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Piggyvest sign up: Learn how it works, join and commence your savings journey

Piggyvest sign up – If you care about your finances and tomorrow, this is one guide you should take serious, not only because it guarantees financial freedom, but because it’s a road to financial realization.

Being in charge of one’s finances may not be a walk in the pack as always envisaged, but worth treating with every priority it deserves.

You may not have had the opportunity to be in charge of your finances before now in the areas of savings and investment, but I assure you that is about to change today only if you will take required action as will be advised in this guide shortly.

I will discuss Piggyvest sign up categorically since it will benefit you in a number of ways, but just in case you are new to Piggyvest let me quickly give you a rundown of this platform.

About Piggyvest

Piggyvest is an online platform that gives you the opportunity to secure, save and invest your money without any stress.

You can have access to your money in a fixed account at a predetermined date. The beauty of Piggyvest is that it does not come with charges or hidden fees of any kind, this is not the conventional bank that’s after your money in every step of the way.

How it works

This is the most interesting part of Piggyvest investment platform, it is like your ajo/daily isusu simplified, the difference here is that you can save your money online daily in a very flexible manner as it suits your budget without being afraid of unnecessary deductions and charges.

You can either choose to save

  • Daily
  • Weekly or
  • Monthly

You’ve got the right to do it your own way.

To be abreast about Piggyvest, I have written a complete review about Piggyvest to help you understand its dynamics and working concepts thoroughly before ever you can sign up.

Read Piggyvest review to get a firsthand knowledge of the process flow…….. then come back after to continue with Piggyvest sign up here.

How to register and start saving money on Piggyvest   

Piggyvest sign up is a simple task that will ensure you join the program and start getting saving and in vesting your money on your own pace.

Note: You will get a bonus of N1000 on Piggyvest sign up if you follow the instruction/steps below.

  • Join Piggyvest by clicking here
  • You will be presented with alternative to either sign up on the webpage or download the app. Click on the menu to navigate to the sign up page
  • Endeavor to provide your details correctly, verify your account, sign in afterward to setup your bank details.
  • To activate your account, insert your card details in the area required.
  • Deposit money into your Piggyvest wallet to start your savings and investment journey.


Q1. Is Piggyvest approved by CBN?

Ans. According to an interview by the founder available at the public domain, Piggyvest obtained a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate with a microfinance legibility, this aside the capital base legitimize Piggyvest.

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Piggyvest is the product of PiggyTech Global Limited with incorporation number – RC1405222.

Q2. Piggyvest app

Ans. Piggyvest app is a mobile application by PiggyTech Global Limited through which Piggyvest provides savings and investment services to its numerous clients. You can download and sign up from the mobile app, available for both Android and IOS operating system.

Q3. What is cowrywise

Ans. Cowrywise is a platform that helps make saving and investing seamless. Cowrywise takes away the stress and planning required to save and invest on a regular basis through its automated and easy-to-use platform.

Savings on Cowrywise generate interests until a set maturity date.

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