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Mint loan app Nigeria – How can I get a loan from Mint 

Mint loan app Nigeria – Online loan apps are at the forefront of soft loans in Nigeria as it stands, in this light, taking out a loan can be done with a snap of the fingers. The ideal scenario here is; you do not collateral or paperwork to receive such loans.

In this guide, I will be talking to you about one such loan “Mint loan app Nigeria,” where you can rake out a short-term loan as well as payback with maximum flexibility that fits your budget.

About Mint loan app Nigeria

If you are looking for a loan app that offers a short-term loan in Nigeria, Mint loan Nigeria is a such app, you are not required to complete paperwork or have a bank payment card, however, powered by Artificial intelligence and Cloud computing.

For the record, Mint loan Nigeria serves only Nigerians at this times

Why you should take out a Mint loan

1. As a borrower, you are charged a low-interest rate as well as a flexible repayment plan

2. The loan is safe and efficient all round

3. Loans are available 24/7 without limitations

Requirements for Mint loan Nigeria

1. You must have a good credit history, this means you must not be owing to any financial institution in Nigeria as well as has a good record of loan repayment.

2. You must have an operational bank account in Nigeria as well as a BVN

3. Valid email address and a phone number

4. Internet-enabled Mobile phone

How to get a Mint loan in Nigeria

  • Download and install the Mint loan app Nigeria on Google/Apple store, available for Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Having downloaded the app, sign up for a user account with your details.
  • Apply for a loan and wait for a decision on your application, since the platform uses AI technology and cloud computing, your loan decision will be concluded on time.
  • Provide your bank details where your loan will be disbursed
  • Upon approval, your loan will be disbursed into your bank account.

Mint loan Nigeria interest rate/tenor and threshold

The interest rate for this loan ranges between 12 – 18 percent, however, your real interest rate may appear with recourse to your credit score.

While the loan tenor is measured 3 months to 1 year, kindly be informed that the longer the term the higher the interest rate and vice versa, where you can receive a loan amount up to N300,000 instantly.

Mint loan Nigeria customer care

You can reach out through their corporate office and email as


Office Address: 52 Ijiaye Road Ogba-Ikeja Lagos.


How to pay back my loan?

The loan will be debited from your account automatically at maturity, in this light, kindly ensure to credit your bank account with money to settle the loan. If you fail to repay your loan you will be reported to the credit bureau; this will damage your chances to access further loans with other companies too.


The Mint loan app Nigeria provides a short-term loan to enable you to meet your financial obligations, it does not require collateral or a mountain of paper works to get through, and the loan approval is via AI technology and cloud computing, on approval your loan is disbursed into your bank account.

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