Hurray… It’s Financengr 2yrs anniversary…. Read and learn from our success story, give away inclusive

It will only make sense if I can make money online, be my own boss, ditch my day job, ask my boss to kiss my left Ass, good radiance to stunning and sucked rubbish right?

So I said to myself before I attended one of the many trainings that defined my path to success in Awka the capital city of Anambra state in 2006.

Unfortunately this dream eluded me for so many reasons;

I was deficit in information, I lack requisite resources to execute my dreams, despite not being so certain about my destination, I was determined to define a new ground and change the narratives.

It was a forex trade training in Awka, the facilitators to me were living the life of my dream already, citing their exotic cars, projectors, fine looks, expensive mobile devices and all that, I was lost in my own thought. (When will it be my turn?)

In the end, I learnt the basics of forex trading, technical and fundamental analysis, was I able to trade forex for once beyond demo account? The answer is an honest No.


It so be that I’ll have to require at least $100 as at then to start trading, what about tools, never had a laptop then, besides my meager income was that ridiculous that I couldn’t think of getting one yet. Never saw any coming my way either, having made my evaluations, I came to a conclusion that forex trading isn’t just for me.

I was good at demo trading, but live trading could be very so risky that you could get everything blown up in minutes.

Dusted, I proceeded with my search for a means of livelihood online.

Being a gullible newbie, I came across a website that promises to make me richer than Dangote of this world overnight by following just simple steps, was conned into paying N4,500 for a crappy e-book that never helped me. It sucks really.

It was one of these internet marketers that claim to have made so much and living a stress free life, little did I know he was a wolf in Sheep clothing, but the lesson was just evergreen.

My search for better life continued, I learnt about blogging from a very resourceful material I read online, I read and digested the content that it became a part of me.

Went ahead to buy an e-book sold by the writer, it was that genuinely helpful.

It thought me to blog about areas of strength and passion.

Down inside of me, I’m a football player and an ardent fan of one of the English Premier league club sides.

Fast-forward to 2016, it was time to actualize this dream, so I said to myself, with the help of free resources online, I learnt to create a free blog on blogger, sequel to this I launched my first blog “Soccernaija.”

I discussed football for fun on this page, it honed my blogging skills as well, was really helpful to say the least, but something was not in proper perspective, I understand my chances of making money on this platform was very slim.

This to me was confirmed after Google declined my AdSense application severally, I ditched it all together and moved to self-hosting on WordPress.

My first hosted Blog

In September 2017, I launched my first hosted blog “Skyesoccer.com,” having published a good number of content I applied for Google AdSense, boom, I cracked the code, my approval came without further delay.

I added my code to my web page, Google Ads were displaying, I felt so complete to have achieved this, but did I make money? No, I never did.

My AdSense was returning around miserable $1.13 in one month, “Holy shit” right?

Not many bloggers will take this, they’ll simply back off thus the assertion “You can’t make money blogging.”

Some webmasters will make you believe the moment your blog is up and running, you’ll start making money at once. It’s a cheap lie I even subscribed to.

Why wasn’t I making money?

If you know the answer great, if not listen;

I didn’t have enough traffic

My content were not centered around profitable keywords,

I never did keyword research before writing my blog posts

Never knew anything about SEO

Never built links

I was writing and publishing match reports, football news, injury updates and all that. 95% of my then miserable readers came from Facebook, of course you won’t earn with AdSense with such traffic.

Google search traffic is the real buzz.

I have a day job, football blogging is so demanding, requires constant and regular updates since it’s news related content, besides, there aren’t much keywords to target.

Thecompetition was just too hard that I couldn’t niche down, readers were interested in what happens in in EPL, Spanish Laliga, French League 1, German Bundesligar etc, you will hardly create original content.

Citing all these challenges, I decided to back off since I couldn’t pull through.

Again, my income opportunity was very slim, I have to brainstorm a niche that’s profitable with decent keywords and traffic, as well requires less time from me.

Not to say you’ll be successful in any niche without doubling your effort, being consistent and smart are just recipe for success.

The birth of Financengr.com

Since I’m a banker, I decided to go into finance niche, to at least leverage my industry experience.

I decided to help my readers solve problems in the following arrangements;

Savings and investment advice (Treasury bills, OMO etc)

Interest rates and calculations

Loan access and syndication with commercial banks the easy way

Sending and receiving international money transfers

BVN issues and corrections

Dormant account reactivation

CBN monetary policy and a whole lot of branches in banking.

That above were the ideas that birthed Financengr.com in March 2018 precisely.

What has the growth rate been like?

Financengr has really made a giant leap, personally, think I’m satisfied with the growth rate and readership I’ve generated within a space of 24 months, giving how competitive the niche is.

Financengr commands over 60k monthly page views with Google as its major traffic source.

How did I achieve this?

I practiced a set of strategies religiously which include;

1. I do keyword research religiously, to ascertain the keywords I can rank for before developing any content, this very key.

2. I write educative, engaging and how to content which teaches my readers how to solve certain issues as related to banking and finance on their own.

Evergreen content does the magic, Google will keep sending readers to your blog for many years to come, so long they are relevant.

I write long form content of about 1500 to 2000+ well researched and offering great values.

3. My content solve mainly problems, “How to” with readers and search engines in mind as my target.

4. I optimize my on page in the following ways; I ensure my keywords appear in recommended positions, title, beginning of the content, strategic areas at the body of the content, in SEO title, image, etc

5. I use Yoast plugin to optimize my content

6. I observe my on page linking religiously

7. My outbound links go to source materials as reference etc

8. I do guest contribution on authority blogs in my niche, about the most powerful of them all. It builds quality backlinks for Google ranking and approval.

