Sterling bank partners Peugeot to promote made in Nigeria car

Sterling bank partners Peugeot to promote made in Nigeria car

Sterling bank PLC has shown great commitment to support and promote made in Nigeria car by going into partnership with the Nigerian based automobile car producer Peugeot.

According to partnership arrangement, the automobile firm will supply 50 Peugeot products to Sterling bank, which the bank intend to use as official car in its branches across the country.

According to Sterling bank chief operating officer, Raheed Owodeye, “Following our strategic drive as a bank in Nigeria to focus on impacting the critical sector of the Nigerian economy, we have to evaluate every aspect of our business transactions to ensure we were doing same to support the growth of the economy.

“By acquiring our company pool of cars from a local manufacturer, we ensure that not only will the funds  circulate within Nigeria, this partnership will boost our local sector to provide jobs and improve the skills of people particularly in that sector.

“We see this partnership as a game changer and that will influence perception of people about locally manufactured vehicles.

” It’s also the first of its kind a bank in Nigeria will look beyond the short term gains of patronising affordable foreign based manufacturer to the impact of its dealings to the wider economy. ”

The bank as well signed a fleet maintenance agreement with Peugeot automobile Nigeria.

This means Peugeot will do a routine maintenance on the vehicles for more than three years.

In a statement issued by Peugeot Nigeria Automobile Managing Director Ibrahim Boyi,

“When Sterling bank approached us, they were specific on the kind of vehicles they wanted and the impact they wanted to make in the society, which made it easy for us to design vehicles with the right kind of efficiencies with as well an understanding of locations which the cars will be used in mind.

“We are certain this is  beyond a one off procurement deal, but a partnership that will set the standards on how company cars should be used and maintained.

About Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN)

Peugeot Automobile Nigeria which has remained a milestone in Nigeria’s automobile industry was conceived in 1969 by the then federal military government under the leadership of general Yakubu Gowon.

With a vision to be a leader in the Nigerian automobile industry driven by superior technology.

PAN Nigeria limited a joint venture with the federal government and AP France was incorporated in December 15, 1972, 27 months after incorporation, the Kaduna based assembly plant was commissioned by General Yakubu Gowon on March 1, 1975.

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