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M1 Finance sign up – How to trade, invest and build wealth

M1 Finance sign up – M1 finance is an investment app/platform with similar features to an online broker. Investors on M1 finance can choose from self-directed trading or automated investing.

This could be a good investment if you wish to buy and sell stocks on ETFs. For a passive investor the automated feature is ideal, though still ideal for active traders since it offers option for individual traders too.

Advantages of investing with M1 finance

  • It operate on a principle of low deposit
  • Having sign up you can have access to over 80 professional portfolios
  • You can access ETF orders and fractional shares
  • If you operate a standard account you can carry out automated trade at no fee attached.

However, there could be some down-sides to using the M1 finance, investments are strictly on shares and ETF, you may not have ideal access to human advisory support, there’s a trading window timeline which could limit your access and control over investment and transactions, additionally the customer service support could be limited at a time.

M1 finance sign up

To balance your investment, cash management and borrowing, the M1 finance app provides these features and more in one unique umbrella

To get started, you will have to download the app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Using the M1 finance app your card can be integrated directly to the platform, there’s also a reward measured on cash for all qualified purchases.

M1 finance review

M1 finance is founded in 2015 and headquartered in Chicago.

M1 finance is an investment app that offers both self-directed trading alongside automated investing with a competitive advantage to choose preferred stocks, ETFs you wish to invest in.

Targeted users

M1 finance is suitable for investors who have little or no skills but want their portfolios managed for them.

To choose from is about 6000 plus stocks and ETFs which affords an endearing flexibility for every investors.

How it works

On the M1 finance platform, you are offered a link that combines both robo-advisor and an online brokerage. However you’re not expected to respond to questionnaire on assessing your investment goals, risk tolerance having signed up as has been the case with investment platforms.

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The process of buying and selling your investments are automated, hence, you are not expected to participate or raise a finger, strictly rely on expert advice.

The account tiers offered

M1 finance offers two tiers of accounts usually the

  • M1 basic – which does not charge annual fee with all trades consummated once annually, where you have a $125 per annual waved for the first year
  • M1 plus – This is referred as the tier that offers a second afternoon trading window with a lower margin borrowing rates, ATM withdrawals are free.

How your money is being invested

Like you’ve known, it’s either you opt for a pre-made portfolio or create your own investment yourself.

Pre-made investment portfolios

These are the portfolios already existing you can choose from, there are about 100 of these portfolios waiting for your decision usually known as expert pies often organized in the following categories

  • General investing: This is similar to robor-advisor portfolios, however made for specific risk appetite. It houses other options with ten diversified stock, bond, real estate, and ETFs.
  • Retirement portfolios: This is more of a target date portfolio, specific of retirement year in five years increment with each year offering a moderate and conservative allocation.
  • Responsible investing: If you want a socially responsible portfolio, this plan is ideal. You have a window to choose between U.S. or international social responsible investing.
  • Income: Ideal for CDs,
  • Hedge fund followers
  • Stocks and bonds.

Custom investment portfolios

Investors who want to control and direct their portfolios can build on the custom investment, there are virtually about 60 ETFs and stocks to choose from in this category.

These are usually listed on the New York Stock  Exchange, BATs stock exchanges, etc. You have the responsibility to select your preferred stock .

M1 finance fees

M1 finance is known to be light on fees , with zero trading commissions on stocks and ETFs.

However, there’s a $100 minimum requirement and $500 minimum balance requirements for retirement account.

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The fees are in this order      

  • Annual fee = $0
  • Marginal loan interest rate = 3.50%
  • M1 spend APY = 0%
  • ATM fee reimbursement = 1/month
  • International debit purchase fee = 0.8% to 1.0%


If you are looking for an ideal option to access both self-directed trading and automated investing, Follow this link for your M1 finance sign up today.

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