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Nigerian banks: Why am I not getting SMS alert on my bank account transactions?

Nigerian banks: Why am I not getting SMS alert on my bank account transactions?

SMS alert has formed the integral part of banking in Nigeria and as such bank customers have continued to show great concern in dismay each time they fail to receive an SMS alert from their banks on any transaction that occurs in the customer’s account.

Be that as it may, this service is being offered for a fee. That’s to say the customers bear the cost of SMS received from their banks.

However in line with this guide, I will show you how to deal with the problem of SMS to as well keep you safe while doing your business transactions with the bank.

The problem and effects of fraud in Nigerian banking system cannot be over stressed, thus the need to maintain a healthy banking communication via SMS alert.

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1. Account balance: The growing need of account balance amongst customers is of utmost importance to imbibe a healthy SMS alertcommunication. Customers need not go to the bank anymore to fetch their account balance with the help of SMS. Once there’s an update on your account details, your account balance will be made available as well at the comfort of your home.

2. Credit alert: The growing number of bank transactions had made it necessary that customers get informed of any inflow of fund into their account. In event where you’re expecting money, a credit alert will put your mind at rest to as well proceed with other activities on the aftermath of the credit.

3. Debit alert: Receiving a debit alert on your account is very necessary especially in times of unusual transactions. SMS alertis being channeled in such a way that you’ll always get informed of any development that ever takes place in your account at any time. You can walk up to your bank to question and contest unnecessary charges that might have passed in your account without your express consent. In event where fraudsters gain access into your account either online or through Cheque withdrawal, you can swiftly reach out to your bank to place your account on (PND) place no debit, to forestall further access.



Not getting SMS alert from your bank could result from different factors you may not really understand. However a couple of factors could be responsible for that:

1. Wrong phone number captured: This usually occur with new accounts in essence that while filling the account opening package you could had written a wrong phone number or misplaced a number in the space available for contact phone number.

It could as well emanate as error from the customer service officer in charge of account opening, he/her could had captured a wrong number as a result of error or transposition.

2. Bad network: It has become a trend to endure poor network services in Nigeria by the GSM network service providers. In a situation where they experience a network downtime, it’s a usual occurrence not to receive SMS alert in effect of a particular transaction.

3. Non subscription: There’s usually an option for customers on the account opening package to indicate their interests whether or not to receive SMS alert for their transactions. If this column is being ticked, you will be enrolled on the SMS alert platform. However, if you declined you will virtually not receive an SMS alert from your bank.

4. Alteration of contact: Your phone number could possibly had been altered either mistakenly or intentionally as the case may be, kindly approach the bank to effect necessary changes in your own interest.

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To start receiving SMS alert from your bank, kindly walk into any branch of your bank, enquire to meet the customer service officer (s) tell them your ordeals. It’s now their duty to check and revert on why you have not been receiving SMS alert after you might have made your account number available.

You will be issued an information/contact update form to fill, this is actually to hold against you that you actually permitted such action to be taken on your account in case of any eventuality or civil prosecution against the bank. That being completed you’ve by right of law granted permission to the bank to include your contact phone number for SMS alert on your transactions going forward.

Kindly exercise due care to copy or write out the exact phone number to be linked to your account, having completed the process, the contact will be uploaded to your account and you’ll start receiving SMS alert. Kindly visit any Skye bank branch for your account opening or go here



It’s very necessary and pertinent to receive SMS alertfrom your bank at the instant of any transaction, this will help you follow up with the detailed activities occurring in your account so as to forestall any ugly trend before it gets too late.

Have you had issues carrying out your transactions with banks in Nigeria? Feel free to outline your ordeals and challenges with Nigerian banks using the comment box below.

6 comments on “Nigerian banks: Why am I not getting SMS alert on my bank account transactions?

Raphael Orji
usman ismail

i am not been seeing my sms bank alert since 2weeks bank

Raphael Orji
Ikpesu akpovona

I lost my first phone number which I have been using for receiving alert then I now want to the bank to change it, and till now it is not working please help me

Raphael Orji

Have not been receiving alert since a week now and its not like this before, why na?

Raphael Orji
Mulero islamiat boluwatife

I went to bank to open an account I was asked to fill a form after dat I ws given a ticket ID nd was told dat my acc number will be sent to me that after seeing it I should come back for the necessary processes .After waiting for some weeks without seeing d acc num I went bak to d bank for it nd ws told dat it has been sent to me so a lady had to check a book to write out d acc num 4 me nd dat very day I did my upgrading nd activation infact I deposited a sum of 7000 naira thinking dat I would see d alert after all d processes bt I did nt .I went bak to d bank to make complaint so I ws given d transaction alert form including my passport thinking dat after filling it nd submitting I will surely get my alert bt I’m still facing d same problem presently nd I don’t know what to do .

Raphael Orji

I just startedusing this bank and for the first time used i dont see the credit alert pls what can i do

Raphael Orji

I have not been receiving messages from my bank anytime I do transaction either by sms or Gmail
Pls I need help


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