NSE: Daily trade summary 18/12/18, the market bounce back to a 0.67% yield 

Daily stock summary 20/12/2018

NSE: Daily trade summary 18/12/18, the market bounce back to a 0.67% yield

Daily trade summary 18/12/18  – The Nigerian stock market on Tuesday lifts from previous lose to make a remarkable return with All Share Index of 0.67% at 30,814.19.

Market capitalization stood at N5,090,506,739.96, to trade 316,199,651.00 units of shares. Deals stood at 3,445.00.


ZENITBANK: The bank traded a volume of 102,386,253 valued at N2,344,567,224

MANSNARD: Volume 40,057,107 valued at N80,119,152

WAPCO: Volume 25,905,428 valued at N309,474,761.40

ACCESS: Volume 22,208,332 valued at N179,122,914.50

GUARANTY: Volume 15,970,715 valued at N553,783,313.90


MOBIL: Percentage gain 8.56%, to close at N170

DANGCEM: Percentage gain 2.16%, to close at N189

FO: Percentage gain 9.91%, to close at N23.85

CCNN: Percentage gain 9.91%, to close at N18.85

GUARANTY: Percentage gain 2.79%, to close at N35


NB: Percentage lose 3.40%, to close at N76.7

UNILIVER: Percentage lose 2.76%, to close at N37

GUINESS: Percentage lose 1.37%, to close at N72

ACCESS: Percentage lose 5.52%, to close at N7.70

UBN: Percentage lose 1.64%, to close at N6

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