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UBA cardless withdrawal


UBA cardless withdrawal – How to withdraw from UBA ATM with just your thumb [No card, no PIN required]

UBA cardless withdrawal – How to withdraw from UBA ATM with just your thumb [No card, no PIN required]

UBA cardless withdrawal – Today I am going to show you without taking much of your time how you can start effecting withdrawal from UBA Automated Teller Machine (ATM) without your ATM card or PIN whatsoever.

Technology is undoubtedly taking a huge tow on modern banking, to this end, we are about to experience a wind of positive change in the mode of doing conventional transactions with the Nigerian commercial banks, with UBA leading the pack for today.

Improving customer journey is of great essence, UBA has remarkably tailored its latest invention to see you through in the area of ATM withdrawal with less stress, safety and seamlessness.

Benefits of UBA cardless withdrawal

  • It eliminates the risk of ATM card fraud/theft which could lead to lose of funds
  • There’s no need for PIN which could be compromised thereby aiding access to unauthorized users
  • You enjoy everywhere banking on the spot, since forgetting your ATM card or losing it does not amount to having access to funds at any point in time, provided your account is funded.
  • It improves user experience and better appreciation of customer journey

…….Oh my God, this guy is wasting time, kindly show me how to effect this withdrawal at once…..

I’m sorry if that sounds a bit stretchy, I promised not to take much of your time and I’ll respect that bargain.

….Ok, let’s get down at once…

How to make UBA cardless withdrawal

So you want to withdraw from your UBA account without ATM card, kindly follow the below steps;

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  • Visit a UBA ATM
  • Tap anywhere on the screen
  • From the list of options provided, kindly tap on “Biometric”
  • The next thing you will have to do is tap on “Take cash”
  • Then put your thumb on the machine scanner as seen by the left for 5 seconds and press proceed
  • A column will be provided to input or provide your account number, kindly input the account number you wish to withdraw from if you have more than one UBA account
  • Then select “Amount” from the list of options
  • Wait and pick your cash immediately, the machine will dispense your cash almost immediately

Boom! You are done already, it’s as simple as lacing up shoes strings..

Now start spending your money and do not forget to buy me a chill bottle of malt (smiles).

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