Opaybinary review: How reliable is this investment platform? Find out…

Opaybinary review: How reliable is this investment platform? Find out…

Opaybinary – Until your money works for you, your aspirations to attain financial stability will continue to be a mirage.

It’s also worthy of note “that not all funds put to work bring back good Return on Investment (ROI).”

Let me welcome you officially by asking the following few questions:

Are you a pro investor looking for details about opaybinary to inform your decision, you probably are a newbie trying the taste the waters and perhaps want to be led right

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Should any of the above appears like you, then I’ve got you covered. I will reveal in this piece every damn fact that will help you succeed.

Note: The advice issued here is strictly my own opinion and must not be misunderstood.

That being said, you have the right to put your money wherever you deem fit, you are solely responsible for the actions you take.

Let me also reiterate the fact that I’m not here to promote or kill any business, to this end, you are assured of getting a fair advice to this course.

About Opaybinary

They claim to be an online community of experts binary options traders and investors who pull monies together to trade in the financial market.

By this, it means, they collect your money alongside that of others to raise a pull, then invest same in the financial market.

To make it simpler, in case you are not conversant with certain financial terms;

Financial market explained

This is a market where short and long term securities are traded for profit. This market compasses both the money market and the capital market.

While the money market represents that of short term securities, the financial market takes care of the long term securities.

The securities in question represent your investment, where you have shares, bonds, Treasury bills etc.

Facts you need to know about Opaybinary

  • This is not in any way related or affiliated to the popular Opay services you know
  • They claim to give a 2.2 % daily compound interest on members investment
  • A 20% referral commission
  • They claim not to be MLM or HYIP

Optical analysis

Renowned experts will not dispute that this is apparently not the best of time for the financial market.

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The global pandemic has dealt a huge blow to investment opportunities which the financial market is at the forefront of it all.

Apparently, there seem not to be a guarantee for financial prosperity in this area as at the time of writing this piece.

Against this backdrop, Opaybinary operators claim to give a 2.2% compound interest return daily on your investment, an expert will then be forced to ask and answer the below questions

  • From which market is this profit going to be drawn
  • How possible is it that you can maintain this claim
  • The variables and parameters are certainly not at per.

Again, the operators of this scheme claim to have a 2-year operational record which serves as a track record, be that as it may;

They have failed to answer the following questions;

#1. They couldn’t name their team of experts, this should have at least help the public verify their capacity and claims. Where have they been trading, which body do they belong to?

#2. Who certify them fit, what are their requisite qualifications as investment experts, they should at least be members of recognized institutions that can be verified.

#3. Why suffix their business name with a popular brand ”Opay” service, this is very misleading and a very big red flag. 90% of people will give it a pass mark already thinking Opay owns it., which in itself is misleading, banking on another business’s Goodwill.

#4. No physical business address or contact could be traced to their identity, this is very unlike a business one should entrust funds to.

#5. What mechanisms have they put in place to ensure funds raised are not misappropriated?

#6. They should detail the public with their team of internal control process, you don’t just collect funds and claim to invest same for the public, money is such a delicate commodity.

#7. They claim not to be into Multi-level Marketing, at the same time are giving a 20% referral commission, why the referrals then?

#8. They are not into High Yield Investment Program, but the commission base and interest promised said so.

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  • You stand to make a life changing funds by investing with them, so they claim
  • You will not just make money by investing alone, you will receive 20% referral commission by inviting friends and family to join.
  • The offer is very tempting


  • You stand a very high chance of losing your hard earn money
  • Accountability cannot be assured
  • You are dealing with virtual business only, in a case where issues arise, you cannot lay claim on anyone.
  • A business that tends to hide under a popular brand it has no relationship with to sail, leaves a lot to questions (OPAY).