Though I haven’t utilized every opportunity in this aspect to its full capacity.

9. I’ve managed to pull through with over 2k daily page views and over 60k monthly views.

10. Publish content weekly, at least one, but usually do two content weekly (Mondays & Fridays), with this, I have a contact list of over 1500 blog subscribers.

What has the earning been like?

This is about the most interesting silver bullets you must be waiting for, I am going to tell you everything black and white.

Given to the fact that Financengr gets over 95% of its traffic from Google with over 60k monthly page views, it has been returning at least $230 monthly onAdSense revenue, about N84k local currency.

I would have shown you my income report, but this isn’t a “How to make money online post,” just celebrating Financengr 2 years anniversary and it stays at that.

Sponsored posts have been a reoccurring adventure on this blog, no month passes by without at least a single sponsored post.

A sponsored post here goes for 20k to 25k even 30k depending on the company’s budget and what they intend to achieve.

Freelance writing and digital marketing services, if you read through my profile found at the end of each post/content published, you’ll understand I pitched the services I render aside blogging.

I write for businesses and websites, I help businesses grow online, be found, command high traffic to their websites which eventually convert to lead, amidst getting enquiries for their products, making sales with ethical SEO practice.

My digital marketing skill has been rewarding, as a matter of fact, this forms the bulk of my revenue on this blog. I’ve ranked a handful of websites, my freelance blog inclusive, I get enquiries and close deals by the day.

To work on a company’s website for SEO and content strategizing for leads, my price goes for within N150k to N200k depending on the company’s budget and work specification, to even think I render remote service makes it interesting and accomplishing.

How long does it take to start making money on Financengr?

It took 1yr + 9 months before I Cashed my first AdSense revenue/earning, that’s a long time you know. It takes discipline and resilience to wait that much before earning my first $112.

AdSense is a function of heavy traffic, the moment my traffic sky rockets, I received my breakthrough, however, it’s now a monthly affair of $230.

I got my first sponsored post in May 2019, I charged N10k, happens to be my first earning, which after I reviewed my price upward despite losing so many businesses for the price hike, but it worth it at last, you need to set a standard.

Freelance and digital marketing services came much later in August 2019, however remains the most rewarding.

From the figures above, it pays to render services than do blogging, services pay faster and far rewarding.

Learning Curve

From the success story you just read, a lot of factors contributed to the excerpts you have here

1. To be successful online, you must be resilient

2. You should not stick to one strategy especially when you aren’t getting results, try something new, which is most realistic.

3. Patience is a virtue, most successful results take time to materialize, so be patient enough to wait for your breakthrough.

4. You must have vision to compare and contrast what will likely yield result, then try and try till you crack the code.

5. To succeed online, you should have a paid job, it will help you to wait the while, if I didn’t have a paid job, I wouldn’t have been here telling my success story considering how long it took me to crack the code.

6. In all, traffic determines what you earn and who contacts you for business. The moment your traffic hits the roof top, you’ll start getting enquiries, the floodgate of breakthrough will come rushing on you.


To appreciate you my beloved reader, I’ve decided to teach and guide 6 people in business till they succeed.

3 intending or existing bloggers without breakthrough yet and 3 businesses.

The bloggers will get my help free of charge, while I will be helping 3 businesses to rank their websites on search engine by Google approved ethical standard and attract leads, then make sales. For the business category, you will have my service at a discounted price.

In the meantime, I appreciate the trust you reposed in me these few years, visiting and reading my content here on Financengr was the best thing that ever happened to my blogging, freelance writing and digital marketing career.

Again and again, thank you so kindly for everything, I wouldn’t have been here if not for you.

Passionate appeal: Do not forget to share this post with your network, thanks a lot for your time.

13 comments on “Hurray… It’s Financengr 2yrs anniversary…. Read and learn from our success story, give away inclusive

Raphael Orji
Solomon Ikeh

Wow, I honestly love this, really wish i ciuld fo somthing else, apart from writing, online to make money.
Open to your expensive and recent ideas are my arms Sir!

Raphael Orji

Hello Solomon,

you’re welcome onboard.

Always ready to assist you.

Raphael Orji

Interested, am Justus who chatted with you on WhatsApp, please mentor me on blogging

Raphael Orji

Hello Justus,

It’s nice having you here.
Congratulations in advance….you’re in for good.
Next is your success story.

Raphael Orji

Happy for you bro

Raphael Orji

Hello Amara,

Thank you so kindly.

Raphael Orji

I’m glad I found this page, God is really with you, only few would understand the passion of trying to find where you belong, your story really touched me and encourages me, whenever i’m Down or feel like giving up, i’ll Come back to read this!

Raphael Orji

Thanks for this post it was inspiring. me too i just started a job recruitment site and i know my testimony is next.
From Recruitment Update

Raphael Orji

Nice to meet my fellow blogger doing well.

Raphael Orji

Hello Femi, it’s nice having you here.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

Hello Femi, it’s nice having you here.

Kind regards.

Raphael Orji

You’re doing well bro. I can easily discover how your blogging skill is powerful when you guest post on my blog. The post is amazing and evergreen!

Raphael Orji

Hello Stephen,

Thank you so kindly for believing in me. I feel honoured to have a guest post published on your website, it was really an accomplishment at the very phase of my journey.

You remain an integral part of my success story… Look forward to a formidable future together.

Warmest regards.


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