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Make money blogging: A guide on how to start a successful blog

Make money blogging: A guide on how to start a successful blog

How to start a successful blog is one of the most searched terms on Google search engine if you’re conversant with the reality of making a fortune online.

It’s a pity that even at this point so many people/young stars still doubt the potency of making money online especially through blogging. Not to worry anyway, in this guide, I will show you not only how successful you can run a blog, but how you can equally make money off it the right way.

For the benefit of anyone coming across the concept blogging for the first time, I deem it necessary to make this guide as elementary and explanatory as possible that even a 10 year old can implement its strategy and succeed with a blogging career.


A blog is an online journal or informational website showcasing information, it’s a platform where a writer shares his/her views on a particular subject. Blogs are normally showcased online.

A perfect example of a blog is what you’re reading right now, you arrived on this blog Financengr because it’s been hosted online as well contains information that interest you a lot. A blog contains relevant information which the reader must find helpful to either satisfy curiosity or solve a problem. Now you understand what a blog is, let’s move on.


I blogger is an online publisher, who writes and publish blog contents for interested readers, contents usually targeted at a section of readers with same interest.

What this means is that “Raphael Orji” being the owner of this blog is a blogger. I write and publish this content how to start a successful blog and you’re reading it to unravel how to be a success blogging. Isn’t that explanatory, hope you’re nodding in affirmative?

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Taking an  exploration in this topic, you will get conversant with the following as well:

How to start a blog for free

How to start a blog and make money

Blogging for beginners

How to start a blog WordPress

WordPress blog

Tips for a successful blog lunch

Starting a blog in 2018

Blogging platforms and many more to mention just a few.

Explanation of terms.

  • Blog content: You might have come across this word “blog content”, this is the actual sauce that will to a great extent determine the success of your blog, yes you heard me right, thus the parlance that says “content is king” If you actually have a genuine intent to be a successful blogger, you must have the ability and power to create not just quality, but great exceptional contents.

Contents are likewise referred to as blog post you publish on your blog for your readers. If your readers find your contents and work to be reach and resourceful, then you’re on your way to experiencing a boom in less than no time.

The importance of a great content cannot be overemphasized, this is where your blogging career kick starts.

You should have the ability to write compelling articles, which must be unique and informative in every sense for your readers to trust your judgment and knowledge of the niche you operate, thus giving their loyalties as returning readers which is what every blog craves for.

Do not copy and paste other bloggers work on your blog, you will not succeed with it, Google panda will hit you badly and demote your blog. If you must feature another blogger’s work, do afford to give credit back to such blogger by mentioning them and giving a link back to the source. That’s fair enough.

If you must cite their work in this case do not copy word to word, give an executive and brand summary of the content in your own unique language, hope you understand?

how to start a successful blog
how to start a successful blog
  • Blog traffic: Blog traffic refers to your blog visitors or readers who will often call to your blog to read your latest content. Blog readers could be unique or returning readers, unique readers are those readers who visit your blog for the very first time, while returning readers are like your loyal readers who would have bookmarked your blog and will always visit to see what’s new.

Your second success propeller is your blog traffic, if you write a unique, quality and exceptional content and nobody gets to see or read it, you definitely have not made a step and that alone is capable of frustrating you out of blogging, it will mare your journey on how to start a successful blog.

On how to position your blog to get the traffic you desire at all time, I will reveal that to you in simple steps as we advance into this journey.


To start a blog, you will need two principal components usually

  • The Domain name and
  • The hosting plan.

Domain name: is a name you wish your blog to be known with, this is the particular parameter your readers and visitors will type online then land on your blog afterwards. It’s your unique identity, no two blogs have one domain exact name, they could appear to be similar but not exactly the same. is a domain name, is likewise a domain name, hope that’s clear?

The hosting plan: A hosting plan is like buying an air subscription where you will host your domain name which is your blog. You will have to buy a hosting plan to keep your blog/domain name alive online for your visitors or readers to access it at any time. Your host is the power house that gives you online access, I want to believe that this point is understandable, clear and void of any form of ambiguity.

You should however be careful with the type of host you choose to use, a host ability to guarantee online presence at all time will definitely mean a great success for your blog, but if your host is always down and prone to Cyber attack, your blog may not survive and will lose Google ranking. Personally I prefer an American host, there are lists of other good hosts but I prefer the one I just mentioned, tested and trusted.

Blog Niche: This is your area of specialty, this refers to a particular audience your blog contents seek to solve their issues. You should not be a jack of all trade, narrow down your blog to a specific audience and niche. As a matter of fact Google indexes and rank niche blogs faster and easier preferably than general niche. Example of niche are: Music, Fashion, Gossip and celebrity news, Tech, Finance, sports, photography etc.


Blogger: You can actually start a blog for free on a Blogger platform on Google but I will advise you consider a hosted blog. Google has the right to take over all of your contents on blogger whenever they deem fit

WordPress: A hosted blog is business ideal if you hope to make money from your blog, WordPress offers such opportunity to customize your blog however you want it to appear unlike blogger. This is in other words a self-hosted business oriented platform. Give a node in affirmative to prove you’re enjoying how to start a successful blog, lolz.

Once you’ve decided to get a domain name and hosting, you’re about to start a wordpress blog, the next phase should now be the installation proper. You will have to install your wordpress blog to go live, then you’re ready to start publishing your contents. Go here to learn how to install a wordpress blog……..

Now let’s assume you have succeeded in setting up your wordpress blog, the next step should be publicizing and making your blog contents go viral so as to get readers who are the actual reason you decide to go into blogging in the first place.


To get people to read your contents, you will have to write optimized posts, I will still detail optimization of post as it concerns how to start a successful blog in this article.

