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Minor account: Can a 16-year old open a bank account in Nigeria?

Minor account in Nigeria – The concept of minor and under age has been a reoccurring decimal in banking just like has been the case in everyday life.

For example, most home videos are rated not for viewers under certain age, it’s a premeditated tact to single out minors or possible viewers whose ages are considered not suitable for certain exposures as contained in the movie.

This is applicable to JAMB, voter’s card, and other classified documents.

The reason behind this idea is to ensure that minors do not participate since they are considered not suitable or haven’t attained an age in which they can take responsibility for their actions.

Understanding the concept of a minor

Taking from the provision and position of the law according to section 29(4) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a minor is defined as anyone below the age of 18 years, given this only persons 18 years and above can be perceived accountable and responsible for their actions.

The contest of minor account in Nigeria

While persons who have attained the age of 18 years and above are said to be suitable to operate a bank account in Nigeria, minors however, can still have access to a savings account in Nigeria under certain conditions.

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At this we are about to answer the question thus: “Can a 16 year old open a bank account in Nigeria”?

The operational dynamics of a minor account in Nigeria

A minor cannot expressly open a bank account in Nigeria, but can still have access to a bank account in his/her name. This is possible in the sense that either the parent of such minor or the guardian can open an account and operate same in the name of such minor until he/she attains the age of 18 years before operating the account expressly without hitches.


Assuming Mr. Bernard Ike wants to open a bank account for his son Kenneth Ike, a responsibility to operate the account in full capacity is tied on Mr. Bernard Ike until his son Kenneth Ike attains the age of 18 years, the account may bear Kenneth Ike’s name, but he cannot operate or effect withdrawal or any instruction on such account.

On attaining 18 years, the mandate instruction on such account can be changed where Kenneth Ike becomes a sole signatory to the said account, only then can he obtain an express authority to operate the account.

This is a scenario that plays out when parents or guardians open a bank minor account for their children or wards.

How to open a minor account for your child/ward in Nigeria

There’s no herculean task involved whatsoever, kindly walk into any bank of your choice and enquire to open a minor account for your child which may be referred to as kids account too.

For example:

  • UBA has “Kids savings account”
  • GTBank has “Smart kids save”
  • Zenith bank has the “Zeca”
  • Standard chartered has “My dream account”
  • First bank has the “KidsFirst”
  • Access  bank has the “Early saver account”
  • Polaris bank has the “Polaris rainbow account,” etc.


  • You will need to provide a valid Identity card in any of the following categories (Driver’s license, voter’s card, national ID card, and International passport)
  • 2 colored passport photographs each of yourself and your child/ward.
  • A utility bill as prove of residence acclaimed
  • You will be required to complete a kid’s account form
  • Your BVN

Having filled the form and upon confirmation of accuracy of every detail provided the account will be profiled and you can credit and start using the bank account at once.

Per adventure you wish to open an account for your child/ward, kindly check out the list of best children bank accounts in Nigeria.


It then stands that minor account in Nigeria is possible, however, guarded under certain conditions which confer the responsibility of operating such account on the parent/ward. The minor can take over the operations of such account having attained 18 years and above expressly.

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