Paypal Money Transfer- How to receive money via Paypal

Paypal Money Transfer- How to receive money via Paypal

Paypal money transfer – If you are conversant with online transactions, payment and transfers, you probably ought to had come across Paypal.

Paypal is a payment processor which enable s you to pay money, send money and accept payments.

You can shop with your paypal account with millions of sellers and merchants around the world.

There are numerous benefits associated with using Paypal money transfer, increasingly, many shopping websites prefer Paypal as a payment method which can only get better.


  • It’s fast: Paypal conducts an instant transfer, may be why sellers love it so much. Do also understand that you can move funds from Paypal account to your bank account any time, this process has a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.
  • It’s very dynamic and flexible for sellers:Merchants prefer Paypal because it quickly accepts payment from buyers debit or credit cards at the speed of light.
  • It’s affordable: Unlike other processors, Paypal is very cheap to use in terms of fees per transaction.
  • Paypal is very safe:Security of funds is very paramount to every buyer and seller, paypal provides you maximum security of your funds during and after transactions. If on the course of transaction you do not get value, paypal will take care of that without stress, reconciliation is prompt.
  • Good account history: With Paypal, you can trace every transaction consummated on the platform from the date of account creation.

How do I register and start using Paypal Money Transfer?

You can start using Paypal in simple steps, no tricks or rocket science involved

You should first of all understand there are information required to open a Paypal account


  • First and last name
  • Your address
  • Phone number and email address

To register for a Paypal account

  • Kindly visit
  • Click on the menu button
  • Click on sign up, then fill the form as seen below
  • You may as well link your credit or debit card, or your bank account.
  • Type in your password and make it’s strong enough that you can remember.
  • Endeavor to click next and continue filling the information as required.

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You can as well download the app for android on Play store and for iOS device.

How do I send money with Paypal money transfer?

  • Log on to your “Paypal account
  • Click send and request at the top of the page
  • Select from the options
  • Enter the “email address or mobile number” of whom you want to send the money to
  • Enter the amount you want to send and click “continue”
  • Review and confirm the information inputted
  • Finally click “send money now”.

If you are buying something or making payment

  • Select pay for goods and services from the list of option  in step 3 above
  • If you are sending money to a friend or family member, kindly click “send to friends and family in the US” or send to friends and family internationally.

Paypal will send yor recipient an email to let them know that you sent them money.

Additinally, if they don’t have a paypal account, Paypal will send them a directive on how to sign up for it.

Caution: Once you send money, you cannot cancel or get the transaction reversed, it therefore calls for due diligence before you send your transaction. Kindly review properly.

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FAQ on Paypal Money Transfer

How do I request Payment or send an invoice?

  • Click “send and request” at the top of the page
  • Click “request money” in the next slide
  • Enter the “email address of the person”, then click next
  • Enter the “amount, select the currency, then select split a bill or basic request”
  • Add a note (optional)
  • Review your request and click “Request now”

How do I transfer money between currencies?

Your Paypal balance is transferable from one currency to another, to convert your balance from one currency to the other;

  • Log in to your Paypal account
  • Click Paypal balance under your profile photo
  • Click manage currencies

However, currency conversion are not available for Paypal accounts in; Argentina, Brazil and Malaysia.

How do I withdraw money from Paypal account in Botswana?

Paypal has partnered with First National Bank (FNB) in Botswana to allow you withdraw money from your Paypal account to your individual or business FNB bank.

You however, need a verified Paypal account and a FNB account to be able to withdraw.

Go to to set up your withdrawal payments in future.

FNB charges 1.5% of the US Dollar amount per withdrawal.

A successful withdrawal will take 5 to 8 business days to appear on your account balance.

The maximum limit of withdrawal is $10,000

How do I send an instant transfer using my U.S bank account?

  • Click send and request near the top of the page
  • Enter the email address or mobile phone number of your recipient
  • Enter the amount you want to send, then click continue
  • Click change under payment method on the send money page
  • Select instant transfer and click continue
  • Review your information and click send money.

However, sending payment from bank account may not be available in some countries.

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Paypal Wallet

The Paypal wallet is a feature that allows people with Paypal account, a credit or debit card, bank account or a line of Bill Me Later credit that can be applied for within the app.

Like Google wallet, the new Paypal app incorporates deals and discounts that are then automatically applied when you pay.

Paypal Customer service/Resolution Centre

This is located on Paypal website used for reporting issues with a transaction, resolving limitations, and reporting unauthorized activity.

Phone: 009 1 402-517-4519 Toll free: 402-935-2050, 888-221-1161


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