What others are saying about Opaybinary

This does not in any way influence my opinion whatsoever, different strokes for different folks;

Hmmm, here we have another one… Different names the same modus operandi… Why don’t they have a physical location and phone numbers through which people can reach and vet them? – Pepa

Supposing I want to invest, do I transfer the pledged amount from my local bank to fund my opaybinary account or how? – Cammy

I just tried to fund my opaybinary account and another account number was given to me to fund… please is that right? – Gloreya

Hmmm…. My question is, why they prefer using different people’s phone number as means of making deposit…. Why don’t they have one official number to make deposit with? Another question is;

Why don’t they use the opay app platform directly to fund the opaybinary account instead of using phone number? – Nick

My question is, where do they originate?… There’s no record of their country of origin. – Jude

These are crafty scammers, Great Nigerians wise up! What kind of investment do they trade on to give 2.2% daily? They are corporate THIEVES. Don’t try it just drop now or else you will regret your decision? – Easy

I’m interested in the investment but I need a valid prove that it is legit. – Emmanuel

MMM did the same thing. During MMM, you can withdraw everything if you wish yet they were scammers and people lost their money. – Kachimoney

What is your product, how do I verify that you are trading, who are the brains behind the trade, since it’s trading why is your daily interest fixed, where is your head office?. – Bayo

The above are few comments from people who have taken a holistic look at this scheme so far.

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Frequently asked Questions on Opaybinary

Q1. What is Opaybinary?

Answer: This is an online community of acclaimed expert binary options traders and investors who pull monies together to trade in the financial market.

It offers 2.2% daily compound interest on a member’s investment and a 20% referral commission.

Q2. How does it work?

Answer: You join the community and fund your account with a minimum of N10,000 or maximum of N100,000. The acclaimed expert binary options traders will use it, together with other member’s investments, to trade for 24 hours. In the end the profit is shared among participants.

Q3. Is referral needed?

Answer: It is hard to make profit if your initial investment is low, they claim to use Makerrel trading strategy, which by itself requires huge investment.

Consequently, the success to a large extent depends on the trading capital, but the larger the community grows, the larger its trading capital will be.

They offer rewards in form of referral commissions, to those that promote the community. Members earn 20% of the first investment mad by their referrals.

For example, if you refer somebody to the site, and he or she funds their account with N100,000, you earn 20% of the person’s investment which is N20,000.

Q4. What is the profit like?

Answer: They claimed that once you are a member of the community, and have funded your account, you earn 2.2% daily compound interest on your investment.

Additionally you receive 20% commission on the first investment made by your referrals.

Mathematically as acclaimed, 2.2% daily compound interest on your investment will give you approximately 100% ROI within 30 days.

For instance, if you have N50,000 in your available account balance, in the next 30 days, you will get approximately N100,000 and even more if you have referrals, weird.

Q5. Why do I need Etherum wallet address?

Answer: This is to minimize transaction charges from local banks and automate the payment process, Etherum is the only acceptable means of transaction

Q6. How can I fund my opaybinary account?

Answer:  Log into your account and click on deposit funds. You will see a form to enter the amount you want to fund, input the amount, preview the payment and click on deposit.

On the same you will be given an Etherum wallet address to fund, copy out the address and log on to your Etherum wallet app, click on Etherum, select send and paste the wallet address copied into the recipient address.

Enter the Etherum equivalent of the amount you wish to fund and click done, your account will be funded.

Q7. How do I withdraw?

Answer: Log into your account as they claimed, click on withdraw funds and follow the instructions to complete your withdrawal.

This is just stating the obvious as seen on this platform, this does not represent my view, rather detailing you what the program projects in principle.

What scam adviser says about opaybinary

  • It has a very low trust score of 10%
  • “We scanned opaybinary for several indicators and we think the website may be a scam. Exercise extreme caution when using this website.
  • It has a very low trust score according to our algorithm.
  • The website has a very strong indicator of being a scam
  • It deals with financial services content, identified with a high risk return
  • It has characteristics of a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program).

This is just stating the obvious according to scam adviser.

How old is this business?

As at the time of writing this review, this business is 74 days old, two months and some days, pretty new one at that. The risk is very high, it may not stay around to meet the test of time.

Should I then go ahead and invest with them?

It is not in my power to decide where you put your money, I however advise not to throw caution to the wind in your dealings. It most certainly sounds too good to be true.

Personally I won’t risk my money with them for any reason.

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Are you then saying they are scammers?

As much as I wouldn’t say that here, I’d sure know, they are not to be trusted.

Be careful with your money at this time, a lot of schemes like the Opaybinary are in town, don’t even think they’ve come to stay, the moment they hit their target, they’ll go extinct indefinitely.

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