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Introducing Providus Bank App in Nigeria

Providus bank app – Providus bank history may be such a short one but the effect they create in the society is really impacting than one can ever imagine.

The bank has really emerged from the cradle, currently waxing strong while enjoying a fair share of pie in the Nigerian banking sector.

Technology they say is the driver of the modern day business, Providus bank had in this regard made a serious remark, which could hardly be overtaken by events.

That said, the below will form the spiral of this topic, aimed at a better appreciation of the subject matter.

  • What is Providus mobile banking
  • What is Providus Bank App
  • How can one download Providus Bank App
  • Activation and Registration of Providus Bank App
  • Transactions one can do with the App.

What is Providus mobile banking?

This is the internet based banking done with the mobile phone application of Providus bank downloaded and installed on user’s (Providus Bank Customer’s) android and smart phones.

This makes it easy for all Providus Bank customers to be able to Bank while on the go, in their various comfort zones and as need arises.

Simply put, Providus mobile banking serves as a major tool for a personalized banking experience for all Providus Bank customers and it makes banking easier for everyone by removing the need to visit Providus bank head office or Providus bank branches nationwide.

Providus Bank App

This is the Mobile Banking application software of Providus Bank that is both android and smart phone compatible designed for smooth Providus Bank mobile banking experience.

This piece of technology is designed in a way that it speaks the customer service language of the Bank.

How can one download Providus Bank App?

Downloading this amazing application of Providus bank is easy and simple. Kindly follow this Link to download the app.
Or follow the below instruction

  • Lunch the Google Play Store of your Andriod or Smart Phone.
  • Go to the search area and type in Providus Mobile Bank Application
  • Choose Providus Application that is 3.6 Starred, 19 MB, 3+ rated, 10K+ download and also verified by Play Protect.
  • Click on Install to download and Install the application.
  • Then lunch the Application for the next stage which is…

Activation and Registration of Providus Bank App

This is very simple too:

Follow the below steps for a hitch free activation and registration experience on this platform.

  • Get to the Login page
  • Please input your Customer ID
  • Then click on Sign Up.
  • Input all the requirements in this process for a successful activation and registration experience.
  • Submit it and here you go for your profile has been activated and registered on the platform of Providus Bank Limited for smooth Mobile Banking experience.

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 Transactions you can effect with the App.

There are many transactions one can do with Providus Mobile Application but we will only list the major ones here:

  1. Account Opening which generates immediate number to enable you meet up with your goal for opening it.
  2. Quick Recharge / Airtime purchase which allows one to recharge his phone for more talks and data
  3. Quick Transfers which allow one to move money as the need arises.
  4. Bill Payment which allows one to pay for daily consumption bills like Electricity Bills, DSTV Bills and many more.
  5. Balance Inquiry for easy checking of account balance
  6. Cheque Book request for personalized cheque book request via the Mobile application.
  7. ATM Card request which allows you to request for ATM without going to the bank.
  8. Other self services like  Card Hot listing, Account Blockage and the viewing of Mini statement  of account


Providus Bank app is as good as the brand itself, a bank that claims to provide and truly does.

This is a guest post by Okekeobi Chisom Ferdinand, he blogs over at  financedropbox

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Raphael Orji
Afolabi Olanrewaju mark

I open providus bank online and I don’t no where to get my customer ID from and all the registration was successful


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