Union Bank Transfer Code for Money Transfer, Airtime Top-up and other transactions

Union Bank Transfer Code for Money Transfer, Airtime Top-up and other transactions

Union Bank transfer code – If you are a Union bank customer who probably had been wondering how possible it is to start using the bank’s USSD code for your transactions in the following areas;

  • Buying recharge card/airtime top-up for yourself, family and friends
  • Account opening
  • Money transfer/sending money to union bank and non-Union bank account owners
  • Payment of bills and any other transaction

Do not worry anymore, Union Bank has carefully walked into your emotions, read your pains and concerns, then comes up with an innovation that says a “YES” to all your transaction challenges going forward.

Having taken a careful examination of the above challenges in the past, Union bank has come up with a solution to address these issues, and the said solution is built around the Union bank USSD code *826#

With this USSD code, you can solve virtually all challenges from the comfort of your home, sited on your arm chair with your mobile phone.

The most interesting part of this solution is that “You do not need data or an internet enabled phone” to execute any of these issues. It equally gets fascinated to mention that you will no longer visit the bank to carry out simple transactions.

It is also noteworthy that you’ll not get to see the ugly faces of those unfriendly bank staff who would abandon you on a long cue with reckless abandon, as if they weren’t employed to serve you.

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Which networks are enabled on Union bank transfer code?

As a Nigerian, kindly do well to understand that you can access this service on MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel.

However, you will need to be an existing Union bank account owner before you can enjoy this service, for the record; this service is available only on your registered mobile line with Union bank.

Example 1: Say you have three mobile lines, MTN, GLO and 9Mobile. While opening an account with Union Bank, you provided your MTN line in the phone number column of the account opening form.

Sequel to this provision, you now receive transaction alerts from Union Bank each time you make cash withdrawal, deposit, and pay in cheque or any other transaction.

This MTN line in which you receive these alerts is your registered line with the bank, thus the line you’re expected to carry out Union bank USSD transaction with.

How to Activate/Register for Union Bank Transfer Code

You would be denied access to use the*826# for your transactions, except you have been registered or activated on the platform for the first time. Kindly follow the below steps to get registered;

  • Dial *826#
  • Follow the prompt on your screen, provide every detailed information required. This must be carried out from your registered phone as shown in the example 1 above.

How to create Union Bank transfer Pin

It is necessary to understand that the success of any transaction you would carry out on the Union bank transfer code is centered around a four digit number called “PIN”

This PIN will always serve as authentication for your transaction at the tail end for each USSD operation.

I hereby advice you to choose combination of numbers you can easily remember and interpret.

Do not use your date of birth, last 4 digits of your phone number, reg number etc, they can easily be decoded by your close allies which could be very dangerous, that being said kindly follow the below steps to create your PIN.

  • Dial *826*5# on your registered phone number,
  • In the column provided, input a 4 digit PIN of your choice and hit the send button.

Note: This can only be successful if you are a Union Bank account owner already and had been activated for the USSD code.

How do I send money to another Union Bank Account?

As you are aware, one of the numerous functions of the Union Bank transfer code is for money transfer.

It stands to say that you can either send money to a Union Bank account holder or another bank account holder.

Let’s look at how to send money to a Union bank account holder using the*826# order-wise called intra bank transfer.

Follow the below steps;

  • Dial *826*1*Amount*Account number#

Example 2. Say you want to send money (N20,000) from your Union bank account to another Union bank account holder say Mr. Anthony Okeke with the account number “1040225647

From the procedure outlined above;

“826” = USSD code, “1” = function ID, while amount = N20,000 and Account number = 1040225647 as seen above.

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It then stands that to send this money you are expected to dial these numbers in the below sequence

*826*1*20000*1040225647# then press the send key/button on your mobile phone.

Having done this your Union Bank account will be deducted with the value of N20,000 accordingly.

Ok, How do I now send money to other Bank Account number

Good, this process is likewise smooth and seamless that you can complete the task in 15 seconds.

The process follows the above sequence just that the function ID “1”has to be changed to “2”

  • Dial *826*2*Amount*Account number#

If you’re sending the same amount as above, it then becomes

*826*2*20000*1040225647# then hit the send button, your account will be debited with value.

How to buy airtime/Recharge card for yourself and third party vai Union Bank transfer code

Airtime top-up is about one of the most admired features of Union bank USSD code.

By this implication, it infers that you can buy recharge card for calls, be it MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel lines.

The process involve for self and third party.

Recharging for self

To recharge your own phone

  • Kindly dial *826*Airtime amount#from your registered phone number.
  • Say you want to recharge your phone with N1000, it becomes*826*1000#,
  • Enter your 4 digits PIN
  • Your account will be debited with the above value accordingly.

To recharge for third party

  • Dial *826*Amount*Phone number#
  • Say you want to recharge a friends phone (08030884579)with N1000
  • It becomes*826*1000*08030884579# send
  • Enter your 4 digits PIN and hit the send button
  • Your account will be debited with value, while beneficiary gets credited.

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For a fund transfers from your Union bank account to another Union bank account (Intra-bank transfers), it’s free of charge.

You’re however charged N52.50 for transfers to other accounts (Interbank transfers).



  • How to activate Union Bank transfer code: This process is swift and seamless, kindly, like I said earlier, dial *826#, follow your screen prompt to complete your activation. Recall, this must be carried out with your registered line.
  • Union Bank transfer code to another Bank: This refers to inter-bank fund transfer, you can send money to other bank accounts by dialing *826*2*Amount*Account number# refer to paragraphs above for clarity.
  • How to create Union Bank transfer PIN: From your registered phone number, dial *826*5# send, input your 4 digits secrete PIN known to you alone.

That being said about Union Bank Transfer code, thank you so kindly for your time and do afford to drop your questions in the comment box below in case you have any.

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