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Money market funds investment managers in Nigeria, start your investment today

Money market funds investment managers in Nigeria, start your investment today

Money market funds, is an aspect of money market you must get requisite knowledge of, as it encompass integral aspect of finance and investment.

To answer the question, what is money market fund, I am going to use different parameters to convey an unambiguous answer that even duns can understand vividly.

Money market funds is an investment that is aimed to earn interests for shareholders, the fund is invested in short term debt securities like Commercial paper and Treasury bills. Money market fund are extremely safe like money deposited in the bank and usually yield high interest for the holders.

The profits made from investing this fund is being shared among the investors according to allotment.

Money market fund is a must go investment go for every investor who wish to take advantage of a short term investment, see

Smart investors often see money market funds as an opportunity to earn higher returns on their investments, rather than watch their purchasing power be eroded by inflation.


  • Low risk investment: The risk of investing in money market funds is very slim, by investing in risk free debt securities as treasury bills, commercial paper and FGN bonds, there’s certainly little risk of losing this investments. Investors are risk conscious which is paramount.
  • Liquidity is high: Liquidity refers to converting assets to cash, the possibility of an asset to be converted to cash at any point is a good investment approach. Money market fund are easily transferable, can be sold and money received immediately. You must not wait till maturity date to cash out if you so wish, so it allows one to collect his investment especially when in need of funds.
  • Higher returns: Money market funds offer higher returns than what we have with the standard savings account, the rates are higher than inflation at whatever point so the safest destination for investors even at recession than standard savings account which are not even realistic. With money market fund investment, you can start small and grow your investment with as little as N10,000. Parents who seek to invest for their Kids education, long or short term are advised to take advantage of money market funds. Salary earners can as well save for rainy days.

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One good thing about investment in money market funds is that it’s managed by expert and experienced managers to ensure the investors make high profit in the end as well their capital being intact.

You can invest with any of the following competent money market fund managers:

Stanbic IBTC money market funds managers #1:

From sound record, this is one of the money market fund managers duly authorized and registered in Nigeria. This fund categorically is aimed at the investors’ interest, it offers interest to diversify portfolio money market securities like treasury bills, bankers’ acceptance etc.

A major aim of this fund is aimed at utilizing bargaining power obtained from pooling of funds to actively invest in portfolios of short term money market securities and government papers. Stanbic IBTC has a good money market fund price history.

How to invest in Stanbic IBTC Money Market Funds

Kindly walk into any Stanbic IBTC asset management office, request to fill a money market fund subscription form then issue a cheque or draft for the cost of units applied for, that’s all. Phone: +234 1 280 1266  Stanbic IBTC as well offers a good money market fund interest rate.

ARM Money market funds managers #2

ARM Money market funds is a an open ended fund that provides financial assistance and a steady stream of income by investing in high quality short term money market instruments like treasury bills, commercial papers, bankers’ acceptance, certificate of deposit.

You may contact them on 0700 2255 276, ARM Money market funds interest rate is very competitive.

Corporate Head Office

Asset & Resource Management Company (ARM) 1 Mekunwen Road o-ff Oyinkan Abayomi Drive.

Phone: +234(1) 4488282

Lagos office: 68C Coker Road by Coker town planning way, Ilupeju Lagos.

86 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street Surulere Lagos Island.

Abuja office: 129 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse II, Abuja

Port Harcourt office: 12 Circular Road, Presidential Estate II off GRA Junction Port Harcourt.

Onitsha Office: 60A Old Market Road, Onitsha.


FBN Money market funds managers #3

If you are a regular saver with short to medium-term financial goals and would like to maximize your income, the FBN Money market funds is an ideal choice.

Being an open ended fund, the FBN money market fund invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of short-term, high quality money market securities such as treasury bills, commercial papers, bankers’ acceptance and certificate of deposits issued by rated banks in Nigeria.

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  • Maximum starting investment of N5000
  • Low risk investment
  • High level of security
  • Competitive returns
  • Higher rates than standard bank savings accounts.
  • Add funds to investment account at any time.


Visit so they can contact you this time for your enquiries.


Money market funds investment is very open for everyone who wants a secured financial future irrespective of your class, status and qualification.

Students, housewives, civil servants, artisans, drivers, cyclist and the list goes on, can invest in this market and expect high return.

This investment is good for anyone who has a capital expense projection in the future to buy a car, land etc, you can build your dreams through money market funds investment, which is of course the best investment you can think of especially in recession.


Like I’ve said earlier, you can start your investment with as little as N5000, you can increase your investment monthly as it suits your budget. Amount is not a barrier to this investment.

However, your profit/yield is a function of your investment capital.


This is one viable characteristics of money market fund, it’s liquidity is very high, meaning it can be converted to cash at any time. You could crash your investment at any point you deem necessary to enable you undertake your financial challenges.

So getting your money back in times of financial challenges is not a problem, rather should be a motivational force to invest into the money market funds.


Money market funds are just your one stop investment point, if you’re just starting the robe of investment, it’s definitely the best place to kick off. Take advantage of any of the above mentioned managers and kick start your dreams for good into the land of effective and efficient investment with least risk and maximum returns.

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