Want to make money investing in Agriculture? Porkmoney might just be what you’ve been missing

Porkmoney – The fall of crude oil price in the international market shows the era of oil is gradually coming to a halt, thus a need for diversification into Agriculture.

Economic projections indicate that we have more difficult years lying ahead than we’ve had in this country, the President warned earlier that Nigerians should brace up for a new level of austerity, though coming from a government that promised a turn-around, it however remains a difficult reality.

That notwithstanding is a green signal for a diversification in agriculture, as I wright, well-meaning and innovative Nigerians have gone far carving niches for themselves in the agricultural industry.

To add to this;

The President of Africa Development Bank (ADB) Adewumi Adesina has disclosed that, if properly nurtured, the agricultural sector would be producing the next generation billionaires in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

He also described that one of the important areas ripe for entrepreneurship is the agricultural sector, stressing that the size of Agribusiness in the continent would be worth $1 trillion by 2030.

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Adesina spoke while delivering the 14th convocation of Bowen University lecture titled; “Africa’s Future: Positioning University to Nurture Develop Entrepreneurial Initiative” (Vanguard)

Porkmoney reviews /Introducing Porkmoney

Porkmoney is a leading Pig farming enterprise in West Africa, it’s objective is welcoming financial partnership from any interested persons around the world.

Partners’ funds sponsor the purchase and breeding of pigs till maturation. The pigs are then processed, packaged and sold after 11 months.

Partners earn between 15-30% returns on their capitals based on plan of choice.

It is a treasure trove of opportunities and revenue given the diversity of its by-products i.e: from revenue generation in the sale of the pigs to processing of its produce such as Pork Chops, Ham, Bacon, Sausages etc.

Which by localizing pig farming, they not only retain commerce power within Africa, they also provide exporting capabilities from the African continent. Not to mention the opportunities it avail local farmers, retailers and wholesalers in growing their businesses and remaining self-sufficient, as well as the countless job opportunities.

That’s what Porkmoney is all about, it has steadily become an avenue for investors who do not want to pass through stress, rather let their money do the dirty job for a return by the end of the day.

As you can see, it pays way 15-30% ROI, this is huge considering volatile business environment that abounds in various sectors of the economy. Recall it has an investment duration of 11 months properly insured against possible loss.

Benefits of Pigs to mankind

About 36% of meat eaten by humans annually is pork, followed by poultry (35%), and cattle and buffalo (22%). Lamb and mutton, come in at a distant 4,6%. Many factors affect these trends. They include religious beliefs, environmental conditions, pricing and the growth of the human population.

Livestock producers continually strive to breed the ‘ultimate animal’ – one that grows faster and converts food to meat better, carries more meat in valuable areas of the carcass, and has a better temperament for ease of handling.

In many respects, pigs are ideal in this regard. They have fast growth rates and good feed-to-meat conversion ratios; are relatively easy to raise, and do not require much space; have prolific breeding potential; and are docile. (Farmers weekly)

These factors not only lead to increased profitability but will surely assist in meeting the growing demand for meat in future. Pork consumption is likely to increase even more due to lower production costs. Thus a good investment ground.

This investment happens in four series namely;

  • You become a partner
  • They do the work
  • They process
  • Return your earning and capital

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How to invest in Porkmoney

To invest with Porkmoney, you will first and foremost become a partner by visiting porkmoney.com

Click on “become a partner” it will display the following plans

  • PMN1 for N250k @ 15% for 11 months
  • PMN2 for N500k @ 20% for 11 months
  • PMN3 For N1m @ 25% for 11 months
  • PMN4 for N5m @ 30% for 11 months respectively.

Having seen the above information displayed, kindly choose a plan you prefer to key in with depending on how much you can invest, by click on Sign Up button under.

Assuming you choose PMN1 by clicking on Sign Up

  • Input your full name, click on the right end arrow to proceed
  • Email address
  • Your phone number
  • Choose your password
  • Confirm your password, you should have a successful registration.

Then go back to the home page and click on log in and start updating your details, first and last name, email address, phone number, marital status, gender, residential address and date of birth.

Read and understand the “Declaration form” carefully and submit.

Once done, you will receive a payment invoice to pay to:

Ac name: Divergent Enterprise

Ac number: 0337393292

How profitable is this Porkmoney and how much can I make on each plan?

Mathematically, this is what you get as ROI

On a PMN1 you will make N37,500 in 11 months

PMN2 you will make N100k in 11 months

PMN3 you will make N250k in 11 months

PMN4 you will make N1.5m in 11 months

Don’t know an investment that will return such amount within 11 months in Nigeria.

Recall, they have insurance in place, just in case you are afraid.

Who is the Porkmoney founder/CEO?

This company is founded by Folorunso Muyiwa a branding and marketing expert with over 10 years experience in creating products and services in African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Senegal Nigeria etc

Draws Backs?

The only disadvantage is that there’s a “declaration form” binding on you, which means your money will have to stay in the business throughout the tenor of the investment without you having access to it in case of eventuality, which is normal though.

What will happen to these pigs invested?

Between the contractual period of 11 months where the pigs are being bred they are processed and sold, from the returns made, 30% returns mentioned above is gotten from these sales

How about Insurance?

They are covered by Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation.

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What if I would like to visit the farm and see things for myself?

The farms are always accessible to partners via a waitlist please do contact them to add you up and inform you in due time, they’ll will be glad to give you a tour.

Where is their office located?

1686B Oladele Olashore Street, off Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos or
call us on +234(0)8173656192, +234(0)8173656194

Rating in a scale 10

I personally will rate Porkmoney 9.5/10

My words and conclusion

Porkmoney is an investment worthy of trying out, Nigerians are making real money on this platform without touching Pigs, their money is working for them actively. If you have the funds to invest, come off all fears and tap this gold.

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