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Little known ways plumbers in Los Angeles can promote their service online

Plumbers in Los Angeles –   Plumbing is a vital component of housing construction, be it commercial, hospitality or home purpose. The services of a plumber is required on and off the construction phase.

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As a plumber you can fix some of the most persistent leak problems for local residence and around the city, however, you need to be a go to kind of service man following your track records to deliver good jobs in town.

Where you have gained this milestone, it becomes even necessary to make yourself available in the most conspicuous way.

You are running a competitive service in Los Angeles, that said, as a plumber in Los Angeles you should see a need to have an online presence where you could gain trust and attract customers easily with little or no stress attached.

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Having examined plumbing services closely, I’ve been able to come up with a few known ideas that can help you promote your plumbing service in Los Angeles.

Create a website

Creating a website for your plumbing service should be a first point of call to penetrate the local market, there’s no rocket science attached.

Your website should state conspicuously your service offering, details and quotes, etc.

How to get started? Kindly buy a domain name and hosting plan from a domain and hosting service provider.

Feel free to choose from any of the service providers that suits you, however, I strongly recommend Name cheap domain and hosting service.

They don’t only offer variety and affordable packages that suit your budget, these products are complemented with a stellar 24/7 uptime and top-notch customer service that endears its customers.

Choosing a domain name: Your domain name should be short and precise with related keyword that depicts your service appropriately.

If you have a business name as Greg Andres Plumbing services, you may choose a domain name thus; Gregplumbing or Andresplumbing.

The uniqueness of a service keyword is to enable your website come up on the search engine ranking when a potential client is in need of the service of plumbers in Los Angeles/your area and typed a search query on any search engine.

Your website must contain the following,

Home page: The home page should serve as the landing page for your potential clients who need to enquire about you.

They should be able to find catalogues of your previous works/samples. Just do your best to sell your service on your home page.

Always ask for testimonials from clients who are genuinely satisfied with your service. Upload testimonials, they serve as a convincing facts to your potential clients that you’ve been rendering great service.

About page: If I visit your website for the first time, aside the home page my next point of call should be “the about page.”

Why do I visit the about page? Because it sums up categorically what you do, how you do it and what I should expect as to extent of satisfaction if eventually I hire you for a plumbing service.

Your about page should not only be appealing, but must have the ability to work on the emotion of a supposed potential client, beat the buyer objection hands down.

Be the number one plumber in Los Angeles, your reasons and ideas must not only sound convincing, should be verifiable if need be. Famously comes why you should have compelling testimonials and work samples.

Contact page: While you expect clients looking to hire a qualified plumber to locate you, you must not fail to make a means through which they should reach you available.

The contact page is an idea through which your clients could contact you for enquiries and quotes.

Always ensure to have a contact phone number and email address available on the contact page for easy access.

Always check your email and provide responses genuinely and timely to each client at a time.

Service page: At this point the service page should narrow what your expertise is. Tell your clients what you can offer in sequence.

Blog/create content within your line of service

Any business that blogs stays ahead of competitors in customer acquisition and business solutions.

Blogging does not only present you as an expert, it provides an avenue where you can solve your clients pain points, it creates recognition and builds trust with your potential clients.

Blogging gives an edge by pulling traffic to your business website, this can be achieved with good SEO strategy in in mind.

You may blog the following topics,

  • Pool water treatment products
  • Water softness and conditioning
  • How to renovate pool
  • How to help your plumbing system to last longer
  • How to remove a drain stopper
  • How to take care of your plumbing pipes
  • When and how to invest in drain cleaning services
  • How to install a toilet
  • Risks associated with putting off plumbing repairs
  • Why your AC system is not blowing cold enough
  • Benefits of air duct cleaning
  • Trenchless vs traditional pipe repair, which is more affordable?
  • Tips to save money on plumbing repairs
  • Threats to your home sewer line
  • Why and how to avoid water dripping from heat pump

Write on aspects of plumbing that help address clients, households, commercial and other plumbing issues that can drive traffic to your website.

Use Facebook ads and strategic landing page

Running ads targeting your local community will bring your service to fore before your potential clients who didn’t know you exist even.

There are other plumbers in Los Angeles who have get clients by running ads, you too can win and get noticed by paying few dollars on Facebook and run your ads.

Ensure to target Los Angeles residence since you are looking to operate within its geographical location, Facebook algorithm will display your ads to Facebook users with your community and preferred users.

Leverage Instagram and Twitter influencers

Get to meet influencers on any of these social network platforms, they’ll charge few dollars to talk about you.

Ensure to use influencers within Los Angeles, they are likely to have followers who reside within same area, if you go viral chances are you’ll get clients outside Los Angeles.

Start a YouTube channel

The YouTube platform offers a great resources for marketing your service on the web. Focus on creating useful videos that detailed problems you solve in your blogs already, you will eventually reach a vast amount of people, be concerned and focus on adding value.

Collaborate with bloggers in your area

Reach out to bloggers in your line of service since they have existing audience you can tap from. Sponsor posts on blogs that write on particular subjects that directly correlates to your line of service.


Plumbers in Los Angeles can turn their service around in a short while by applying the strategy listed in this guide. This applies to plumbers in California, Alabama, Texas, New York, Arizona, etc.

Get started today, kindly drop your enquiries via comment box below, be sure to get a desired response shortly.

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