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Western union goes formless in Nigeria

Western union goes formless in Nigeria

Western union goes formless in Nigeria effective December 1st 2018.

This only implies that, you’ll no longer be required to fill the western union form at the agent location for both send and receive transactions.

Western union, a world leading money transfer service has adopted and commenced the implementation of the western union formless since February 2018, extending compliance to Nigeria effective December 1st 2018.

How to receive western union using the western union goes formless:

Nothing has additionally changed in the usual practice apart from piece of paper adoption, I will reveal to you here.

• Visit the agent location usually banks in Nigeria.

• The money transfer officer will issue you a piece of paper not form anymore.

• In this paper write down: receivable amount, sent location, test questions and answers if any, 6 digits MTCN and sender’s name.

• The MTO verifies your photo ID and treat without delay.

• On completion of transaction the MTO prints the ACR, you both will sign appropriately

• You’ll get paid finally.

How to send western union using the western union goes formless:

• Visit the agent location

• You will be given a piece of paper not form.

• Write out the following: receiver’s name, amount to send, fee, destination/country

• Provide your photo ID which will be verified.

• The MTO will send your money using your beneficiary details.

• You will receive the 10 digits MTCN, Money Transfer Control Number which you will make available to the beneficiary to pick the fund.

Benefits of Western union formless:

• Going formless speeds up the transaction and reduces the turn around time.

• You can track your transaction if you are a my WU member has a Wu app

• You can estimate the fee before hand

• You stand chances of earning loyalty points as a my WU member every time you send a qualifying western union transfer.


If the receiver name is incorrect, the MTO will complete the transaction on the system while you both sign recommended ACR, you will however not get paid and will be referred back to the sender to effect corrections at the sender’s location, then revert, that’s all about western union goes formless.

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