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Is worldRemit legit, can it be trusted with my money?

Is worldRemit legit – You probably are looking to use the WorldRemit money transfer platform for the first time, if this applies to you then the question “Is worldRemit legit” is inevitable.

However, this guide will answer the aforesaid question as well as educate you on various fronts as regards the worldRemit money transfer platform.

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a cross boarder money transfer solution that allows you to send and receive money from clients, family and friends across various countries and service locations.

The transfers are swift, fast, secure and reliable. Using the worldRemit platform, you can send and receive money using your computer, smart phone or app.

That said, the question “ Is WorldRemit legit” was born out of sheer concern for security of funds by potential users who are looking to use the platform for their money transfers for the first time.

How it works

To use the worldRemit service, you will need to download and install the app available on Google and Apple store for Android and IOS operating systems.

Having downloaded and installed the app, you will need to sign up by providing your details as outlined on the app.

Thereafter link your credit card with the your worldRemit account from where you’ll pay and send your transfers.

The beautiful thing about worldRemit is; low cost and better exchange rates and lower fees than most conventional banks and money transfer platforms.

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Transfers are readily available in minutes, the beneficiary picks up the transfer without delay as soon as it’s been completed.

Where you can send money from

You can send money from over 50 countries around the world which include from;

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Australia Oceania
  • Europe and
  • Middle East

You can send money to

  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ghana
  • Colombia
  • Morocco
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya, etc.

To the question “Is worldRemit legit?

I can assure you without sentiment whatsoever that worldRemit is legit and reliable to do business with and here are my reasons.

1 The website and apps are specifically designed to ensure your account and funds are protected from unauthorized access/login attempts.

WorldRemit implements strict verification processes to ensure that all their customers are uniquely identified. In this case they protect genuine people and deter criminals from having access to the platform.

They have a dedicated team who monitor customer accounts and transactions for signs of unusual activities.

2. There’s no negative review about worldRemit or any of its services by existing or old customers.

3. There’s an identified money doubling scheme reported to be operating in Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries under the pseudo name “Worldremit” kindly be informed that this fraudulent scheme is different from the globally renowned Fintech, “WorldRemit” which is in the business of international money transfer.

WorldRemit meets the following standards

  • It’s large, safe and established international money transfer
  • IT’s FCA regulated under payment service and electronic  payment regulations in the Uk.
  • It has a strict account verification process
  • Secure website and app service
  • Dedicated team of anti-fraud analysts to protect its customers
  • It has over 5.7 million customers
  • Consummate transfer volume of 26.7 million USD annually.

As a global business, WorldRemit is also licensed and regulated according to local laws in any other country in which they operate

WorldRemit review trust pilot

WorldRemit has a positive review of over 60,658 on Trustpilot which is considered great with a four star.

WorldRemit app

The WorldRemit app provides a suitable platform for its customers to access the service; send and receive money from clients, friends and family.

The app security feature ensures the safety of your funds and information.

The app can be downloaded on the Google and app store available for Android and IOS operating systems.

WorldRemit pros and cons


  • It has a broad range of delivery options which include cash collection for almost instant service
  • It has a well rated app and a global network of agents for payments all over the world
  • It models your payment cost online so you can check options, fees and exchange rates.


  • The cost include transfer fees and markup on exchange rate, and can vary depending on the delivery method you prefer
  • Not all delivery methods are available in all locations
  • Check out online reviews before you get started so you can have the picture of service available.

WorldRemit customer service

You want to contact WorldRemit for enquiries, questions and concerns, kindly use the below numbers;

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Somaliland: +252 252 3737

South Africa:  +27 105 0069 22

Rwanda: +250 788 129 800

Uganda: 0800 113 017


Japan: +813 4588 8160

Hong Kong: +852 800 938 101

Malaysia: +60 1800 818 717

Philippines: +63 285 4000 31


Australia: +61 1800 569135

New Zealand: +64 800 995 011


Belgium: +32 800 54282

Croatia: +38 517 776 397

Denmark: +45 7879 2981

France: +33 805 220535

Italy: +39 06 94803110

Germany: +49 800 112 2299

Netherlands: +31 203 697 480

Norway: +47 21 99 94 85

Spain: +34 900839 435

Switzerland: +414 350 86414

United Kingdom

UK: +44203 9666899

USA & Canada

Canada: +1833 596 0890

Canada (French) +1833 719 0499

USA: +1855 383 7579

Rest of the world: +44 203 9666899.


WorldRemit is legit, you can send and receive money from clients, friends and family at the speed of light, The money is available for pickup almost immediately. A feature that makes it even endearing to its users.

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