You can make your contents go viral by sharing them on social media like

how to start a successful blog
how to start a successful blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Instergram, you will need to link these handles to your wordpress so that you will have automatic shares the moment you publish a content. Even boosting contents via facebook ads and all that.


SEO: This stands for Search Engine Optimization, as a blogger your best friend is Google. Google is the largest search engine that ever exists in the history of man, just like facebook is leading social media today.

Google is a search engine, which billions of people visit on daily basis in search of vital information to aid whatever reason suits their objectives. With this trend in mind, you must write a content that’s optimizes, which means the search engine will like to visit and crawl such content, index it then rank its page so that whoever searches for anything in the dimension of such content will land on your blog.

You cannot get Google visitors if you do not write optimized contents, Google can send you thousands of visitors a day if you write Search Engine Optimized contents.

how to start a successful blog
how to start a successful blog

SEO involves the following on page and off page:

Keyword Planning and analysis

Unique contents

Quality Backlinks off page

Links on page

Yoast application

Responsive site with good construction and ease of navigation for visitors

Proper utilization of keyword at the right places.

You will have to do a proper keyword search on every topic you want to write about to suggest if there are actually readers for such topic and the keyword you selected. You can use Google Keyword Planner for your keyword analysis. Also Semrush and Keyword Finder are cool, you can use their free versions to generate a long tail keyword for your blog posts.

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I have stressed on writing unique contents before now, make sure your content is original and very rich, this way it will attract readership and avalanche of shares to go viral on social media. Google will rank your blog higher for this trend and that will result to high traffic.

Backlinks is one parameter Google uses in ranking blogs these days, to get a quality backlink you will have to write guest posts on blogs with high Domain authority in your niche.

On page links, suggests you should link your existing articles to your current posts so your readers can easily see and read your other contents with similar information on your blog.

You will have to install a wordpress  Yoast plugin to your blog, this will help you with detailed score of your content to ascertain if it’s Ok to go alive and convert readers for you.

I will write extensively in details about SEO on this blog, just stay glued. SEO wins the whole struggle, if you gets it right, your blog will soar to the high heavens with human traffic.


I started this article by hinting about running a successful blog, a blog is said to be successful if it has been able to command a huge traffic, loyal readership which the blogger in turn converts to money.

Now that you have been able to get readership to your blog, it’s time to convert this traffic to money. You need to start making money from your blog the moment you hit a reasonable traffic and that’s what we call monetization in blogging.

You can monetize your blog in different ways depending on what works for you and your audience. The following are monetization strategies you can adopt on how to start a successful blog.

  • Place Google ads: Google ads are adverts placed on your blog by Google as a publisher, once your blog visitors clicks on it you will make a certain amount of money determined by a parameter known as the CPC or cost per click. If you have taken a good look on this blog you will find out that this blog operates on Google ads as one of its monetization strategy. It’s that simple, all you need to do is apply for AdSense and place the code on your blog to start showing ads to your blog readers, but do not place it in excess as to disrupt the readers’ comfort.


  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a monetization strategy whereby you sell other peoples’ products on your blog for a commission. You will have to register as an affiliate partner with the company, you will be given an affiliate link to place on your blog, once any of your visitors click the link, follows it to make a purchase online you will be paid a certain amount known as affiliate commission for selling such item through your blog. Affiliate partnership is always good for fashion and tech blogs from my observation. Who sales clothes, shoes, hand bags, Phones and electronic gadgets. The likes of jiji, Konga, Click Bank, Amazon all thrives on affiliate partnership.


  • Sell your own products: you can make money as a blogger selling your own products to your readers, this is even the best. You will have to make all the money for yourself. But the product you will sell have to conform with the niche you’re writing about. You can teach people your expertise and charge a fee for it so long they’re in need of it.


  • Sell information products: Teach people the “How to concept” this type of products sell like wild fire. Package a product with solution people are looking for in form of an e-book, they will be more than willing to pay for it at a competitive price.


  • Place banner ads and collect money: In exchange, big brands will contact you to place their banner ads on your blog, this will usually happen if you have a huge traffic. They are placing their banner with you to reach a wider audience especially if your niche meets their kind of products. To enjoy this, you will have to put up a media kit on your blog to show you’re out to accept banner ads. Include your stats in the media kit to give them a brief overview in decision making.


  • Write sponsored posts: You can write a review of a products and get paid for it, you stand chances of being offered such products for free to use and see how it is to enable you write about it constructively in its entirety. Manufacturing companies will contact you for this especially, preferably in your niche.



I wish to tell you this honest truth, blogging is not an easy adventure, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for an avenue to start making money immediately, blogging is not the answer.

But the good news for anyone who’s ready to work hard and maintain relative patience is that blogging can actually make you a millionaire. If you can be patient enough and work hard on your blog, publishing killer and relevant articles for your audience on a steady basis, you will surely smile in a matter of time. What matters is writing helpful posts for your audience, you will then command huge traffic then the money will follow. This should guide you enough on how to start a successful blog. Do you have questions on this topic, Send an email to us Below.
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Kindly endeavor to share this post as well, thank you for your time.

2 comments on “Make money blogging: A guide on how to start a successful blog

Raphael Orji

Hi sir, kip up d gud work. I recently activated an account with access bank, did transactions like 2 tyms only for me to go back today and was told i cant transact because my bvn has been linked to an old abandoned account i once had with access. The old account has a different name but the signature is same as my what am i to do to retrieve the situation

Raphael Orji

Good day IBK,
Thank you for being here.
For the issue you had with your old account, kindly get an affidavit for change of name. The new name should be the same with the name on your BVN which I supposed is the same with your new account as well.

Take an ID card bearing the new name with you to the court for your affidavit thereafter make the ID card and sworn affidavit available for the Bank to effect your name change, that way you can access the old account and any other one with the bank.
Hope that helps?


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