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Skrill Account: How to Open Fund and Use the Account in Nigeria

Skrill Account: How to Open Fund and Use the Account in Nigeria

Skrill Account – A survey shows that remittance to Nigeria will grow from $18.37 billion $34.89 billion from 2019 to 2023.

Interestingly, the figure will outpace the projection before 2023 giving to the recent transaction counts and volumes.

There’s however a growing need for money transfer platforms that could help ease traffic since the traditional platforms like Western union, money Gram etc now restrict transfers a very few.

That said, I hereby introduce Skrill account for Nigerians, to further help you receive funds from abroad very easy and seamless.

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Probably you need a guide on how to sign up on skrill fund and complete withdrawals, I will walk you through that here you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore.

About Skrill

Skrill is an online payment solution that sees to money transfer locally and internationally depending on your location.

With skrill, you can send and receive money from associates, friends and family.

Ideally for settlement and payment for goods and services amongst clients and service providers.

Freelance writers, online businesses have leveraged on skrill as a payment solution since its emergence in 2001.

Ideally, skrill operates from the United Kingdom, but has its presence in over 200 countries, Nigeria inclusive, which as well supports 40 currencies across the globe.

Upside to skrill money transfer

  • Transfers are swift and faster
  • Seamless and fulfilled user experience
  • Transfers on skrill are very cheap compare to rival service providers.
  • It’s safer to use than completing payment with your credit card
  • If you live in a country with a tight money transfer administration, skrill will aid your transfers without recourse to local money transfer policy whatsoever.

Personally I joined the skrill platform in one of my routine freelance services to a client based in the United Kingdom, who demands to send my payment via skrill account.

Ever since, it has been a routine measure receiving my payments from clients across the globe who equally leverage the services of skrill.

So what you are about to learn right now is an ample note from an experienced Skrill account user in Nigeria, no gamble no pranks whatsoever, strictly based on unique experience.

The best way to learn a thing is through someone who already knows or does such thing in real practical terms, here you have it, take advantage of everything.

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Additional upside to skrill is that either you receive money through a wallet or directly into your local bank account as the case may be.

How to create a Skrill Account in Nigeria

Creating a Skrill account itself isn’t a herculean task as you may have been told, kindly follow the below guidelines;

  • Visit or download the app here
  • On arrival, locate the sign up button
  • Select your preferred type of account; you either go for 1) The business account or 2) The personal account.

For the purpose of this guide, you should go ahead for the “Personal account.” This is an account targeted at individual users, either way you can send and receive funds from anyone across the globe.

  • There’s a column to select preferred currency of transaction, from the list of currency select any that suits your ideal. However be informed that once this action is taken it cannot be reversed so make your decision handy and correctly.
  • At the next step, you’re required to input your personal information like name, date of birth, address etc

How to verify your skrill account in Nigeria

The next process involves verifying your Skrill account, this comes with chain of related responsibilities to get your account running.

1. Email verification

Kindly check the email sent to you via your registered email with Skrill sign up, kindly locate the verification email and click on the link requested to get your mail verified

2. Verify your credit/debit attached

The next thing you will have to do is verify the card linked to your skrill account, it’s with the aid of this card that you can fund or withdraw to your account.

The verification attracts a cashback fee of $2.

The card attached should bear your complete name as contained on your skrill account.

3. Verify bank account

Ideally, the bank account you wish to link with your skrill should be verified.

Note: Your bank swift code may be required while making your withdrawal.

In that case, kindly find all Nigerian banks swift codes here.

Alternatively you may verify your bank account by sending money to another skrill account.

The next thing that should bother you is how to fund your account, this will then lead us to,

How to fund skrill account in Nigeria

Typically, you can fund your account using the card linked to this account already.

Having done that, follow the below guideline to get your account funded at once.

  • Visit skrill page
  • Sign in to your account
  • Locate “Deposit icon”
  • Follow the screen prompt to complete your account deposit, it’s that easy.

How to receive funds with Skrill account in Nigeria

The below steps apply,

Using your skrill registered email, the sender will send money to your account almost at the speed of light.

It’s very important to pay attention to your account email address as any omission could lead to transaction failure and time wasted.

Consequently, sending funds is the responsibility of the sender.

  • A sender should sign into skrill
  • Click on “Send money”
  • Select receiver’s details (Email address, complete name, destination, currency and amount they wish to send).
  • Note, your card should be linked to your account, this is where you’ll be remitting from
  • Having completed all processes, hit the finish/send button, that’s all.

How to withdraw funds from your sktrill account in Nigeria

  • Visit your skrill home page
  • Sign in,
  • Click on “Withdrawal”
  • Select preferred account where you want the fund credited
  • Recall, your skrill is linked with a local bank already, this is where your money will be sent. Your account will be credited with figure.

Skrill exchanger in Nigeria

Do understand that skrill operates in about 40 currencies worldwide.

Depending on the currency you received your money, USD, EURO, Pounds etc, sometimes there’s a need to change the currency if not received into your bank account for a local currency.

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Once your withdrawal is effected through bank account, it’s most possible you would receive such funds in local currency except where a domiciliary account is involved.

In any case you receive in other hard currencies that too can be changed by currency exchangers in town.

For skrill exchange, I will recommend, it’s a home grown exchange platform that converts foreign currency to naira and vice versa any day.

Skrill to mpesa

You probably want to withdraw your skrill fund to Mpesa, the below guideline gets you covered.

This case applies to users in Kenya and other countries where mpesa abounds

  • From your skrill page
  • Log in to the Skrill iT page to move your money to mpesa
  • The next thing you will need to do is change the value of the country field for the recipient to receive in Kenya
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, skrill converts it to Kenya shillings
  • Tap the get started button, you will be redirected to a page where you are required to enter the receiver’s details.
  • Follow the processes and get your transaction consummated.

Skrill vs Neteller in Nigeria

Skrill and Neteller are popular platforms for money solution in Nigeria, it’s however necessary to look at some of their few basic similarities and differences towards what they have to offer you.

To get acquainted with these features, kindly follow this link for complete and detailed appraisal.


Signing up for a skrill account in Nigeria is not as difficult as you were made to believe, the guidelines stated in this piece will walk you through without asking for further assistance, get in your away and you’ll be good in no time.

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