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Unity bank customer care, Phone number, Mobile banking and Transfer limit

Unity bank customer care – The importance of customer service unit in every business is undeniably key, if meeting and surpassing customer’s demand as well adjusting brand perception in the right direction is anything of great importance, then customer service should be a watchword.

Businesses have become more consumer oriented, focusing on the positive experiences that will emanate from a customer’s use of product, this can largely be attributed to increasing emphasis on customer experience.

An increasing factor in choosing between competing brands, despite price and quality of product remains additional value of customer service.

According to American Express, 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

That said, if you’re a Unity bank customer and in dire need to reach its customer service unit for complaints, conflict resolution whatsoever, this guide is strictly aimed at relieving the burden off you.

Additionally, as a Unity bank customer, you will be abreast with certain frequently asked questions you may have encountered on your course of doing business with the bank.

If you cannot reach out to your bank from the comfort of your destination when the need arises, considering the fact that majority of these complaints do come up at non-working hours, then your bank has failed in its major responsibility.

Unity bank customer care

There are a handful of reasons you may want to reach out to Unity bank, these include but not limited;

  • Account restriction
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account debited but value not credited
  • Transaction alert not received
  • Cash retract
  • Account debited but cash not dispensed on ATM
  • Transfer issues
  • USSD, Mobile or Internet banking not working
  • Cheque book/ATM card application
  • Account statement etc.
  • Lose of sensitive informational materials like theft of phones, ATM cards or account compromise.

On a wider scale, a customer may decide to reach out to the customer service department on any issue that may warrant visiting a branch in the first place.

There’s apparently no limit to what may necessitate reaching out to Unity bank customer care.

Customer care email: We_care@unitybankng.com , Customercare@unitybankng.com

Customer care phone lines: +234 7057323225-30 , 09-8734331, 07080666000, +234 (0) 7057 323 226

Twitter: @UnityBankPlc , you may have a live chat on this platform

Website: www.unitybankng.com  you may reach out to Unity bank customer care via any of the listed Channels.

Unity Bank Mobile Banking

The Mobile banking application lets you carry your bank wherever you go, you can perform transactions as well manage your account services on the go from your mobile device.

How to start using the Unity bank Mobile banking application

Onboarding process;

Existing Unity bank customers/ account holders should click on “Get started” ‘I have a Unity bank account’ and input existing Unity bank account number.

Non existing customers/new customers should click on ‘I don’t have a Unity bank account’, then proceed to open a Unifi account.

Register your user name on arrival, log in and start transacting immediately.

Unity bank statement of account

The need for a statement of account at any given time cannot be underscored, in this regard you’d want to get your Unity bank statement of account, that can be done in a glance by following the below guideline;

  • Kindly head over to your Unity bank internet banking,
  • Click on download under the accounts menu and select required duration for the statement you wish to download.

Note: Internet Explorer 8 is preferable for this service, you may however download the csv file format from all browsers.

Unity bank transfer code

For elaborate reading on Unity bank transfer code, read: Unity bank USSD code

Unity bank transfer limit

For USSD code: You can transfer N2,000 normally, but the limit increases to N100, 000 when you onboard with your ATM card for limit increase. On filling the limit increase form, it’s further increased to N500, 000

For Unity Mobile: The limit is N1,000 , if you fill the limit increase form it will be increased to N500, 000.


Here you have with you the Unity Bank customer care  details in your hands, you can reach out to your bank at any given time and expect to get a response you deserve.

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