Webmoney Nigeria: How to open, fund and withdraw from your account

Webmoney Nigeria – If you are looking to receive payments from abroad for a task performed like freelance writing, survey, or any other service, Webmoney Nigeria provides a platform that helps you to make and receive such payments without a downside to you whatsoever.

Webmoney is a payment solution that supports an e-wallet for sending and receiving payments across the globe. Most significantly, the webmoney service is a viable option where Paypal service is being restricted for receiving payments like its prevalent in Nigeria at the moment.

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Today, you are going to learn how to open, fund, send, receive and withdraw money from your Webmoney account if you sign up for one immediately.

How to open/sign up for a Webmoney account

To access any of the available services on Webmoney you will have to first and foremost sign up for this service following a few steps I will outline in this guide shortly.

Step one: You will have to visit the Google Play Store to download the “Webmoney keeper” available on Android and IOS operating systems.

Step two: Having downloaded the “Webmoney keeper” install and launch the app, click on the “Sign up” icon, ensure to provide a valid phone number in the column provided. From your network your location/country will be selected automatically. You will have to type in your phone number without the first “Zero.” For example 07034847815 should be typed as 7034847815.

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Step three: You will receive a telephone call from Webmoney room, you will need to use the last 5-digit number that called you as the confirmation code in the column advised.

Step four: Create your WM password, retype the password to confirm. Accept the terms of service by checking the small square box as presented, hit the next button.

Step five: You will be prompted to create your 4-digit PIN, this is optional but it’s necessary to create a level of security for your e-wallet.

Step six: Your account creation is at the final phase here, you will be required to create a Webmoney Dollar wallet this will enable you to receive funds with ease. You will be prompted to create your first wallet, kindly accept the prompt

Click on “WMZ – equivalent of USD” click “OK” to accept the binding rules.

At this point your Webmoney Nigeria e-wallet is ready to start receiving funds/payments.

How to fund your Webmoney account in Nigeria

The principle of double entry plays out here, for every intended debit there should be a corresponding credit. This follows to say that before you can send money from your Webmoney e-wallet you must first and foremost credit your e-wallet with fund.

Step one: From your wallet, click “The deposit page” and select Webmoney from the available list. Kindly select the currency that matches your Webmoney wallet.

Step two: At this point you should be redirected to your Webmoney log in page, enter your password as required then complete your wallet funding.

How to receive money into your Webmoney e-wallet in Nigeria

Having created your Webmoney account successfully you are one step away from receiving money from friends or clients abroad.

You will only need to send them your Purse ID which may be referred to as your account number.

Once the funds/payments have been sent the money will reflect in your Webmoney e-wallet.

How to send money to anyone from your Webmoney account

You will need to get the beneficiary’s Purse ID also referred as their account number with which you can route payments/money to them by using the Webmoney send features as seen on your Webmoney app.

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How to transfer money from Webmoney purse to your bank account

To withdraw the fund to your Nigerian bank account you will need to work with a local exchanger in Nigeria.

An exchanger is a company that has operational base online that can help you convert your foreign currency to Naira at a given rate.

It’s advised that you shop around to see which of the exchange has a better rate before you deal.

Having concluded on the preferred exchanger, you will have to sign up with the said exchanger, provide your basic details as required on the exchange portal.

Also provide your Purse ID and your local bank account NUBAN number and account name.

Specify how much Webmoney USD you’d wish to sell, the exchanger will in turn provide their Webmoney Purse ID where you are required to transfer your Webmoney USD to.

The moment your transfer is received, the exchanger in turn credits your Nigerian bank account with value of the agreed rate and that’s all.

Webmoney exchangers in Nigeria

The below are exchangers you may check out in event you want to transfer your Webmoney USD to your bank account.

Do check their websites for available rates before you deal, your money will hit your local bank account supplied on the receipt of your Webmoney USD transfer.

  • TruexGold
  • Exchangeindeed
  • Instant Gold Nigeria
  • Mytopexchange
  • Patricia
  • IDeyPay
  • Goldux
  • Naira4Dollar
  • Naira2USD
  • Blockvila
  • Paybis
  • eTradeXchange
  • MoneEx
  • Instant Exchangers
  • Nigeria Gold Exchangers
  • Topup Gold


Now you’ve learned how to sign up for the Webmoney Nigeria, fund, receive, send and withdraw money to your local bank account in Nigeria.

What next, revert to your abroad clients, tell them you can now receive funds via Webmoney. Start performing online tasks you were restricted from in the past which require payment via Webmoney.

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