List of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria and how to get one

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria – If you have followed the economic policy closely in Nigeria you will understand that while Nigerians are trying to embrace digital trends certain policies are scuffing efforts, and that’s not too good for all.

One of such trends is the inability of the Nigerian banks naira master cards to complete payments online, most often than not you will hardly succeed with making a payment online for goods and services.

While the naira master cards may have failed or decline transactions there are few virtual dollar cards in Nigeria that’ll complete your payments in time like this.

For example, where a naira master card completes a payment online, such cards are compelled by certain policy not to exceed a predetermined threshold most recently pegged at $100 spent limit for one month.

Arguably, these decisions are coming at a time young and adult Nigerians are beginning to embrace online shopping, digital payment, and all forms of mini and digital trade to at least get off the bane of unemployment that has bedeviled the nation.

If by any means you fall within the aforementioned category of users or beyond, rest assured having read this guide you’ll find a lasting solution to your payment issues going forward.

What is virtual dollar card?

The term virtual dollar card here refers to a non-physical or usual card denominated in dollar which users/buyers can use to complete online payments for goods and services.

Note-worthy, the dollar virtual card serves as an advance payment device for Nigerians given that it mostly works where the Nigerian naira master cards fail to work.

Benefits of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

  • Ease and convenience with which a virtual dollar card comes with cannot be underscored
  • With a virtual card, your naira is easily converted to dollar without stress whatsoever
  • Being that a virtual dollar card is generally accepted by popular and international websites, there’s no restriction to the extent or where it can be used for payment. You do not have to entertain fears as to whether your transaction will be declined at the point of payment.
  • Most often, virtual cards are not associated with outrageous charges.
  • Safety is guaranteed, think of it this way. Most times you will need to carry your naira master card around in this instance you cannot rule out the chances of theft or misplacement which may lead to possession by unauthorized user hence may result to lose of fund. The virtual card is a non-physical card as such security is highly guaranteed.

#1. ALAT (Wema bank)

Alat is a foremost digital bank in Nigeria and a Wema bank product with every feature wherein customers manage their bank accounts real time from the comfort of their location.

As an ALAT owner you are at leverage to sign up for a dollar virtual card just like you can own any other card.

How to sign up for an ALAT virtual dollar card

Kindly follow the below guideline,

  • Head over to Google Play store/IOS to download the ALAT app
  • Sign up and log in
  • Having arrived on menu, click on “card”
  • Then click on “ALAT dollar cards” proceed to create a new card
  • Complete the field and create your virtual card.

#2. Eversend virtual dollar card

The need to deepen financial inclusion across Africa cannot be underscored, in this light eversend virtual dollar card provides a platform where financial product users in the continent can send, exchange and save their money instantly within the region.

The unique feature with eversend is the ease at which you can hold multi-currency in your wallet conveniently.

It operates in a mobile money model aside the eversend itself, money can be send and received across

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana and
  • Uganda

Eversend was built with a dynamic security which allows a user to freeze and unfreeze his account at any point where suspicion is felt in event where unauthorized users may access the virtual dollar card or even the ordinary account.

How to sign up for Eversend virtual dollar card

  • Head over to Google play store/IOS operating systems available, download the Eversend app
  • Sign up and log in, then locate the “Cards” and click on it, click the “Create new card” icon.
  • There’s an option to include a preferred amount you wish your card holds,
  • Enter a PIN to confirm, always use the “Add money feature” to fund your Eversend virtual dollar card.”

#3. Eyowo Virtual dollar card

Eyowo provides one of the unique virtual dollar cards in Nigeria that enhances payment in online platforms for ease of transactions.

With Eyowo you can send payment, and receive money with just your phone number, besides you can fund your virtual card with as low as $1.

Cardless ATM withdrawal is enabled too for users of Eyowo.

How to sign up for Eyowo virtual dollar card

  • Kindly visit Google Play store/IOS to download the Eyowo app
  • Sign up and log in to the Eyowo platform
  • Click on “More”
  • Click on “Eyowo dollar cards” then proceed to “Create card”
  • Fund your virtual card afterward.

#4. Wallet Africa

Wallet Africa is one of the virtual dollar cards providers in Nigeria, if you wish to get your account statement real time Wallet Africa has a feature embedded to serve your purpose, you can as well access a plastic ATM card of various features.

How to sign up for Wallet Africa virtual dollar card

  • Kindly download the app on Google play store/IOS operating system
  • Sin up, log in to open an account
  • You can fund your wallet using an ATM card or bank transfer method
  • Click on “cards” afterward go to the “Create a virtual dollar card.”

#5 Barter virtual dollar card (Flutterwave)

Barter has proved to be one of the very fintech

giants that have been reshaping the face of finance in Nigeria at large. Though a product of Flutterwave, Barter has continued to dominate by providing a virtual dollar card in Nigeria for savvy tech and online shoppers to complete their payments at every given time.

How to sign up for Barter virtual dollar card

  • Kindly download the Barter mobile app
  • Sign up and log in
  • Upload your details and the necessary KYC as required
  • Add money
  • Click on create new card, fund your virtual wallet and you are good to commence your online payment.

#6. FXKudi virtual dollar card

FXkudi virtual dollar card allows users to send and receive payment online.

How to sign up for an FXKudi virtual dollar card

  • Kindly download FXKudi app or visit the website to sign up
  • Log in to your account and carry out necessary settings and KYC
  • Fund your account then create your FXKudi virtual dollar card.

#7. Spectrocard

Spectrocard is one of the best virtual dollar cards to pay for services on platforms that accept MasterCard as a means of payment, such platforms include but not limited to Amazon, Aliexpress, etc.

How to sign up for a Spectrocard

  • Kindly create an account with Spectrocard
  • Do update your account with necessary information
  • Fund your account and create a virtual dollar card for your transaction processing.

#8. Bitsika virtual dollar card

Bitsika is a Fintech company that provides a payment gateway from your wallet to other accounts.

You can generate a virtual VISA card instantly on the Bitsika platform and use same to complete your payment online.

With Bitsika wallet you can buy and sell bitcoin, dollar stable coin, etc.

Bitsika for now serves a payment gateway between Ghana and Nigeria

#9. Fundall virtual dollar card

Fundall virtual dollar card is a pre-paid dollar denominated card that allows you to make payments and shop online from anywhere in the world.

It has a feature that allows you to create multiple cards on your fundall account.

How to sign up for a Fundall virtual dollar card

  • Download the app and sign up
  • Click on the “Spend feature”
  • Select the “Card option” then add new card
  • Choose the virtual USD card option
  • Add a label and a preferred billing address to your card as a way to customize it
  • Kindly fund your card with amount not less than $5
  • Once your virtual card has been funded, click on “fund card” to complete the card creation.


Gone are days when Nigerians are stuck with no options to complete dollar payments abroad at the merchant websites.

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are powered to complete your payments in USD where the native cards have failed, that said there’s no limit to where you can carry out your transaction around the world without leaving the shores of Nigeria.

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