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Send and receive money via Walmart money transfer  

Send and receive money via Walmart money transfer  

Walmart money transfer – Walmart is a money transfer platform that enables one to either send money to other people in the US or other parts of the world.

What is this Walmart?

Walmart is an American retail giant and was founded in in the year 1962. Walmart has grown into a worldwide business with operations in 28 countries, with 11,000 stores and e-commerce websites in 11 countries.

Statistics shows that Walmart is being visited by over 245 million customers every week.

Walmaert2Walmart services is for customers within the US, while Walmart2World or Money Gram is for customers outside the US and the world.

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How to transfer fund via Walmart

Walmart offers a number of ways to transfer your money to love ones, you can transfer:

  • Online or through mobile app or
  • At the agent location

For the first option, you may have to visit, sign up or use the Walmart app.

Input your beneficiary details (Name, country/location).

Input amount to be sent, review your transaction, then make your payment with either credit or debit card.


  • Download the Walmart App and log in or create a account
  • Select ‘Services” then “Money Services” from the main page of the Walmart App
  • Choose to send, receive or pay bill
  • Enter details
  • Go to local store to complete the transaction
  • In the store, visit the “MoneyCenter” or customer service desk where you may utilize the Express lane.
  • Once at the register, access your prepared transaction from the app, by scanning the QR code on the debit reader. First time customers will be asked by a cashier to provide a government issued ID.

Kindly afford to send the transaction detail to the beneficiary who must provide them to claim the fund at the cash out/pickup location.

Having done this, follow the procedures and directives as seen to complete your transfers.

If you however want to send at the agent location, you will need to head over with cash to the Walmart or Money Gram agent location.

Provide the following details to the agent:

  • Your valid ID
  • The cash to be sent and equivalent fee
  • The receiver’s correct name
  • Destination/country/location whichever applies

Having made these details available, the agent proceeds to consummate the transaction. On successful completion of the transaction, the agent will make available the reference number to you, which you’re expected to send to the receiver alongside the sender name to enable them make claims to the money at an agent location in their own locality.

Note: Your beneficiary can pick up the cash at any Walmart store in the United States or Puerto Rico or at any of the over 350,000 MoneyGram agent locations in the world.

Applicable charges on Walmart transfers

How much you’re being charged on Walmart is dependent on the following:

  • Where you’re sending the money to
  • The amount being sent and
  • The payment method adopted by the consumer.

Do well to understand that the fee can go below $20 as well could hit $100, it then becomes necessary to do a proper review of these fees while sending, to avoid burning out on charges/fees.

Walmart transfer limits

You may be able to send about $2,500 per transfer on Walmart, you however have a threshold of $6000 to send per month on the Walmart platform.

How secured is Walmart transfers

Walmart secures your transfers in the following ways;

  • Availability of secured connection: the Walmart site has a number of physical and administrative security measures to ensure your money is safe.
  • Experience: Walmart partners with MoneyGram to complete millions of transactions.
  • Verification: Walmart harness its transaction in such a way that for every transaction, you will confirm your identity by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Highly Accountable:Walmart is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, which enables anyone to ascertain its’ true worth and value.

How to send money online through Walmart MoneyGram

This isn’t another rocket science, kindly follow the steps as outlined on how to send money either through the Walmart app or using the website.

On completion of your transaction and payment with your credit or debit card, you will be issued 8 digit reference number which you ought to send to your beneficiary to which he/she can lay claims to the money.

Recall, you will have to make available:

  • The sender name
  • Sent amount
  • 8 digit MoneyGram reference number or 9 depending on the preference and the country.
  • The receiver should as well present a valid ID at the agent location for payout.

Walmart Customer Service details

If you are wary about a phone call or email, asking for your password confirmation, Walmart will never send you such mail. You may have to call the Walmart MoneyGram hotline in time like this: 1-888-988-5726.

You can as well reach Walmart for enquiries on 1-800-689-8307.


Walmart money transfer stands to solve all your money transfer needs. It sends money within minutes, money transfer has never been this easy.

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