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Koinwa officially commences operations [sales, purchases and stores bitcoins] in Nigeria

Koinwa enables individuals in nigeria to buy, sell and store bitcoins with there safe and secure wallets.

You probably have heard about bitcoin, but didn’t have a lead forward, may be looking for a reliable platform to buy, sell or get bitcoin stored as value?

Koinwa is the place that makes your dreams and aspirations meet reality.

We are one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in Nigeria.

It’s a user friendly platform built specially for new bitcoin users, to navigate their way around without stress.

Also, expert and skilled bitcoin users will enjoy our robust and seamless platform better.

Our aim is to allow seamless transaction without third party or waste of resources.

What makes us unique from other cryptocurrency platforms is our focus on one crytocurrency (Bitcoin).

More so, the free knowledge sharing about bitcoin for anyone interested in knowing more since it’s a new innovation.

what we offer in koinwa.

1. Free bitcoin knowledge sharing blog

2. The current real time bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies is always on display

3. Quick and convenient bitcoin payment options

4. Secure bitcoin wallet to send, receive and store bitcoin

5. Trade your gift cards on koinwa 

6. Buy and sell bitcoins 

7. Store your bitcoins

8. Convenient and easy navigation 

9. No withdrawal fees for bank transfers into any Nigerian bank account

10. We grant peer to peer bitcoin loan.

How Koinwa is Making Our Lives Better Through Bitcoins

Unlike every other cryptocurrency platform, koinwa is the only platform that encourages peer to peer 0% bitcoin loan aside peer to peer payment system.

This is aimed at alleviating Nigeria/Africa from poverty and also to eliminate the 25 percent charged by financial institutions. 

How Do I Get Sarted?

Kindly visit our website to register and enjoy the virtual currency revolution.


Instagram: koinwa_1

Twitter: koinwa

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