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See how a 20-year old TickToker earns $33,000 per month [Taylor Price]

See how a 20-year old TickToker earns $33,000 per month

Taylor Price – Sometimes in life circumstances could circumvent your initial choice of personality across the lines of the profession, but that even should not be a sole determiner of who you should be either.

It may not be out of order to say at some point you need a little determination to push through, when you finally did there comes a time in the future you will look back and tap yourself on the shoulder and say “I have done well for myself if no one does.”

In this inspiring piece, you will be reading about a 20-year old “Taylor Price” whose initial dream in life was to be a neurosurgeon but was cut short by a health anomaly.

She did not give up, instead does something meaningful with her life without living in perpetual pity as most people will do. Who said you cannot be happy? You can be happy if you choose to irrespective of circumstances that seem to wade into your future.

Taylor Price told her story a pathetic one, how she underwent a major spinal fusion surgery before she began her ninth grade.

The surgery led to further medical complications which affected her ability to live a normal school life like any other child her age.

Her statement reads, ”That summer, I had to relearn to walk. On my first day at high school, my brother had to carry my bag for me. I had to ask people to carry my books for me. I had a special desk that I was sitting in. I wasn’t allowed to attend PE,” Price said.

Her medical challenges made her want to become a neurosurgeon, but in a college biology class, she realized her health condition would be an impediment. Standing for hours and bending down to observe specimen was out of it since it was causing her severe back pain.

Her statement reads, “I dropped out. I said, hey mom, I have no idea what to do. I had tunnel vision to become neurosurgeon,” Price said. “And she told me, hey, you know, things change, but you can go into finance. I said “Why not? I had nothing to do at this point; everything I thought I was going to do vanished in a pretty much.”

Price listened to her mother’s advice and pursued a career in finance and management at the University at Albany. She began learning about personal finance when she finds a need to learn about her finance despite learning about company finance all this while.

In 2019, she founded, TAP Intuit, a website focused on financial literacy for Gen Z. Now at 20 Price generates about $33,000 a month.

Below is Price’s account on how she went from a lost college student to a multi-six-figure personal finance influencer.

She started a blog about personal finance

Her statement reads “There’s a lot of financial jargon that young people are not interested in or just can’t understand, she approached her articles and videos with the intent to explain financial concepts simply, using memes, and Gen Z slang.

This side hustle eventually evolved into her current company, TAP Intuit, a financial literacy business that teaches Gen Z how to manage their money through the website, and an app that provides workshops, community chats, daily lessons, and market insights.

She spent as little as possible to get started, gearing up to a functional website. According to the financial record for the first quarter of 2021, her website brings in about $19,000 a month.

She uses her social media account to share her knowledge

She talks about financial concepts on her social media account using video, financial stuff, and entertaining topics, like good summer side hustles, and the weirdest celebrity purchases, she now has 1 million followers on her TikTok account.

She has been able to leverage sponsorships and partnerships as her followers grew, she also consults for brands on values that are important to Gen Z.

This now generates $13,000 according to her financial document in the first quarter of 2021, with a standing $200,000 in contract secured for the remainder of the year, according to her record.

She makes extra cash doing side jobs on Fiverr

Price still chooses to take the extra job on Fiverr even though she makes a huge amount of money, the very platform she uses to hire most of her freelance writers.

Price generates about $1000 a month writing content, blog posts, and sales copy.

She doesn’t spend the money being made here instead she keeps it in her account as a credit to hire other freelancers who have skills she doesn’t have, such as app developers, and digital designers, this helps keep her operating cost low.

Her statement reads, “How I found where I am today is one day I went to Barnes and Noble and I spent a lot of time in the self-help and healing section, from a book called “Ikiga,” I learned about four pillars of fulfilling a life

Ø Do what you are good at

Ø Do what you can get paid for

Ø Do what the community needs today and

Ø Do what you love.

“I have implemented this into my own life and I have never been as happy and more fulfilled in life. I can help people in their financial well-being and I can get compensated for what I love.


There’s no limit to how far you can go in life, irrespective of your present situation or condition. Make up your mind to succeed and the light will come shining from the end of a tunnel.

But most importantly, imbibe the four pillars of success as stated by Price, you’ll be better.

Share your experience with us, we care to know what’s is keeping you back at this time.

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