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Mix feelings as Skye Bank promotes and exits its’ staff

Mix feelings as Skye Bank promotes and exits its’ staff. In line with annual appraisal exercise for the year ended 2017, Skye bank PLC has promoted over 875 staff in its’ work force as a reward for diligent and outstanding performance, but regrettably downsized a yet to be announced number of staff.

The staff downsized were however not connected to non performance in the line of duty, but as a decision likened to ”management in their own wisdom.”

The promotion exercise is in line with the Bank’s commitment to reward staff who performed creditably in their various departments during the aforementioned year under review.

In a statement released by the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Tokumbo Abiru, “Your promotions which are well deserved, come as a reward for dedication, commitment and conscientiousness which you have exhibited over time in your diverse responsibilities.”

“Needless to say management is unwavering in its’ commitment to ensuring that industrious performance that clearly impacts positively on the Bank’s bottom line will always be rewarded appropriately.”

Mr Tokumbo however stressed that the promotion should serve as a catalyst to poise the staff into throwing in their bests at all time and will gain recognition according to the industry standard. Assuring that those who deliver consistently would earn commensurate benefits and promotions.

Skye Bank is one of the leading commercial banks with an edge in electronic banking, promoting seamless customer experience through boarderless technology, however promoting this number of staff in a turbulent economy is a significant prove that the bank has carved a viable and sustainable economic niche for itself in the league of the Nigeria commercial Banks, especially in Retail, Transformation and Growth.

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