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Introducing the new Polaris/Skye bank mobile banking application

Introducing the new Polaris/Skye bank mobile banking application. The era of technology has driven innovation to the next level, thus the ease of accessing bank products at the comfort of your home through mobile phones.

Nigerian banks may have different philosophies, goals and objectives alongside perceptions in diversity when it comes to products they sell, how they sell it to the public, but mobile banking is one area they seem to have similarity in diversity.

The emergence of Skye bank mobile banking application has helped its’ customers immensely. It’s also worthy of note that some customers still encounter difficulties while trying to install and sign up on the Skye bank mobile banking platform.

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I will really want to take you by the hands then show you the A, B and C of how to install and start using the Skye bank mobile application.

Skyemobile: This is a mobile solution that avails you the opportunity to have access to your bank account through your mobile phone. This is however irrespective of your GSM network.


1 You can check account balance via the Skye bank mobile banking application

2. You can purchase airtime of any category and even transfer same to your loved ones be it MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel.

3. It gives you the opportunity to pay your bills like DStv subscription, Go TV, PHCN, Donations to churches, nongovernmental organizations, payment of school fees etc.

4. Card control

5. Master Pass


Skyemobile can be accessed by every Skye bank customer with a phone.

Is there any charge for transferring money into another Skye bank account?

No, transferring money within Skye Bank is free. However there are processing charge for transfers to other bank accounts.

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If I lost my phone and simcard probably damaged or stolen, what will happen?

Your money is safe, your account PIN protects your Skye bank mobile banking account. You will have to contact yes Centre on these numbers: 0700075932265, 08069880000, 01-4482100, 01-2705850 or email Yescenter@skyebankng.comyou can as well visit your nearest branch for complaint and support. Or visit  https://www.skyebankng.com


For complaints and dispute resolution, contact Yes Centre on 08069880000, 0700075932265, 01-4482100, 01-2705850.


After downloading the Skye bank mobile banking application (Skyemobile) from the Google play store, sign up if you are a new user, provide your credentials to register and activate thereafter. If you are an existing user, select “Existing User” provide your credentials to register and activate.

Note: The phone number to be used must be the registered Skye Bank account phone number as well the email address.


Login to the Skyemobile App with your phone number and password, then select the menu button on the top left of the app screen. Select “My Profile”, then select the “Pin Reset”. You will be required to provide any 2 answers to your security questions created during registration. The answers are case sensitive and can be provided in any order. Finally create a new PIN and save. You are done.

If I don’t get my activation, what do I do?

On the “enter activation code page”, click on ”resend activation code button” or dial *389*076*0# from your bank registered line to get an activation code.

What if I forgot my password for Polaris/Skye bank mobile app?

On the login page, click on “forgot password button.” You will be required to provide any two answers to your security questions created during registration. The answers are case sensitive and can be provided in any order. Finally create a new password and save.

And when I forgot the answers to my security questions?

Login to Skye bank mobile banking platform with your phone number and password, then select the menu button on the top left of the app screen. Select my profile, then select the “forgot security questions option.” You will be prompted to create a new set of security questions. You will then be required to enter your current PIN to save.

How do I add my other accounts to Polaris/Skye bank mobile banking app?

Login to Skyemobile with your phone number and password, then select the menu button on the top left of the app screen. Select my accounts, then click the (+) sign on the top right of the (My Accounts) page. Enter the account number of the account you want to add, select the account type and enter your existing primary SkyeMobile PIN and send.

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Features of the newly improved  Skye bank mobile banking app.

Improved user experience

Performance improvement

Customizable background and profile picture

Automatic account verification

Meter number verification for PHCN payment

MasterPass/ Payment

Landing payer transaction history

Login page background music

Horizontal account navigation

Delete push message

Improved DSTV and GOTV verification and bundle selection

Live chat with Yes Center

Note: If you can not launch the app after downloading and you are pretty sure you have a good data network, kindly follow these steps:

1. Go to settings on your mobile phone.

2. Click on the apps option.

3. Identify Skyemobile app.

4. Enable and grant permission for all parameters.

6. Launch the application again, you are good to go.


On activation of Polarismobile/Skyemobile on your mobile phone, you can only transfer N1000. To increase your limit, visit the nearest Skye bank branch to effect your Polaris/Skye bank mobile banking subscription.

Are their questions you wish to ask or further suggestions? It’s your turn now.

9 comments on “Introducing the new Polaris/Skye bank mobile banking application

Raphael Orji
Fabunmi Emmanuel

How do i increase my transaction limit on my app?

Raphael Orji

Hello Fabunmi,
Thank you very much for being here.

You will have to visit any Polaris bank close to your place of domicile to increase your limit.

You will be required to give an instruction in writing to the bank, as well fill a limit increase form.

The essence is to avoid having unauthorized users access your account, which as well exempts the bank from any kind of legal battle should their be any event of such nature in your account owing to your carelessness in the future.

This is why the app is not structured to carry out this function at the moment.

Hope that helps?

Raphael Orji
Asaleye Adesola

Pls, i need a guide on how to view my transaction history.

Raphael Orji

Hello Adesola,
Log in to Polaris Mobile, click refresh history at the top right corner of the page. You’ll see and view all your transactions accordingly.

Raphael Orji

plz, i need ur assitance here, i can’t create my polarise mobile banking password successfully

Raphael Orji

Telling upper and lower cases first I have try very thing it still working?

Raphael Orji

Bello Yusuf,
Kindly visit your nearest Polaris bank branch to get this resolved.

Raphael Orji

What if I am out of the country does it mean I can’t have access to my funds

Raphael Orji

Hello Taiwo,

You can access your fund from anywhere in the world, so long you have access to Internet connection.


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