Top smart ways to lure real investors to your business

Top smart ways to lure real investors to your business. So you need investors to partner with your business, well that’s not a problem, you can deal with it.

Investors are arguably real financiers of a business, to this end every entrepreneur seek to have one knowing financial succor that could accompany such trend in a healthy business environment.


There’s a broad aspect to investors, however for the purpose of this guide I will choose to narrow it down to real time business financiers when you talk entrepreneurial sense.

An investor is a person or entity who allocates capital to your business with the expectation of getting a future financial return. This is very clear, their major role is to make provision for funds necessary in running the affairs of the entrepreneurial business.

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It’s very pertinent to understand that investment v entrepreneur relationship is a mutual one which indicates the parties involved benefit from the relationship. Some investors could as well be referred to as partners.

Example: Samsung Company partners with Chelsea football club of London. In this case they are partners, sponsors and investors. They make or grant a level of financial aid to the football club who have Samsung crested and branded on their team jerseys.

Now the idea is this, Chelsea as a football club has a wide reach of audience who will always watch them play wearing a Samsung branded jersey. What does it indicate? Viral marketing of course, football lovers will always remember Samsung electronics and related products which will attract patronage at long run as well prevent the Samsung brand from going extinct.

You can see possibly a clear case of mutual partnership, Samsung provides the funding while Chelsea football club return the gesture with viral exposure and a well rooted customer/consumer base.


Well, not all businesses need investors. If you have your own money you can possibly ditch investors and forge ahead, make your profits if the stars and other principles align and enjoy the benefit of entrepreneurship. The following could rightly spell out why you need investors

. Business Expansion: You may have started small as a low risk entrepreneur, as time progresses you understand better the fundamentals of your line of business. Gaining more knowledge could simply increase your risk appetite thus the need for business expansion.

It could be that you are beginning to see viable opportunities that lays ahead and will certainly like to pioneer and explore before anyone else gets to the reality of such opportunity.

Often times, this kind of business expansion attracts the purchase of fixed assets like land and buildings, equipment and heavy operational machines. It’s then necessary to seek financial aid by holding out to investors who will like to support your business, as it is to themselves an avenue to make returns from the invested funds.

Business Promotion: This is an important aspect of entrepreneurship business that cannot be strained, Promotion is to business what an effective policy is to an organization. Any business that lacks promotion will languish in stagnancy.

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Have you cared to ask why Coca-cola indulge in aggressive advertising campaign despite being as old as man itself? The answer is simply to remain relevant knowing how competitive business gets by the day.

Your business needs to go beyond the boundaries of your business premises, this can only be accomplished through aggressive advertisement campaign which requires money at all cost. If your business has online presence, Google should then be your friend, spend in Google advert to get leads who you’ll will still convert to loyal customers. Running facebook Ads is not a bad idea either.

For offline businesses you will need the print media, radio and television to convey your business to numerous prospective customers who’ll find value in your services, it works magic and will still be the trend so long entrepreneurs are ready to lead the pace for others to follow.

Banners and flyers are your friends, hand them in to your prospective customers. Brand gift items and many more. Choose a time to run your business promotion check and compare the results from different strategies then decide what is best for you, re-channel for maximum results where seem fertile.

Staffing: Staffing in your business could result to seeking out investors. To run a viable business with high risk appetite will require not just ordinary employee, you may need to hire experienced experts in your line of business and this must cost extra fortune which may not be readily available at that time.

Some experts are very expensive to hire for the duration of stay and will burn down your liquidity average. Packaging could as well determine the type of employee you’ll need to hire, the more advance option the more fund required.

It’s necessary to invest in your staff, send them on relevant trainings at intervals to get acquainted with current trends, it will definitely reflect on your brand.


. Be Visible: The best way to get recognized by prospective investors is by being visible in the first place, nobody will come for a good product if it’s not marketable and well showcased to the consumers. Likewise getting an investor. You don’t just hide and expect investors to come knocking on your doors for business.

Social media is at your leverage, use it well and see how investors will come collapsing on you. It’s time for your business to go online real time. A good online presence is a magical influence in a modern business environment, investors will likely pick interest and contact you for possible business expansion and funding when you least expected it. You must be true to your audience and hyper charming in service delivery at all times, if they are not forth coming keep doing the good work, maintain the standard and soon you’ll hit the jackpot.

Build a facebook page for your business, make it engaging and interactive. Keep a presence on twitter and grind on, things will turn out better.

.Professionalism: Demonstrating professionalism is important at all level to attract investors to your business, professionalism can benefit the business reputation, moral and success. All entrepreneurs who wish to partner with investors should demonstrate this skill to get recognition and be considered for business. In essence people judge you and your business by how you carry yourself in social and professional situations.

Get your business registered: This is an important milestone you must achieve, your business should be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in accordance with the provision of the law to carry out an entrepreneurial business. You will need to do this not just to get attracted to investors alone, but ass well get legal liability protection, being incorporated you will not be held personally responsible for certain accidents and other liabilities. You can easily sell your business if it’s registered when you think you’re game.

Network in Business Circle: Association is a veritable tool capable of taking your business to the highest level, information is power. A direct association with a network of entrepreneurs will expose you to investors who could as well be fellow entrepreneurs and it’s easier to deal with and convince this category of investors to partner with you.

Attend business seminars, some of these seminars are aimed at helping entrepreneurs meet potential investors who could like to partner with you. Networking will improve your ideas in the line of business.

Direct approach/contact investors for opportunity: Go get them if they aren’t forth coming, it’s your responsibility here to seek out investors than languish in self- pity. There are investors in your neighborhood, your ability to present a business plan is a key factor to your success. Conviction is of high essence, as investors are very particular with finances.

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Stay true to your words and honor deed of agreement, if you are able to secure the fund use it for the purpose it was received as any diversion could lead to breach of trust which is very detrimental to your business development.

For bloggers who may need investors and partners, this will really boil down to your traffic. Once you have a descent traffic, contact the sponsors and partners whose products are in the same niche with your blog as you will be giving them the opportunity to showcase their products to direct customers who will in turn patronize them.

They may provide the support inform of product review, direct banner advertisement in your site etc, while you receive the fund and showcase them to your readers.

To contact them kindly get the list of supposed sponsors businesses in your niche, go to their websites and obtain their e-mail addresses in the contact session. Do a brief mail describing how the partnership will improve their business giving that you have a vast readership base.

If the business appeals to them, will surely contact you for negotiation and that is it. You can as well detail an advertising kit on your blog which should contain your ad rate, your traffic and all that, this is even more effective as investors will keep falling on you like packs of cards especially if you command a huge traffic.


Attracting potential investors to your business is not a rocket science, a detailed and realistic budget is key, having income and profit record in business prior time will do more conviction. Your financial cash flow must indicate that you are in the right direction, your balance sheet must not have a negative index more than necessary.

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