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Polaris bank token – A two-factor Authentication process

Polaris bank token – A two-factor Authentication process

Polaris bank token – I most humbly reaffirms my commitment to ensure you have an up to date information on developments within the Nigerian banking industry as it concerns every customer and for knowledge purposes.

It’s on this premise that it becomes necessary to inform you that Polaris bank now has a “Token” ready to enable you secure your bank accounts as well increase transfer/transaction limits from your end.

With the increasing rate of theft and lose of funds within the cyberspace, CBN has mandated banks to introduce a second level authentication for transfers and other transactions to further enhance the security of customers and their funds at large.

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That being said enough, let’s have an optical appraisal and understanding of this two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

This is a process of adding additional security to your account. It means beyond transaction PIN which is regarded as first factor, it’s an additional security layer (token/OTP) as second factor is required. However do well to understand that a token could be hard or soft.

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For now, get ready to use the two-factor authentication on

Ø  USSD (ready)

Ø  Mobile App (This will be ready in new Polaris Mobile Phase 2, before the end of Nov 2019).

Ø  Internet banking and web transactions will be communicated when applicable as well.

Using the Polaris bank Token comes with arrays of benefits such as

Ø  Security – It enhances security on transactions

Ø  Increased limit – Increase transaction limit, with 2FA i.e PIN + token/OTP, you will be able to transfer higher amounts.

Ø  Compliance – This is a regulatory requirement for higher transaction limits.

Ø  Convenience – With token, you will not need to visit the bank/branch to consummate high volume transfers.

How to request/get Polaris token

Kindly walk straight into any Polaris bank branch as a customer, go to the customer service desk, make your request. You will be required to fill a “token request” form.

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On completion of this form with relevant details, the customer service officer will process your request.

Your account will be debited with the sum of N3000 only for this ware automatically, your token will be handed over to you and you are ready to commence transactions.


Transaction Limit Per Product

Products Single Factor 2 Factor 2 Factor
Authentication PIN PIN + Token/OTP PIN + Token/OTP+ Indemnity
Polaris Mobile


N500,000 and below

(with requisite controls depending on the enrollment method)

N500,000 – N1,000,000 N1,000,000 – N5m
Polaris Mobile


N500,000 and below

(with requisite controls depending on the enrolment method)

N500,000 – N10,000,000 N10,000,000 – N100m
USSD N20,000 N20,000 – N100,000 N100,000 – N1,000,000
***** *********** ********* ********

5 comments on “Polaris bank token – A two-factor Authentication process

Raphael Orji

I’m not in Nigeria, and my atm card have expired, i need to transfer money but it’s requesting OTP for token code. Pls how will i get the code

Raphael Orji

Hello Ademehintoye,

You may write your bank on this note if you have an email indeminity in place, other wise contact yes center for further directive.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

I can not withdraw money with my card but I card haven’t expired. When ever I want to withdraw is shows card not permitted to card owner.
What is the cause of it??
Am using Polaris bank

Raphael Orji
Oladipupo wasiu

I I want to transfer money online with my debit card is asking me otp hw can I get it


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