Remitly Tracking: How to track your transfers in simple steps

Remitly Tracking: How to track your transfers in simple steps

Remitly Tracking – There’s no point keeping in the dark when you can actually trace your transfers in minutes. While money is being sent, the sender can readily track it.

To this end, a number of Remitly users are still ignorant of this fact, if by any means you belong to this category, here is a guide that will keep you abreast and acquainted with the process flow.

You are about to learn “Remitly tracking,” as a money transfer customer, to further enhance user experience.

What is “Remitly Tracking.?”

This is a practice where a Remitly user finds out his/her transaction status and destination prior cash pick-up or account credit.

This means to imply that, when a Remitly transfer is being sent, both the sender and the receiver can through process of tracking ascertain the status and destination of such transfers.

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This usually makes for a rest of mind once such transfer has been picked, if not picked yet and can’t be accessed by the receiver for whatsoever reason, the sender can easily be abreast.

Why should you use the Remitly tracker?

  • When tracked, you can ascertain if transaction has been paid
  • If transaction has not been pad, you will be abreast
  • If transaction has been paid out without say the intended beneficiary being the receiver, issue of fraud would be easily identified, established and reported.

Some Remitly tracking transaction status you should know

Status usually has interpretation on Remitly, when you see a status, you should be able to decode the true meaning, kindly find the below status and their respective meanings;

Cancelled: When a status shows “Cancelled” having tracked, it means such transfer cannot be picked/received by the receiver.

However, a transfer can be cancelled by either the sender or Remitly itself, when that happens, all charges accrued are being returned with the principal inclusive.

In Review: When a transfer shows “In review,” it means either Remitly or any of its payout partners is reviewing the transfer. When this happens, there may be a request for the sender to add additional documents to further complete the transfer.

On Hold: If a transfer shows “On hold” when tracked, Remitly may need more information to complete the transfer or its partner is having a problem delivering such transfer.

In this case, log in to your account to find out more information on what you can do to complete the transfer.

In Progress: A transfer “In Progress” shows that everything is going fine, your transfer is scheduled to arrive by the promised date and time.

Ready for Cash Pick-up: This status shows that the receiver can visit your preferred cash pick-up location for the money.

Delivered: A “Delivered” status shows that money has been successfully delivered to the beneficiary or recipient. Such transfers can no longer be edited, cancelled or refunded.

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How to track a Remitly transfer

You can check your transfer status in the below guideline,

Via the Remitly app

  • Log in to your Remitly app,
  •  Locate your list of transfers
  • From there you can easily view your transfer progress

Via the Remitly website

  • Sign in to your account
  • Select “Transfer history” from the menu
  • Here you will view a list of all your in-progress and delivered transfers will be shown.


Remitly tracking is one of the easiest of the transfer platforms, you have a key benefit of understanding your transaction status, whether a need for more documentation, cancellation, refund, ready for pick-up or delivered afterwards.

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