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Next level pay Review: Is the program legit or another scam in the making? Find out!

Next level pay – There we go again, as you may be aware, it has been my thing to take a critical look at businesses and programs like this which promises its investors heaven on earth, fat return on investment etc.

My intention is not to short-live any ones business, investment or dreams, as much as that stands, I’m as well not ready to have any of my loyal readers lose their hard earned funds blindly, except if anyone chooses to.

That being said, a review as this is aimed at equipping you with every necessary information free of any kind of upheavals that will aid you informed decision on where you put your money.

What is this next level pay all about?

This is a user to user donation system that claims to give its members double of their donation to a fellow member.

According to the platform, there’s no secret admin, everyone including the admin donates to receive donations.

They said, when you get tired of receiving donations, you quit and those who are still energized will go on and the cycle continues.

They claim to help you gain financial freedom to live out your desired routine life-style without having to beg for money or rely on some other persons for your needs. Waw!

How does that sound, good right?

Who owns this program

Every detailed search and enquiry to find out the mask behind this program was a mission in futility, the identity of the real owners is still not known as I write.

In this case, I confess to be as confused as you are.

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For the record, I personally called the number on their contact page 09014441482, I was received by a very haggy voiced fellow who from my experience felt so uneasy, the conversation goes thus, because I recorded it:

Me: Hello good morning,

Receiver: Hello, hello, hellooooooooo,

Me: Please am I unto next level payment?

Receiver: Yes, yes, yes, next level, next level, then comes a prolonged silence I could perceived from a very calm but labored breath.

Me: Ok, please I intend to invest with you, but before I proceed with my donation, could you please avail me your office address?

Receiver: Office address, office address you mean?

Me; Yes, your office address please

Receiver: This is a pure online business, members meet on the internet, on our website. What we have is an administrative office.

Me: You mean you have an administrative office members cannot access?

Receiver: Well, our office is in Asaba Delta state,

Me: Where exactly in Asaba?

Receiver: Like I told you, it’s an administrative office, we don’t make it known to people, that’s why everything is on internet, on our website, everything starts and ends on the internet.

Me: Ok, is the business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission?

Receiver: Yes, it’s well registered, we are registered member with CAC.

Me: Do you have RC number?

Receiver: I told you we are registered, yes we have RC number!

Me: Could you please help me with the RC number so I can check things out for myself before I proceed with my donations finally?

Receiver: No, we don’t disclose our RC number to anybody, if you need further proof or in doubt, kindly read the testimonies on our website, but by the way, are you investing us or something?

Me: Not really, just a concerned intending donor……

The conversations goes hide and seek and finally gets over, leaving the receiver so troubled and afraid which I sensed all over the conversation.

What were you able to decode from this conversation?

  • A business has an administrative office, customers cannot access in Asaba
  • A business is duly registered with CAC, has RC number but can’t be disclosed to investors to carry out background checks which is typical. There’s nothing to hide in an RC number, it isn’t your BVN, account number, ATM card pin, Mobile or internet banking password or whatsoever sensitive personal details not disclose-able to third party. RC number is meant to help you investigate and get detailed information about a business.
  • How would you ask an investor to rely solely on testimonies huh, this is ridiculous?

Red flags everywhere, let’s keep digging.

Don’t you think the testimonies on their website could hold brief for them?

The fundamental truth I will tell anyone who cares to listen is that “Testimonies should not form the basis upon which you should dish out your money whatsoever, upon the alter of investment.”

I can assure you that the real masks behind that website ( knew how those testimonies came about, it doesn’t take a smart fellow anything to do that, nobody gave any testimony, it’s part of their ploy to lure you into letting off your guard.

Do you mean to say this is another MMM or Ponzi scheme?

I’ve said that already, any scheme that encourages you to make donations to members, then receive double or thrice even more of the value donated cannot be trusted.

The first thing you should ask is, how do they make the acclaimed money that will be given to you in multiple folds, you can only make money when members sign up and donate to you and when eventually people stops signing up, “boom,” they’ll be all gone.

With my experience, for a program to proof itself worthy of investment, it must have sustainable means of generating revenue void of its members efforts whatsoever.

Anything shot of that is awaiting time bomb.

Let me take you down memory lane, the effects of MMM. Ultimate cycler and their likes in this country is still very fresh.

A lot of innocent Nigerians are still nurturing their pains and counting their loses, it will be so stupid of you to fall for the same rhythm within a shortest period.

There’s no difference between MMM and co with this next level pay, they operate in the same league, do not be deceived, there are high chances you could get hot.

But I saw their adverts on Google Adsense (Adwords)

Yes, Google is out for business, they do not go to an extent of investing too well if a business is structured to scam anyone at long run.

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You can see their adverts anywhere, if they have money, they will throw it around because they know how much they’ll rake in if they succeed in getting donors.

So appearing on Google ads isn’t a guarantee nor does it change the fact that this is another MMM in the making.

But it appears they are really paying, a friend just got paid, how about that?

Yes, it’s possible they could be paying for now, you know why? They can only do that to win trust, they need to get multitude donors who would really repose confidence in their paying ability. Once they rake in millions of naira, boom could strike when you list expected.

Website credibility

Their website is pretty new, the domain was created on 20th, November 2019. Barely one month+.


From my findings and industry experience, it will be misleading if I award any score to this program, bearing in mind what will most likely be the end result.

On this regard on a scale of 10, I score next level pay 0/10.

My word

I may not really call them scammers at this point, but they are certainly not to be trusted.


You’ve got the right to put your money where you so wish, all I do is tip you off with major guidelines that will ensure you don’t get your fingers burnt thereafter, in any way, you think that next level pay program is fit for you, you may go ahead and join, then donate, but just remember I said they are not to be trusted.

It’s your turn now, kindly share with us your experience with next level pay or any of these donor programs in town for sensitization purpose.


7 comments on “Next level pay Review: Is the program legit or another scam in the making? Find out!

Raphael Orji

Thanks for the review. I actually got my first payment (which is my actual investment with them) yesterday AFTER 4 WEEKS of investing with them and many phone calls. I think the delay is actually not their fault but most people they merged with me didn’t believe they could get paid. They just registered and when their time was up they were deleted.

Raphael Orji

Thank so kindly for being here Johnson.
From your experience, I understand they couldn’t pay double of your investment as promised.

You got your actual investment back after two weeks against their on the spot claim.

Again, those who registered with you were deleted when it was their turn to get paid double of their investment. Which means they’ve been scammed already?

Count yourself lucky to had escape with your initial investment.

Raphael Orji
Igwe Daniel

I reasoned with what you said or write and I see that is pure truth I have donated already if not I wouldn’t have continue with it my prayer now is for me to receive back my donation but please can I have your contact because I want us to talk?

Raphael Orji

Kindly check the contact section for my email.

Raphael Orji

Lol…Bloody scammers… They are everywhere.

Raphael Orji

I love what u are doing.
I would like to partner with u in the review of other platforms of such.
How can I contact u,please.

Raphael Orji

Hello Chukwuemeka,

Thank you for visiting.

kindly check the contact page to reach us.


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