Ok Pay: How to open, fund and use the account

Ok Pay: How to open, fund and use the account

Ok Pay – The world may be seen as vast, it however remains a global village in the face of modern day technology and advancement.

If you’re are looking to use one of the numerous payment solutions that had further made payment for goods and services across the world a simple task, then relax because I’ve got you covered here.

Additionally, if you’re a freelance writer or a business always in need of sending or receiving payments, then this guide should just be an ideal case scenario for you.

What exactly am I taking about? Here’s introducing “Ok pay” payment system for ease of convenience to carry out your payments for goods and services across the globe.

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Why you should consider using Ok Pay

  • It’s safe and secure: By all standard, you can use this platform as a payment processor, which sends the payment to the seller only when you’ve received your order/goods.

By any means you do not receive the goods, your money will be sent back to you in good faith.

  • Invoice system: It allows you to issue bills to your customers, get paid and withdraw funds from your account in a seamless and convenient payment directions.
  • Shop and pay: You can pay for goods and services on the website.

Which suggests that the platform is a payment solution you can trust to deliver at all time.

  • Exchange currency: It affords users to exchange and store different currencies in a single purse.
  • Card details not required: Just sign in to your Ok Pay account and consummate your transaction, without having to expose your card details.

To add to it, it presents a friendly and market competitive exchange rate you can always depend on.

The next question you may need to ask is, “How exactly do I get started on this platform?”

How to open an Ok Pay account

Getting on board is so easy that you may wish to do it over and over.

That said,

  • Visit here
  • Click on the “Create account”
  • Complete the form displayed with (a suitable username, active email address, first and last name, choose a password then hit the “Register button”
  • Follow the process to complete your registration.

You will need to confirm your registration by checking the email provided, usually an email confirmation message.

How to verify Ok pay account

You can actually commence transactions on your account the moment you sign up, however, you are limited to certain threshold of sending and receiving paltry 300 euros every 30 days only.

That said, if you wish to send or receive higher values, it’s subject to verifying your account, which is usually done in few steps.

Step 1. At the verification page shown when asked, kindly upload a scanned copy of your valid ID card, which usually should contain your facial appearance, name and details of address

Step 2. Your phone number will also be confirmed.

Step 3. A verification code will be sent to you, kindly fetch the code and input it in the column provided and that’s it, you’re done with the verification process.

How to fund your Ok Pay account

Literally, you will need to fund your account before you can ever send out funds, this could be taken care of via a number of channels like; Credit, visa and master cards.

Insert money, on the top right of your screen is the “Insert money” button, click on it.

Enter your details as required like the payment option, amount etc.

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Having fund your account, making a payment may just be the next point of call, thus we move to;

How to make payment with Ok Pay account

  • Kindly log on to your account
  • Click on “Internal transfer”
  • Kindly fill in the details as required receiver’s wallet ID inclusive.

This suggests that the receiver should have sent in his/her wallet ID to you before ever the commencement of the transfer, strictly applicable to Ok pay account holders who wish to receive funds.

For non-account holders, their email address/phone Numbers are required in place of wallet ID.

Assuming a client paid you via the Ok Pay account, your most concern at this time should be “How to withdraw your money from “Ok Pay account.”

How to withdraw from Ok Pay account

To withdraw your funds, kindly log in to your account, then click on the “Withdraw button” it’s assumed that you already have your bank account linked to this account.

Follow the outlined processes and have your money credited to your account.

Additionally, you may either choose to withdraw into your card, whichever you take, be rest assured your money will be made available timely for your immediate use.


Here you have it with Ok pay in every possible way.

You may choose to start strongly by signing up for an account, receiving and making payments just get easier even.

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[…] Read also: Ok Pay: How to open, fund and use the account […]

[…] Read also: Ok Pay: How to open, fund and use the account […]

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