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How a 23-year old Nigerian made N20 million from Real Estate

Real estate – You may never be financially balanced with just a single income, smart Nigerians are continuously leveraging their networks and abilities to make more money for themselves despite the nation’s economic limitations. Here is one of such stories… Continue Reading…


How to send and receive money via Ecobank Rapidtransfer across Africa

Ecobank Rapidtransfer – One will hardly argue that international money transfer across the African region is not a means to deepen cross-border financial inclusion. Just like sending money from Europe and America to Africa has become the new normal, sending… Continue Reading…


How to send and receive money with UBA Africash across Africa

UBA Africash – Money transfer across African countries has never been an easy affair considering a number of policies bedeviling transfers around the continent. However, if you wish to send or receive money in African country today the puzzle has… Continue Reading…


How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account

Standard Chartered Bank – What if you get to know how to make N30,000 by becoming a Standard Chartered Bank account owner, then make N1,500 continuously by referring family and friends to open same account? That’s not even all, the… Continue Reading…


6 best credit cards in Nigeria

Credit cards in Nigeria – You probably have been hearing about credit cards and need to get one for yourself? Here’s an opportunity to choose from the list of credit card providers in Nigeria. A recent data by Statista show… Continue Reading…


Ally bank, what you should know, savings rate, fees, etc.

Ally bank – If you follow financial services closely you’ll understand that online banking is a wave of the moment. It has redefined banking in a way that you’ll hardly visit a branch except on extreme cases. Given this, ally… Continue Reading…


Entry level recruitment at Polaris bank Ltd

Entry-level recruitment is on at Polaris bank Ltd. If you wish to pursue a career in banking this may be an opportunity for you to get started. Find the below details for requisite information. Kindly visit www.polarisbankcareers.ng to get started

How to check GTBank account number


GTBank has set up foreign exchange teller point for you

Foreign exchange teller points – Following CBN’s recent ban on sales of forex to BDCs, the apex bank now makes USD available to customers through the commercial banks. Given this, GTBank has set up foreign exchange teller points at respective… Continue Reading…


List of banks in California, and SWIFT codes

List of banks in California – If you are in California and in need of firsthand information about banks in the “Golden state” you probably do not need to look elsewhere subsequently since the hard task has been taken care… Continue Reading…


How digital marketing will transform your business

Digital marketing has changed the way companies operate and communicate with their customers. Consequently, its application and strategies has informed a direct impact on profit potentials of businesses. Given this, any brand that has refused to incorporate digital marketing style… Continue Reading…

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