • Select option “8” for self service
  • Select option “2” to reset Pin
  • Answer the security question
  • Enter your old Pin, followed by the new Pin
  • Then confirm your new Pin, and that’s all.

How to block debit card via Accion bank USSD

  • Dial *572#
  • Select option “8” for the next page
  • Select option “8” for self service
  • Select option “4” for block card
  • Enter your Pin to confirm

How to onboard Accion MFB internet banking

Follow this link

  • Choose new to internet banking
  • Insert your BVN or skip to fill the form provided
  • Complete the four stages recommended by providing your details as appropriate
  • Follow the prompt and be enrolled in no specific order.

On the internet banking you can initiate a number of transaction as seen on the mobile banking.

Accion Microfinance bank customer care number

Corporate head office

Accion Microfinance Bank Limited

332A Elizade Plaza, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Lagos, Nigeria.

Call center

+234 12719326 or 07000222466


Accion MFB salary scale

Here’s a salary scale as seen on Glassdoor

Job TitleSalary
Account Officer salaries83,000 per month
Loan officer salaries75,000 per month
Head ICT Infrastructure and Operations salaris6,200,000 annually
Part time CSO salaries140,000 annually


Accion Microfinance bank appears to be a really dependable financial partners you can rely on, loan disbursement is timely and very recommendable with all round flexible repayment plan.

Career opportunity however is not different from what is obtainable in other Nigerian corporate sectors, employees may have to be assigned multiple functions from time to time as the bank deems necessary, salary and remuneration stay within industry standard.

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