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Polaris bank customer care numbers and contact details

Polaris bank customer care numbers and contact details

Polaris bank customer care – Following a license withdrawal from defunct Skye bank Plc in September last year(2018), a bridge bank was created as an aftermath of this effect, the bridge bank is called Polaris bank limited which came into existence in September 22, 2018.

By implication, a bridge bank is a bank in transition or rightly say, it’s a bank awaiting to be acquired by another bank in the future.

It’s noteworthy that Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) injected a whooping N386bn into Polaris bank, to further provide stability and necessary Capitalization for ease of doing business.

It’s on this note that defunct Skye bank customers, now known as Polaris bank are struggling to come to terms with certain dynamics in the operation of Polaris bank limited, thus gave birth to the following questions on search engine:

  • Polaris bank customer care
  • Skye bank customer Whatsapp
  • Polaris bank customer care email
  • Skye bank complaints
  • Skye bank customer care mobile number
  • Skye bank customer care toll free number
  • Polaris bank limited
  • Skye bank email login and many more to mention a few.

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However, product patronage walks in hand with complaints and concerns usually encountered en-route daily transactions.

All Polaris bank limited customers should understand that every other detail they maintained with defunct Skye bank remain the same with Polaris bank limited. The only difference is license withdrawal and change of name.

There are usually various departments in a bank, concerned with specific responsibilities and proffering solutions to customer complaints.

Here are some of the complaints and concerns a Polaris bank customer can be faced with:

  • Cheque requisition
  • ATM card priming and requisition
  • Cash retract
  • ATM card hot listing in case of theft or misplaced.
  • PTA/BTA purchase
  • LC and BC enquiry
  • SMS Alert issues for credit and debit transactions
  • Statement of account
  • Account opening enquiry, product suitability and many more.

Polaris bank customer care lines:

TELEPHONE+234 806-988-0000, +234 1-488-2100, 0700 75932265, 01-2705850. The Polaris bank customer care unit is called yes center.

Polaris bank customer care email:

yescenter@polarisbanklimited.com or info@polarisbanklimited.com

If you wish to contact the bank via letter, kindly address your letter to:

Polaris Bank Limited

Customer Experience Management


31, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria

Island, Lagos.

Polaris Bank website:


You can as well walk into any Polaris bank Limited branch in town to interface with a customer service officer who will handle your complaints.

You can easily resolve your issues with them via their twitter handle:

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@PolarisBankLtd this is one of their most preferred channel by customer experience.


Polaris bank customer care is just a pole away from you, kindly take advantage of the contacts provided to solve your problems yourself without visiting any branch if you so wish.


6 comments on “Polaris bank customer care numbers and contact details

Raphael Orji
Popoola Niyi yinka

Good after, please i paid #110 into mainstreet bank on 09/12/2013 into Account number 5000548201 osun state university, teller number 0511579.so i now requested for the bank confirmation for the payment where i deposited the money for me to complete my clearance in school, i was told that they cannot open it because they are using different software….please help me..it very urgent…

Raphael Orji

Hello Papoola,
Thank you very much for stopping over.

I understand that you made this payment in 2013 when main street bank was still in existence, things have really changed.

Where is your own copy of the deposit slip? Polaris bank may hardly trace this serial number. In saner settings, your school should write officially to the bank to avail her your payment details.

You may as well write to the bank officially, be humble in your tone. They’ll advice you accordingly probably find a solution to this.

Raphael Orji

they send money into my account but I don’t see alert since why is common of polaris bank,why

Raphael Orji
Lawal Balikis omowumi

Pls I don’t see alert on my phone pls Polaris bank common

Raphael Orji
Amos innocent

I credited my account with 70000 but after seeing the alert, I saw a message that said I have exceeded the amount allocated for me to deposit and it shows my account balance empty. Pls I want to knw why


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