Providus bank customer care


Providus bank customer care, phone number and Branches

Providus bnak customer care – Like any other bank in Nigeria, Providus bank is a registered commercial bank headquartered in Lagos, the bank acquired a regional banking license from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in June 2016.

Corporate headquarters located at 724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In its vision is to build an enduring and sustainable customer-focused financial institution.

With a mission to provide customers with unique experience, to as well be a preferred financial partner, that enhances attainment of customer objectives with ease.

Alongside its bite to improve and enhance customer experience, Providus bank customer care unit has contributed to its immense growth in the shortest possible frame as seen.

By any means you are an existing/prospective customer, getting acquainted with the customer care unit should be paramount for timely enquiry and resolution of issues in event of any.

Providus bank customer care details

For rapid response, engage them on twitter by sending a quick one to their DM if you have a twitter account, otherwise use alternative channels as seen above.

Providus Bank branches

Head office:

  • 724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Victoria Island

  • 54 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island Lagos.


  • House 16, 51 Road opposite 511 Junction, Festac Town, Lagos


  • 16 Diya Street, Ifako Gbagada, Lagos


  • Shop C175-182, Road 2, Ikota shopping complex, KM 22, Lagos-epe Expressway, Ajah-Lagos.

Ikota II

  • Northwest Ultra Modern Filling Station, KM 14 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikota Lagos.

Providus Bank POS

It’s not difficult to see how viable agent banking is these days, Nigerians are turning up in their numbers since a huge market abounds for this business.

The major aim is to reach the unbanked and under banked with funds, to further ensure that financial services is not restricted to the banks alone., with a view to financial prosperity.

By any means you want to get a Providus bank POS, find the below requirements;


  • You will need to have an existing account with the bank,
  • You need a minimum of N100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira) credit balance in your account for this package.

Providus bank app

Kindly follow this Link to download the app

Providus bank and Piggyvest

The relationship between Providus bank and piggyvest is one that can easily be understood if you’ve had a stint with the leading online savings and investment app/platform in Nigeria called Piggyvest.

Piggyvest is an online investment and savings platform, which helps its users to save and invest money for the future.

There’s an account on Piggyvest called PiggyFlex, this account is housed by an “NUBAN” account number from Providus bank, this feature allows users to fund their PiggyFlex account, it’s as well an account where all interests earned on Piggyvest are paid to users.

I have written a review about Piggyvest, read it below to understand its functionality and basis.

Read also: Piggyvest Review: What you need to know about Piggyvest savings and investment options


Providus bank customer care gives an ear to your enquiry, demands, complaints, suggestions, issues and recommendations, always reach out to them when necessary for a seamless banking experience.

7 comments on “Providus bank customer care, phone number and Branches

Raphael Orji

Where is Ptovidus bank branch in Port Harcourt?

Raphael Orji
Alimi Adeshewa Dolapo

Please I would love to know if you are partnering with gonet company one of their admin said they get Loans through your bank,so I want clarification on this so as not be scammed

Raphael Orji
Egwu Samuel

How can I open an account with providus bank since there’s no providus bank in my area?

Raphael Orji
chioke kelly

Don’t even try it, bad bank that my money mistakenly entered through POS network error and has turn to story.

Raphael Orji
Samson Anietie

On 14 December 2020 I received a debits total of 500,000 (fraudulence Transaction. I wrote a to Ecobank manager, with the report that the is been transfer to providus bank. So I request of the image of the person police is awear of this thanks. Account number 5493068114, Name: Samson Anietie. Phone number : 08073343236.

Raphael Orji
Suleman halifha Muhammed

Dear sir I open the account for proviadus bank online but I don’t have an account number please can you help me for this merter thank you sir

Raphael Orji

Please I need the customer care number


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