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Ria Tracking: How to track Ria transfer in simple steps

Ria Tracking: How to track Ria transfer in simple steps

Ria Tracking – The growing need for migrants to send money back home to friends and relatives puts Ria transfer to a popular end in recent time. No fewer than a number of users encounter stiff challenges having sent money home across all money transfer platforms.

In view of this challenge that sometimes debar the receivers access to transfers, genuine facts can be established about such transfer’s status by method of simple tracking which undoubtedly affords the sender relief and rest of mind.

Tracking a transfer gives an exact status of a transfer in the following arrangement;

  • Transaction being canceled
  • Transaction successfully paid out
  • Transaction under review
  • Transaction on hold
  • Ready for cash pick-up etc

Any of the above suggests a true state of a transfer as rightly signified by the tracking mechanism.

That said, what then is “Ria tracking.?”

What is Ria tracking?

This is a common practice where a Ria transfer status being sent to a beneficiary being traced or tracked via the Ria software.

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Most common reasons transfers are being tracked is when by any means the receiver couldn’t access such transfer at the agent location.

How to track a Ria money transfer

The Ria company has taken a burden upon itself to further ensure its customers have fulfilled experience by providing a customized tracking device on its website, which can be used in effecting Ria tracking in the following steps;

Step 1: Visit Ria website here

Step 2: In the column displayed, insert your 11-digit order number otherwise called reference number

Step 3: The next thing you will need to do is click “Search”

Step 4: Then wait for the information to be displayed, it’s from this information that you can  now know or ascertain the true status of your transfer.

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By implication, you will get to know if the transfer has been; paid out, cancelled, ready for pick-up etc as the case applies.

Note: This applies to Ria tracking UK and all countries where service is being rendered.

Ria money transfer locations

You possibly could locate a Ria location irrespective of your location or country of residence.

The need for Ria location comes when you probably want to use the Ria service either sending or withdrawing from the platform.

Click here to see all locations, then choose as applies to you.

Ria customer service

The need to reach out to the customer service cannot be overemphasized, at a point along the line of transaction be it the sender or receiver may have a need to reach out to the service department.

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At such times, you should readily get yourself armed with the right information about possible contacts etc without which advancing may not occur.

You may reach Ria customer service here, get them to resolve your issues at once or dial this number for prompt assistance: 1-877-443-1399.


Ria tracking is such an easy task, just like you track Western union, World Remit, Money Gram, Remitly etc. An opportunity to resolve transfer issues from the comfort of your domain.

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