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Scotiabank Canada, SWIFT code, GIC and subsidiary

Scotiabank Canada – Through its commitment to three pillars, Scotiabank is serving customers and driving growth, significantly impacting the Canadian financial sector.

Scotiabank is a Canadian bank, which high focus on quality growth in America has not gone unnoticed.

Arguably one of the top leading five banks in the U.S, it helps customers, families and communities achieve success through a broad range of advice, products and services.

These include:

Ø  Personal banking

Ø  Commercial banking

Ø  Wealth management and private banking

Ø  Corporate and investment banking

Ø  Capital market

In its value is respect, integrity, accountability and passion.

You can access the following accounts with Scotiabank Canada

1. Ultimate package

This account ensures you get $300 cash offer on arrival with the following benefits;

Ø  You earn 0.10% on your momentum savings account

Ø  It affords an unlimited debit transactions

Ø  Unlimited free global non-Scotiabank ABM withdrawals

Ø  Up to $139 annual fee waiver each year on select debit cards.

If you maintain a minimum daily closing balance of $5,000 in your unlimited package or combined balance of $30,000 across your Ultimate package, no monthly account fee will apply.

2. Preferred package

This is ideal for your everyday banking needs with the following benefits;

Ø  You earn additional 0,05% on your momentum savings account

Ø  Unlimited debit transactions apply

Ø  You get a first year annual fee waiver up to $139 on select credit cards.

You will not be charged a monthly account fee by maintaining a minimum daily closing balance $4,000 for the entire month.

3. Basic plus bank account

You are entitled to:

Ø  25 free debit transactions per month

Ø  10 free interact e-Transfer transactions per month.

For maintaining a daily minimum balance of $3,000 no monthly account fee will be charged.

4. Student banking advantage plan

This account is ideal for students, with unlimited debit transactions and interact e-Transfer transactions.

To access this account, you must be currently enrolled full time in a post-secondary institution in Canada or the U.S.

5. Getting their savings program for youth

This is an account that helps you to build healthy financial habits early.

With this account you have unlimited debit transactions and 2 free interact e-Transfer transactions per month.

You must be 18-year old or below.

6. Basic bank account

This is an account that attends to your financial needs.

You have 12 free transactions and 2 free interact e-Transfer transactions per month.

Scotiabank Canada Credit cards

Credit cards are made to aid you seamless transactions from the comfort of your home and on the spot transactions.

Here you have a good number of cards designed, tailored to suit your needs at every step of the way.

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Travel and lifestyle credit cards

This card houses the below categories

Card TypeBenefits/features
Scotiabank Passport Visa infinite Card$139 annual fee, you earn up to 35,000 bonus scotia Reward points in your first year.Interest rates: 19.99 purchases22.99% cash advances
Scotiabank Gold American Express Card$120 annual feeYou earn 25,000 bonus Scotia Rewards points with your first $1000 in everyday purchases in first three months.Interest rates: 19.99% purchases22.99 cash advances
Scotiabank American Express CardNo annual fee attachedEarn 5,000 bonus scotia Rewards points with your first $500 in everyday purchases in first 3 months.Interest rates: 19.99% purchases22.99% cash advances
Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card$399 annual feeUltimate travel rewards and privileges .Earn travel rewards up to 4x faster, enjoy comprehensive travel insurance and so much more.Interest rate: 19.99% purchases22.99% cash advances
ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card$110 annual feeFlexible travel rewards and travel insurance,Interest rates:19.99% purchases22.99% cash advances
Scotiabank Rewards Visa CardNo annual feeOne point for every $2 you spendInterest rate: 19.99% on purchases22.99% on cash advances

Other card types are;

Ø  Cash back credit cards

Ø  Low interest credit cards

Ø  No annual fee cards

Ø  Reward cards

Ø  Student cards

Ø  Travel Platinum

Ø  Scotiabank U.S. Dollar VISA Card

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Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank Canada) SWIFT code

The SWIFT code for bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) is NOSCCATTXXX, however bear in mind that the bank uses different SWIFT codes for different types of transactions, kindly check with the bank directly or the recipient to find out the correct one to use.

Alternatively, to find your SWIFT code, log in to your online banking or take a look at your recent bank statement.

GIC login

The acronym GIC stands for “Guaranteed Investment Certificate,” in order to promote Canadian education among the masses, the government of Canada launched the Student Partnership Program, popularly called SPP to streamline admission and Visa process for students from India and China.

To apply under SPP, students must purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAD 10,000 or as specified by immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the specific province of arrival.

You can apply  online by clicking on the “apply now” on the official website of Scotiabank Canada.

As a returning user, click on log in, input your details to commence activity. Read more about GIC here.


Scotiabank Mobile banking app,

 For Scotia Mobile bank app Click Here.

Scotiabank  near me

To find the nearest Scotiabank

To reach out to a nearest branch follow this link.

Scotiabank Contact,

For the contact click this Link.

Scotiabank Canada subsidiaries

For subsidiaries click Here.

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[…] Read also: Scotiabank Canada, SWIFT code, GIC and subsidiary […]

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