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Is Sendwave legit to send and receive cross-border transfers?

Is Sendwave legit – Sendwave is a money transfer platform that allows its users to send money across to family and friends, as well as to pay freelancers for services rendered, etc.

Sendwave can meet and solve the barrier of sending money to your loved ones in Africa, Asia and America.

About Sendwave

In 2014, Drew Durbin got fed up with hassles, high fees and low guarantees that came with sending money to his NGO in Tanzania.

Given this, Drew and his friend Lincoln created Sendwave, an app that safely and quickly sends money from North America and Europe to various countries across Africa and Asia usually for family upkeep, medical, emergency, etc.

Send wave Countries/you can send money from

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • The United States

Countries you can receive sendwave transfers/is Senewave legit

  • Bangladesh
  • Cote d’voire
  • Cameroon
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ghana
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Lebanon
  • Sri Lanka
  • Liberia
  • Morocco
  • Madagascar
  • Nigeria
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Thailand
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam

How does Sendwave works?

Sendwave allows its clients to send money to select countries from their debit card. Sendwave does not allow credit card or Paypal funds.

All you’ve got to do is download and install the Sendwave app available on Google and App stores for both Android and IOS operating systems.

Sign up on the app for a free account, enter the sending and payment details, amount you want to send then send your money.

Kindly understand that Sendwave doesn’t charge you transfer fees like other money transfer platforms, instead makes its money from offering you an exchange rate slightly above the mid-market rate when you exchange currency.

How long it takes to transfer money on Sendwave?

Apparently, if you are sending money via sendwave, it should take about 30 minutes for the money to be delivered to your recipient’s mobile wallet as a payment method.

However, transfers could take longer if you are sending money for cash pick-up, should you be racing against time, kindly double check delivery speeds before sending your transfers.

What are Sendwave sending limits?

The sending limits usually depends, if you are a new client you can start sending from;

  • $999 per day to $2,999 per month

However, if you are looking to increase your limits as time goes on you will need to verify your account with sadwave using a government-issued ID.

Having completed your verification, your limits will be increased to;

  • $2,999 per day to $12,999 per month.

Ways I can send money with Sendwave

Kindly understand that sendwave provides avalanche of options to send/receive money; you can send money to mobile wallets like the M-Pesa, MTN and Airtel, bank accounts, and cash pick-up locations.

However, a delivery method you should choose depends on the receiver’s destination or country.

For example;

Mobile wallets is ideal for receivers in;

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • Senegal and
  • Liberia

Bank account is ideal for receives in;

  • Kenya
  • Uganda and
  • Nigeria

Cash pick is ideal for receivers in;

  • Senegal and
  • Nigeria

How to send money from Sendwave

  • Kindly download and install the Sendwave mobile app on Google or App store as the case applies for Android and IOS operating systems
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Enter your debit card information
  • Verify your identity
  • Enter the receiver’s name in the right order as contained in their valid ID card approved in their home country as well as their phone number, enter amount.
  • Send your transfer.

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How to receive money from Sendwave

As a receiver, ,the money will arrive in different ways depending on a pick-up preference by the sender.

If the money is being routed via your mobile money wallets, kindly visit the money agent location which could be M-Pesa, MTN or Airtel mobile money agent.

Provide the details of transactions sent to your phone to the agent, who should in turn use it to process your payout.

If the money is routed via your bank account, kindly visit the bank with your valid and approved ID card which contains your name as inputted in the transaction correctly.

Complete a withdrawal slip and your payout will be processed immediately.

Note: Receiver’s in Nigeria can only receive their money in USD, kindly be informed that you are required to provide a domiciliary account to receive this fund, this should have been made available to sender at the point which the transfer was processed.

For cash pick-up, kindly visit the agent location or the bank for Nigerians to get your payout, remember to go with the transaction voucher and one time password.

You will be required to complete a sendwave transfer form alongside make available your valid ID card which could any of

  • Valid voters card
  • Valid national ID card
  • Valid international passport
  • Valid driver’s license and a
  • BVN strictly for Nigerians.

The ID card provided should have the same name detail as the name inputted in the transaction by the sender oversea.

You can pick up your transfer in any of these banks;

  • Access bank
  • Zenith bank
  • Fidelity or
  • GTBank

All you need is your voucher code received via phone, valid ID card and your mobile phone number.

You are not required to have an account with the bank to pick a transfer, it’s available for walk-in customers.

You may as well send to the receiver’s domiciliary accounts at;

  • Access bank
  • GTBank
  • UBA and
  • First bank, the fund will be directly deposited into their account, they will have to withdraw normally like it’s done from a naira account by completing a withdrawal slip.

Note: Before proceeding to the bank, the receiver will receive two SMS; the first one will contain the voucher code, the second one will contain the one-time-password “OTP.”

Visit any of the aforesaid banks, give the teller the voucher code and password alongside a valid ID as outlined above, your transfer will be processed and you will collect your money.

Is Sendwave legit?

To the question “Is sendwave legit” the answer is “Yes.”

Now see why, Sendwave is a licensed money transfer platform that meets every legal requirements in the countries it operates.

It’s transactions are encrypted through a 128-bit connection and doesn’t store your personal or financial info in its database.

Sendwave doesn’t hold any of your money in its bank accounts, as a matter of transparency all money is moved to your recipient instantly.

Sendwave exchange rate to Nigeria

The exchange rate to Nigeria usually depends on the daily available interbank rate. Kindly check through the CBN interbank rate to ascertain this, please.

Sendwave vs Western Union

Western union is an industry giant money transfer outfit that sends money to virtually almost every country.

You can process a Western Union transfer from your app or from an agent location. The receiver could either receive directly through their bank account or across the counter via cash pick-up, payments are made strictly in USD at this time, for Nigerians.

Almost every bank in Nigeria offers the Western Union transfer service, in the past you can receive and send outbound transfers, however, it’s restricted to only inbounds at this time.

There are just a few or limited banks that offer the Sendwave transfers in Nigeria.

A major difference is that you can fund your Western Union app with either credit card or debit card, while Sendwave payment is done with debit card only.

The receiver is sent 10-digit MTCN by the sender as well as sender’s details while Sendwave send voucher code via SMS as well as OTP.

The last 4-digit reference number serves as the “OTP” through which the receiver validates the transfer.

Most receivers are being restricted in Nigeria at this time, while Sendwave is a free for all service.

Sendwave does not charge you for sending money, it makes money from mid-market rate of the exchange rate, while Western Union charge both fees and mid-market rate.

Sendwave fees

For users in the United States sending USD to USD, the fee will be 1%. This is for transfers to domiciliary accounts or for USD cash pick-up.

If you are sending from Europe, the United Kingdom, or Canada, there will be no fee to send to USD.

This is strictly for users sending to Nigeria.

What if my recipient doesn’t receive their one time password?

Both the sender and the receiver will receive the voucher code as well as the one time password via two separate SMS, if they did not receive it kindly share your own with them.


Is Sendwave legit? The answer is yes. It’s trusted by over 800,000 users from over 80 countries across the globe. If you are looking to use the Sendwave platform but not sure if its legit, kindly go ahead there’s nothing to be afraid of, check customer reviews on Trust pilot too.

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